Monday, October 31, 2011

Long Week

Well this letter is going to be really short because I don't have much time and nothing happened this week.  Because of that there will not be a day by day account this time but I don't have much to right so sorry.  Well this week our whole mission was on a huge push to get six lessons all across the mission (that is a average count so that means everyone would have to get six lessons each.)  There are a couple reasons why first of all our goal for the last year has been 6 lessons and we have been at 5.7 for the last while.  So President Roth decided to give us a little incentive if we managed it.  So we were all excited for the week and we even had 12 lessons planned out and ready to go. 

Well that makes the week sound exciting, but hear comes the bad news.  Every one of our lessons couldn't make it this week.  So we were scrambiling all week to barely get 6 lessons so we could do our part.  So basicly we worked as hard as we could and barely got our 6 lessons.  Lets just say I was really frustrated with everyone of our investagators and the less active members we were working with.  Well we did get our lessons in and the ones we got in made up for all the hard work. 

First we met with Vasko a 9 year old who is the son of a member.  He is really cool but not well behaved.  Are lesson mainly consited of making the gospel (and missionaries) cool for him, because he doesn't like missionaries much because they would be strict with him because of his attitude.  Well the lesson went well and he really likes Elder Rowden and I now but his mom doesn't want us to come by for a while because of some stuff that they are going through. 

Are next lesson was with Georgi who is a new investagator.  He was pretty cool and interested, but other than that the lesson was average. 

We then finally got to meet with an investagator named Youly.  He is really smart and knows his bible really well.  That is a problem though because he is stubborn and likes to bible bash.  Well I tried something new I picked up from a talk I have listened to.  The talk is from Le Grand Richards and it is about his mission experances.  In it he says if you can tell our story right then there will be no arguments because they can't argue about it.  I also have been talking with Elder Rowden about how our church just makes sense.  So when Youly would bring up his bible bashing subjects I would just use common sense and telling the story strait to answer back (and maybe a scripture or two) and that would end the argument.  For example he would argue that God is just this mass of energy.  So first I asked him if he belived we were the spirit children of God.  He gladly agreed.  So next I pointed our how in life a human gives birth to a human, a dog to a dog, cat to a cat, and so on and so forth.  And I asked him if that was true or not.  He agreed.  So I then said alright then if we are the spirit children of god and are made in his likeness (like it says in the bible,) and also that like begets like, then it follows that God is not a form of energy but he is a perfected man because we are not blobs of energy (at least I don't think so,) but we are human and in the form of man.  It worked perfectly and he agreed with me.  The conversation didn't go exactly as quoted but the procces was roughly the same.  It was really cool though because it just ended the bible bash and got him to accept a principle of the gospel with out having to argue about it but just by listening to the spirit and useing common sense because the gospel makes since.  Well that was a long explanation but the lesson was really good.  Other than that we also met wtih 3 less actives and they went really well.  

Also I forgot we also had a halloween party.  It was really cool and a whole ton of fun.  My faviort thing though was a game that they played that was just hillarious.  Basicly you had people sitting accross from each other and then you blind fold them.  You give them each a contaner of yogurt and then they have to feed each other the yogurt.  It was hillaryos and I wished I could of participated but it may not have been the best missionary game to play.  Anyways the winning team is the team to finish the yogurt first.  I will send a pictue or two for my mom to put on the blog so if you want to see the halloween picks just  visit my blog at  Well that is everything and I wish you all a great week.

Elder Ewell

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