Monday, January 31, 2011


Thank you for all the letters that every one has been writing they really make my day.  First we need to give you the weekly report.  So lets start with monday.  After writting you guys Elder Patterson and I went and taught Sonya and her family.  The lesson went alright but like always they weren't really paying attention but we gave Sonya a talk from the Confresn edition of the liahona about parenting and she seemed really interested in that.  But now onto tuesday. 

 First thing we did after our morning studies was go the the bus station to catch a bus out to Opanets to teach Miroslav.  We finished teaching him the plan of salvation and it went well.  After that meeting we had lunch and then went and taught a new guy that we had found named Valitin.  He was really cool but we didn't get to teach him anything because we knew that he had met with the missionaries before (about 8 years ago) so we just had him explain what he had allready been taught.  But anyway it was still a good lesson and very informative.  After that lesson we had our language hour and then met with Rumen.  During this lesson we tried to teach about faith by going over Alma Chapter 32.  After going over the chapter I tried to commit him to follow the word of wisdom and Chasity for just one month and see if it changed anything or if it felt better.  He still wouldn't do that and right then we didn't know why but we have found out and I will mention it latter.  Also the Zone Leaders stayed overnight because they were going to sit in at the district meeting and then go on splits with me and Elder Patterson.  Now we come up to wensday. 

 After the morning studies and district meeting we went and had lunch at a local restruant named Speedy.  It has good food for cheap prices.  After lunch Elder Sheffeild(one of my zone leaders) and I had our language study and then went surveying.  I really like the way Elder Sheffield Surveys it is very freindly and personal and it always leaves a smile on the persons face.  His companion and him had to leave at five to catch a bus back to Sofia so Me and Patterson were back together.  We did a little tracting and then went to go meet with the Family that had let us in on sunday night.  We got there hopeing for a really cool lesson and when the father opened the door he said were busy.  So we tried to set up another meeting and then he told us the truth and said that they had looked up some stuff about us and "Justin Smith" and they didn't want to be involved in any of that.  There goes another family to the evils of internet rumors.  Anyway dispiet this we continued down the block and actually found some nice people that talked to us.  And now we come to thursday.  

Thursday was filled with tasks that we needed to do.  We were told by the zone leaders to get some guest blankets so missionarys didn't have to pack some whenever they needed to come up so all day we were looking for some blankets.  We found a sweet deal that gave us a conferter, sheet and pillow case for 23 lev.  So we got two and then we had to prepare for english.  Oh also our heater broke so had to take it in to get repaird.  Now to english.  In English we pretended we were in a news room and had them give us stories off of topics that we gave them.  It was fun and the students liked it a lot.  We are now into the relm of Friday. 

 Friday I was on splits with Elder Rowden while Elder Corless was on splits with Elder Patterson.  Splits was fun Elder Rowden and I basiclly contacted all day because we didn't have a lesson and then got lost for a half hour while try to find an investagators house that we had a meetting set up with.  Also Transferre calls came in but I will unvail that secret later.  We pass through the relms of sleep and now find ourselves in the wonderous expanse of Saturday.  First thind we had was English.  We basiclly taught them some irregular verbs and then a coulpe of idoms and missionary jargon.  After English and while waiting for the other class to end Elder Rowden and I planned out english for next week and basiclly we are going to teach passive voice to the students.  After this Elder Pattersona and I had a meeting with Miroslav that went alright tell midway through the old grandma started to tell us how last night she had seen God and Jesus Christ on the moon in a dream.  That kind of distracted the lesson but after she had finished we were able to continue teaching Miroslav who just let his grandma talk because he knows and we know that she is just really old and lonely and a little batty.  Other than that it was a good lesson.  After getting back Elder Patterson took me out to dinner because it is something he likes to do before leaving a companion.  So we invited the other elders and found this really nice restruant that had American quality Bulgarian food and service.  It was amazing and the service was the best I have ever seen.  As soon as we were done eating the waiters would immiditly take our empty dishes and bring the next dish.  It was really fun and then we went to bed and then came sunday. 

