Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Week

Well this week was really busy.
It was 1 degree celcious so we just watched movies  since we didn't want to freeze to death.  Then we went contacting for the night.
This day was busy too.  Manly because we were contacting all day.  We did have two meetings though.  One was with an investagator.  His name is Iliya.  He has amazing faith and we actually have a date for him on the fourth of december but he can't read.  So we are working with him and if does everything we say he will be able to read by his baptizim.  He is going to need a lot of work though so please send your prayers his way.  He is really faithfull and extreemly nice.  Other than him we also home taught a member.  She had an inactive friend over so we got to teach them both and the lesson went really well.  That was tuesday.
We had district meeting first and also got some A&W root beer from some american soilders in the area.  It was amazing and it made our week (we each got 4 cans.)  Then other than lunch and language study we had a lesson in the park near out apartment with some new investagators.  The guy is Dimiter and he even brought his roomate Angel (Yes that is a bulgarian name, but in bulgarian the G is pronouced and it doesn't make the J sound.)  They were both really interested.  So we gave them both a book of mormon and shared a little bit about it.  Then we schedualed another meeting with them for friday and then we left because a park isn't the best place to teach.  We than did some contacting and met a member at the church to home teach him.  His name is Ivan and he has recently become active.  He is pretty cool and the lesson was a lot of fun.  After the lesson we contacted home and then had dinner.
Yea we were contacting all day and then English class.  English was fun except a student got into an argument about economics with me.  I didn't argue about any economic moves being made I just simply said if people would live within their means and save a little money, water, and food for rainy days, that there would be no problems with economics.  He would not belive me even though I told him that the previously metioned method was proven by scientists and specialists.  Anyways there is a new rule in my english classes were we will not discuss politics, economics, or other subjects relating to these.  So after english we went home to bed.
Outside from contacting we had two meetings and a ton of prep work because Patriarch Neueschwander was coming into Plovidiv to visit and we had a baptisim on saturday along with a fireside.  So the meetings were with Iliya and Dimitur and his roomate Angel.  Both meeting went really well and even though Dimitur and Angel got lost trying to find the church when they finally got there they loved the building and it was really cool to see how amazed they were (have I metioned that having a reall building is amazing.)  Other than the meetings and all the prep work we just had a normal day.
Talk about busy.  First of all we had english which was fun.  Then we had lunch and the whole rest of the day was preparing and holding the baptisim and Fireside.  The baptisim was for a girl that has been taught for 8-10 months (I can't remeber exactly.)  She is really cool and the baptisim was awesoum.  I was incharge of taking all the pictures so lets just say there is an over flow of pictures that I took.  You will hopefully get some too since I figured out a way to get pictures from this computer zala it will just take me another week.  So yea the whole day was really great because of the baptisim and the fireside (I didn't get to attended because I was too busy cleaning up the baptisim with the others.)  I did get to meet the Patriarch and his wife and they are really cool and I like them a lot.  After everything was done we went home to bed. 
Well Sunday was a suprise because at church we watched all of priesthood session of genral confrence in priesthood.  From what I understood it seemed amazing and I can't wait to read it in english.  So that made church go super long but it is alright.  We then had to stay afterwards to take care of a couple of things.  Then we went to a members to drop off the baptisimil pictures so she can make a really cool slide show for the new converet Maria.  Then we still had to weekly plan and it was 5:30 so we contacted home and planned, ate dinner and went to bed.
Dispite how busy the week was it was a really good week and I enjoyed it a lot though I am ready for my P-Day.
Elder Ewell

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