Monday, November 7, 2011

This Week Was Fun

Well first I forgot my planner again so this letter will be really short.  Sorry about that but next week I will remeber it and send some more pictures.  So lets get started with the week.

Well we went gokarting on monday after writting you guys.  It was a lot of fun and I got the best time as well which was suprusing because the others are a ton better than me but they were just playing around and not trying when I did for a couple of laps.  After gokarting we had some food and then went to the church to watch a movie.  We then came home to change and then went to sofia for passport work and stayed the night at the zone leaders apartment.

Yea tuesday was fun because I got to see all of my mtc group in sofia and we got to be together for the day.  Everything went great and around 2 we came back home and we had a meeting with our investagators.  They are Dimiter and Angel (the "G" makes a ga sound still.)  They are really cool and we went over the plan of salvation with them.  The lesson went really well and they had some good cool questions.  That was about the day outside of contacting.

We had district meeting and then lunch.  Then we just contacted all day.  Oh we did have splits which was fun.  I got to know Elder Brown better and it was fun working with him.

Nothing exciting much until english.  We just contacted all day until english and then for english I didn't have enough students so I cleaned the missionary closet.  After english we met with Dimiter and Angel again.  They actually brought their friend Maria which was really cool.  It did throw off our lesson though but all was good and we still had a good lesson about the gospel of jesus christ.  Their only problem is that they need to pray to know for them selves other than that they are really cool.  After the meeting with them we went home for dinner and bed.

Yea contacting all day.  Though all the locks are being changed at our church building here so that there is just one master key.  So we got to help a little in the morning with that.  The only bad part about the locks being changed is that we don't have keys for a couple of days which can be frustrating.  So other than that we contacted and weekly planned.  Also the other elders stayed over because there water heater broke.  That was fun and it was a good night.

First we had english which went well and then we had a baptism for two investagotors of the zone leaders.  They are really cool and they are going to be great members.  The baptism went really well and afterwards we cleaned and set up the building for mission confrence the next day.  Why they were teasting the satelite though they got onto the BYU channel and the old TCU vs BYU game was on.  That was really cool but man that game sucked.  Anyway it was still interseting to see even if it was only a couple of minutes.  After that we came home for dinner and bed.

Mission confrence.  Okay for mission confrence we watched a live transmission from Salt Lake.  First it was cool because all of zone two was there so I got to see all the members from Stara Zagora there and it was really cool.  Second a live transmission now that was interesting to watch.  We did have a couple of problems though with the sound.  At first the sound wasn't working so everbody started call around to find out what the problem was while I just went and checked the equipment.  Well by the time I decided to help it had already been 30 mins.  When I checked the equipment I noticed a aduio cable just hanging around not plugged in so I plugged it in and nothing happened, but the Branch president got mad at me and I asked him where did it go then and he pointed to the other end that was were it was supposed to be and touched it slightly pushing it in.  At that moment the sound turned on.  I was amazed that no one had even checked for about 30 mins if the cords were even plugged in all the way.  Anyway that was fun and a little hilarious as well.  Anyway Mission Confrence continued adn afterwards everyone socialized and then the other branches had to head home.  After everything was cleaned up we went to a members house to celebrate her cousins birthday and get to know her since she is a non-member.  It was fun and I think she might start investagating now.  After that we tried to find a less active member with no luck and went home to bed.

I love you all and have a nice week.

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