 Sunday was normal we had Sacrement and the other meetings.  Rumen came but Miroslav didn't because he had only twenty stocks (stocktinki(Bulgarian Cents)) and couldn't afford the bus ride to church.  After Church we had lunch and then planned as best we could for the following week.  After planning we went to go see a couple people but nobody was home so we tractted the block in were the american girl lived to see if she would get home soon.  We go through the block and get a coulple of succeses and then on the 3rd floor we knocked on this one guys door and he wasn't entrested so we went to the next door and in about a minute he came out of his door and yelled at us to leave the blok and that he didn't want us there and that we shouldn't be there.  It was kind of funny especially since we told him that we had a friend up stairs that we wanted to visit.  He told us that we didn't and that no american lived up stairs.  He wouldn't even let us take the elevator because he wanted to make sure that we left.  So after being escorted out we waited a couple minutes and then rang up Mary (The American girl) she was home and she let us in.  She was a little sick and had been sleeping when we last came by and her boyfriend had been out buying some medician.  But they we both back and we got to talk with them.  She invited a friend over and then later on we actually got to teach them a lesson on the restoration.  The spirit was really strong and I could tell that she and her boyfriend we both really interested.  Her other friend seemed a little accured because she hadn't expected that there would be anything spiritual.  But besides that the lesson was really good and I hope that do pray and read.  After that we came home and went to bed. 

 Now it is today monday and before coming here we did a super clean of the apartment for because for transferres (Drum roll please)  Elder Patterson is going to Burgas to train and I am staying in Pleven and am serving with Elder Corless.  There we go that is my life as a missionary and I have one little bit of news.  Our Mission President asked us to terminate our facebook accounts so sorry if that affects you in a negitive way but I am still going to do it because I need to be obeident, dispiet the fact that I never use it in the first place.

Austin James Ewell

Monday, January 24, 2011


A statue in pleven, a old little fort, and the pleven panarama, plus a Rockie picture, 
Joseph Smith statue 2x (okay not really but it looks like him), The fortress at Lovech

Just looks like him.

Elder Patterson

1/4 of the way

Hello again and hello to winter again.  Well the spring was short lived and now it is cold and snowing every night yea more shoveling.  Anyway lets get started first monday.  Monday was normal in that we wrote then got haircuts and with the little time left watched a disney movie in the church.  We than went out to meet with sonya and her family were Patterson taught about tithing while I entertained the 2 year old.  Her story is pretty sad.  First she is all for tithing but ever since her husband died she lost control of her family and her life and has no idea how to get it back.  So we are going to think of something and keep visiting her once a week on mondays. 

Now we have tuesday.  First thing after studies our landlord came up to show us how to change the climitik filter.  After he left we went down stairs to the church to have a meetting but the guy never showed.  So we had lunch and then caught a bus to the village Opanets to teach Toedor and his family again and find out why they didn't come to church.  What had happened is that Toedor and his wife had gone to Greece to work and Miroclav was the only one that was there to be taught.  So we taught him while his 18 year old sister, Baba (grandma), and a 5 year old they were babysitting listened in.  The lesson went well but he didn't understand much from the first lesson so we taught it again.  He also agreed to baptizim but not a date so yea.  He is really cool and you will hear more later.  We finished the lesson had to catch a taxi back and then we met with Rumen.  The metting didn't go that well.  Well it did but it seemed we were pushing him a little hard.  Anyway we are still friends and he still wants to meet with us.

 On wensday we had a big tranning meetting in sofia which was a lot of fun.  We had to catch a 6:20 bus because Patterson had schedualed a meeting with his faviort investagator that lives in sofia with the sofiain elders.  The lesson went really well even though we had to cut it short because traning was beging.  Tranning was alot of fun.  The split us in two groups and the group not being trainned for leadership (thats me) had a health meetting with sister Roth.  Traning was fun and afterwards we gathered everything we needed to restock our contacting supplies in pleven and headed out.  Oh I got Grandma and Grandpa Harmars packege.  The is 4 out of 6 hopefully the others come soon but I may not be able to get to sofia or have somebody come from there for another month.

So now onto Thursday.  On thursday we did our normal morning rotuine and then caught a bus out to Miroclav's to teach him the second lesson.  We first started with a review and I brought my gospel art book to have some pictures with it.  So we were doing the review and we get to Jesus Christ and I flip to the Jesus Christ picture and the old Baba started praying to the picture, crossing her self and everything.  Miroclav just ignored her and she wasn't a disturbance just kind of funny and now I know not to show pictures of Jesus around old babas.  After the lesson we came back and Rowden and I taught english.  We taught conjugtions which belive it or not it is really hard to teach when to use the proper ones when you don't even use them properly.  So we did our best and decided instead of teaching from now on we are going to make language speaking activities for them, so they have to talk and practice.  Muahahahahah. 

Now onto Friday.  Well with Friday we had planning then contacting then a meeting with Rumen.  We didn't teach him anything because he had some questions so we basickly had a Q and A lesson with him.  We then had dinner and now onto Saturday.  First we had English were we did a whole restruant activity to get them to practice english.  It was really funny because we made a American/Canadian menu and they kept getting up in arms because there was no bread (in bulgaria it is a unspoken rule that you need have a bite of bread after every EVERY two bites) and it was a little expensive despite them not having to pay any real money.  Something funny though we had Root Beer on the menu and me and Rowden forgot they didn't have it and started going off on how wonderful it is until one the students said "I thought you didn't drink beer."  So we had to stop and explain but it was fun.  After English Patterson and I went out to meet with Miroslav.  He was in Pleven at the moment but he didn't have time to meet in the church so we went up to his house and taught him the rest of the seconded lesson.  After this lesson he said he would come to church and we got a date for the fifith of March so hopefully he pulls through.  We then got on the bus and came home.  Later that night Miroslav called and said he had to gather wood tomorow but he would try to come and to call him in the morning so he would be able to wake up in time.  That was really cool especially since no one does that here.  We then went to bed and woke up to a wonderfull Sunday. 

First thing was we got a call from Miroslav saying that he could come and was getting on the 8 o'clock bus.  So we hurried and got ready and went down to the Aftogara to pick him up so we could show him were the church is.  We picked him up and then waited in the church for church to begin.  Well He and Patterson waited in side while Patterson prepared a talk while I was outside shoveling all the snow.  I finished right in time for church and then we had a alright sacrament and a fine sunday school.  Miroslav couldn't stay for sunday school so he left and we schedualed another meeting for tuesday.  Rumen also came to church which makes me extreemly happy.  After church we had lunch and then went out contacting.  We didn't have much success until we started tracting.  We eventually found a open blok and then began on the top (16th) floor.  We actually got a recived on the first door we knocked on and a return appointment.  That isn't the highlight though.  On the next floor we started and the first door we knocked on said "who is it" through the door we gave our names and then she asked "who are you looking for."  Patterson said the people in that apartment and then she said in a terrified voice "You've made a mistake." and ran away.  So after silently laughing we knocked on the next door which a nice lady answered.  We gave her our message but she didn't seem that interested and wouldn't give us her information.  So with sadness in our hearts we walked down the hall to the stairs.  When all of a sudden she opened the door and said come back you marvoules angels of god and teach us the truth.  Okay not really but she did call us back to teach her and her family.  They were really nice and kept on feeding us while we were teaching them.  The lesson wen't perfect in which we taught them the plan of salvation.  We now have another meeting schedualed and boy was that a good way to end the week. 
Austin James Ewell

Monday, January 17, 2011

It is Spring in January

Okay as you can tell from the subject heading it has miracelously turned spring the las couple of days.  It keeps weirding me out first winter and snow doesn't come till mid december than only lasts a month. Also all the bulgarians say they have the coldest winters I remeber only one day that was below 0 degrees farienhiet.  It is a little frustrating because we are on orders to wear winter clothes all the time so we don't get sick, but I have the clothes for either teeth chattering cold or summer highs not winter jackets for imbetween.  So I am basickly either sweeting my suit off or freezing my butt off because I can't find a intermediate.  All well that doesn't matter especially since I like the cold and it is now spring.?  Mabey the weather will change back soon and it will feel normal and what I have been told it would be like.  

Anyways back to the day by day account of the mission of Elder Ewell.  Okay to start with monday, we had a big shopping trip which basicly got us enough food for the rest of the month with small shopping trips for milk, bread, and yogurt, you know the essentials.  We than went out to eat at a restruant called Speedy's with Elder Corless and Elder Rowden.  After Speedy's we went and watched a movie than got to work.  We were teaching a less-active family that night and we decided to make pizza for them just to be nice and because we are trying to get them to start family home evening and we had the treat.  Well we brought all the ingredients and were prepared to make it but then the Mom (Sonya) took over and wouldn't let us cook because like most bulgarians she belived us americans can't do anything and she is the best.  Anyway the pizza was good and we tried to teach them a lesson but like usall it is so frustrating because the kids will act wild and the mom won't take charge of them.  Well we finished the lesson and then went home and went to bed.

  Okay now onto tuesday.  First thing we did after our morning studies was go and create a english poster and get Elder Pattersons smoking survey up and running.  I don't like the smoking survey much but I decided we would try it and see if it would bear goodly fruit.  Well that took us all day between getting them ready and then getting copies and giving the poster to the company that can legally put them up since last time Elder Patterson got in trouble for putting them up himself with his previous companion.  When we were finished with all the neccesary neccities we went and had dinner with a member.  Her name in Violeta and she brought the food to the church for us and Elder Corless and Elder Rowden.  It was basicly Kufchete and fries with juice and boiled (I think) peppers.  Kufchete is basicly mini burgers with usally made of 40% pork 60% Chicken, it varies though and sometimes has beef in it.  The highlight though was the Sladko.  Sladko is any kind of treat but in this tence it is fruit and berries preserved in water and surger.  She brought out strawberry Sladko.  The strawberries has shrunk but they were so good and sweet, also the juice was amazing.  After dinner Valitena came in for cleaning and then a potentional investagator Jerar came in and we taught him a lesson with all four of us missionaries there and Valtiena.  Valtiena's testimony was amazing especially since she looks so sad and unsure all the time.  So that was a nice way to end the night and then we came up stairs and went to bed. 

 Okay onto wensday.  We had district meeting were I learned that I need to be more simple with my lessons and it will make it easier on me speaking bulgarian and on the lesson.  After the meetting we had lunch and language hour than we waited for Angelina our 16 year old investagator with a baptizim date.  She didn't show and we haven't been able to get a hold of her since.  I am really worried and I hope the reason why is that she told her parents and they have forbidin her from meeting and talking with us.  I know it is a grim thought but it is the best possibility out there and hopefully one we can work around.  After waiting for that meeting we went and picked up Elder Pattersons shoes from local show fixer.  He was getting new insoles.  Anyway we walk in there and what do we find, some Jehova wittnesses teaching him.  Then after we pick up the shoes he says "You are going to come visit me right?"  We said ya and then left.  Latter on I told Elder Spencer this and he said I should have looked the Jehova Wittnesses in the eye and said "Yes, we'll come and teach you the truth."  I don't think I could have done that anyway but it is a funny thought.

  Anyway after that we had a meeting with Rumen.  We were hopeing that we could get a date this meeting for baptizim but the oppisit happened.  It wasn't bad just we went over the interview questions and we now know he belives in god but not that Joseph Smith was a prophet or that Thomas S. Monson is one now.  He isn't willing to keep the word of wisdom and likes the law of chasity only for inside of marrige.  Arrrg.  Anyway it was good because we now know what to focus on and that is getting him to sacrifice and gain a testimony.  So good did come but not what we wanted or expected.  So that was wensday now onto thursday.  

In the morning we after studies we went and chopped wood for Sonya's family (the inactive family we are visiting with.)  It was me, Elder Patterson, and there 11 year old boy Marsel who did the chopping because in Marsel's words "This is mans work."  Well Marsel directed us the whole time and lets just say the only thing he knows about cutting wood is how to swing an axe.  So we had to slowly nudge him in the right direction but with the same classic bulgarian attitude only he knew how to do it and not some crazy foreniers.  Lets just say the wood was soaked, he sharped his axes by pounding the bladed flat and then trying to make it flatter and chip it, and he also would go and try to chop twigs and branches with the axe that could easily be broken by hand.  That isn't even half of it but it wasn't that bad, it was actually a lot of fun.  Anyway after that we had lunch a no show meeting and then english were we started to teach them prepsitions.  Now onto Friday. 

 After morning studies we went contacting with Elder Pattersons Smokeing Survey and actually got two legit (that is spelled right ha!) recived from it right of the bat.  Then it kind of died and didn't work any more.  Well after contacting all morning we came in for lunch, language hour, and weekly planning.  Planning went well and we should have a good week this week.  After planning we had a meeting with Tanya who we have been trying to meet with all week but we have been to busy to meet with her when she could meet.  She is actually really cool and I have high hopes even though I was a mite *cough* lot distracted by the T.V. she had on.  Ya next time I am going to make sure that that paticualar distraction is turned off.  We then cam home and went to bed after journal writting and dinner ofcourse.  Now we are on saturday. 

 First thing we had after morning studies was english.  Rowden and I finished teaching them prepostions then I taught them "I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish!"  They didn't get the joke behind.  Anyway we had asigned homework last time and only 2 of our 10 3rd level students turned it in.  I now know why tearchers like giving out homework it helps so much in knowing were the student's need help.  Anyways after english Elder Rowden and I went and typed up next thursday's notes and homework for the students.  We are going to teach all the conjuctions and how to use them (don't laugh it is harder than you think especialy to explain.)  After all of these neccicities Elder Patterson and I got a taxi and went to a nearby salo (bulgarian for village (saylo)) to teach one of smoking survey reciviees.  Well first we got lost, then we got stuck in the mud and we had to push the taxi out, then after a very animated phone call between our taxi driver and investigator and some random teenagers we found the house.  The lesson was amazing.  We went in there knowing they were Gypses and a little worried they would only want money but as it turned out.  The guy (Toedor) is a father and husband to a pregnet wife and has a younger brother who was interested.  They also had a bunch of other family that lived with him but they were the only three that stayed the entire lesson.  They were very attentive and you could tell they wanted more and more.  After the lesson they asked us if we could come back.  That is rare and we gladly said yes.  They even argreed to come to church the next day.  Well we called the same taxi that took us there and came on home and after the essentials went to bed.  Now onto Sunday.  

We were really excited because between us and and the other missionarys we would have 15 investagators at church.  Well what really happened was Sonya and her family didn't come because they needed to gather wood and only one investagotor came.  Tanya though did call us and say she couldn't make it so that was cool and a first.  Anyway after church which was really nice we went contacting all day.  There was one highlight.  We started tracting when it got dark and the first door that we knocked on was the home a American girl here for medical school.  Yea that was so cool and she has a turkish boy friend (yea a little unexpected.)  Anyway they were both very freindly and actually want to hear more about our church (YEEEAAAA!)  They are in the middle of exams though so it might be a while before we can meet but they say they will call and since they aren't bulgarian I am pretty sure they will.  Well that was sunday and I am so happy to here from you all and it was wonderful to get all of your letters this week it is so nice to have letters to read, and mabey robbie can read them now too with his new contacts.  

Austin James Ewell

Monday, January 10, 2011

AHHHHH I am getting too skinny!

Okay I  have freaked out enough in my subject heading. Seriously though I am turning skinny.  I looked in the mirrior this morning and found out my waist is coming in NOOOOOOOOO!!!  Okay it is a good thing but it  still freaks me out a little. 

 OKay on to the week this will be short though because my keyboard is acting up and I can only type at half speed.  First monday.  On monday we along with Elders Rowden and Koreless went to Lovech to check out a fortress and statue there.  The statue looked like Joseph Smith.  So now we are calling it the Joseph Smith statue.  I can't send any pictures because the only computer that can is being used.  We then climbed all over the fortress and surronding wilderness.  It is on a cliff above a river which is below another  cliff.  This was a reall fortress.  We thought it would be funny if back in the time it was use if some one had atacked with hanggliders.  Anyways that was monday so onto tuesday.

 We contacted all day and had lunch with the zone leaders who were going on splits with Koreless and Rowden.  Now onto wensday.  We had district meeting and then meet with Rumen.  Ever since we got him to start reading the book of mormon and coming to church there has been a huge change in his contanance.  We also gave him a bible that we bought for him because he didn't have one. 

 Well onto Thursday.  We basicly contacted all day and then had English wich was fun.  We taught them the suffixes er,un,de,ir,and pre.  Class was fun but a little difficult, it was harder to teach the suffixes than we thought it would be.  Now onto Friday. 

 Friday was great we first had Planning for the week which went really well and then we had a really great companion invetory and basiclly we are now only speaking english on p-days, comp study, personale study, planning, invetory, and when we are with other missionarys.  I am trying to do this and it isn't that bad since Patterson is really patient with me and helps me say what I want in bulgarian.  The whole tourtare of having to speak only bulgarian has helped a ton and I can now understand almost all simple bulgarian.  Anyway after planning we meet with Rumen and the meetting was amazing.  We actually think that with our next meetting we will be able to have him commit to a date.  I am so happy.  Well that next meetting is this week so we will see. 

 Now saturday.  Basiclly we had english first were me and Rowden did jeporday review and taught them the Ology and Able suffixes.  Then we made some calls to see if we could meet with any one.  We then had lunch bought a little heater for our apartment.  Even though the winter here has been alot milder than I am used to are apartment only has one heater in the main room and so our bedroom is a little cold in the morning plus we wanted to give back the heater that a member had lent us for the church to help it be heated up.  We then had language hour, ate, and went to bed. 

 Sunday was great.  The church meettings were the best I have felt and seen in  bulgaria, and Rumen came again!  After church we basiclly contacted all day.  Oh my poor legs.  Well that was the week and for weather.  Its been a little cold but we are covered.  Also I have had colder winters back home.  Okay sorry but I am sick of this key board so good bye.

Austin James Ewell

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Before I get to the New Years I will give a breif summery of the week.  Who am I kidding these summaries are never breif.  Okay first is Monday.  Monday was filled with a alot of contacting.  During the day we meet with a potentionl named Petko. We met him at the glav and then he drove us to the church then decided to he wanted to meet with us in his villige but only if we would pay twenty dollars for gas.  We said we couldn't and he said it was alright and that we could meet tomorow at the church.  We made it very clear that it was going to be at the church.  We then had meeting with a in-active family latter that night.  Yea not that much going on because it is Christmas and New Years time and nobody wants to meet. 

 Though my companion gave me a terrible christmas present.  He is only going to speak to me in Bulgarian for the rest of the transferre.  He will only speak english during comp invetory and p-days.  Okay it isn't a bad present because it will help me a ton but it is going to be a little frustrating. 

 Anyway back to the week so we now have Tuesday.  On tuesday we had a meeting with Petko again but he never showed so we waited and then called him and he said that he was waiting for us in his villiage.  So that plan failed and we couldn't go out to his villiage today so he said to call for another meeting.  After this we meet with Angelina who is a 15 year old investagator and really smart and a fast thinker like me.  Patterson keeps saying that we always have to run to catch up with her.  It is actually quite nice for me because she thinks on my speed so lessons are alot more fun for me.  If only I understood more bulgairian it would be so much fun.  Anyways even before we said the opening prayer she asked us how to become a member and we told her that you had to be baptized along with a couple other things and eventually it lead to getting a baptisim date for her on the 29 of Januarary.  Now we just have to teach her everything and get her to slow down just enough to know if she is has testimony instead of just joining for fun.  We are pretty sure she does but as with the curse of fast thinking sometimes you are misunderstood and it doesn't seem that you have any feeling behind your own words.  But that isn't a big problem just a big highlite.  After that we did some more contacting and then went to bed.  

Now Wensday.  Wensday we had district meeting and then another meeting with Angelina were we began teaching her the plan of salvation.  She hadn't done her reading and at first I was disapointed but then she said she hadn't because she got to 1 Nephi 13 and had a ton of questions and kept trying to understand it which was fine because she is actually reading and thinking about what she is reading.  After this meetting we did some contacting then met with Rumen.  The meeting went well and we covered the ten commandments with him and how we need to follow all of gods comandments.  After Rumen we went to bed and began Thursday. 

 Thursday was a lot of contacting.  My legs were dead after that day but we did get some success which is good around New Years.  We had english as well that day and it was fun.  We taught them the suffixes er,ee, and ist, and how you use them to change verbs to nouns and nouns to proffesion descriptions.  It was fun trying to explain which verbs you could use ee on but it all worked out.  After english we went tracting.  During this session of tracting I recived my first "Oh" and the door closing right after they saw us.  It was really funnie to tell the truth.  After that I accidently tracted a 12 year old that we thought was around 18 to 20 until her 16 year old brother came out and told us that we couldn't do what we were doing because she is too young.  We said sorry but I was imbarassed for the rest of the night.  We didn't finish that block because shortly after we heard a couple of big bangs (more than we have been hearing for the las week) and decided it would be a good Idea to go home.  So we did and woke up to new years eve.  

New Years eve we did some contacting, weekly planing, and met with Rumen.  We taught him the word of wisdom and he accepted it but then he asked the question how do we now if members are keeping this.  Hard question to answer when you don't know if they understand the spirit of disernment and how there is just a change in people who do, but my comp and I did just fine.  We then went in at six o'clock orders by mission president as you will find out why shortly.  So basicly our P-day started at six so the other elders came over to spend the night and I made pizza and we watch Incredibles and Aladin in bulgarian and Rattatoue in English to pass the time tell midnight.  At midnight we went to a window with a good view and watched the war of fire works.  It was crazy, there were fireworks every were and it sounded like a war zone.  There were even people in blocks having wars with another block with fire works.  You just have to watch the video to understand and lets just say I can sympathize with Katie on the whole party thing.  Well that was this week and I wish you a happy New Year.

Austin James Ewell