Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You Ready For Christmas

Sorry Blog followers!  i have been a slacker about posting his letters.

Hey everybody.  Are you guys ready for Christmas?  This week is going to be a little hectic because of it but I guess you guys can get the full update next week.  This week was really good and I have a large letter for you guys so be prepared.

After writing you guys we relaxed, packed, watched a movie and got ready to move the next day.

Well the morning was hetic because Elder Rowden had a bus at 9 am he had to catch and we didn't know what bus station it was leaving from.  So a long taxi ride, the wrong station, and some fried nerves later we got him to his bus with five minutes to spare.  Then Elder Brown and I were the only ones left and we did some tasks and then contacted together until the new missionaries showed up. They showed up around 6:30 pm.  That didn't leave anytime but to unpack and have dinner.  Okay so some information about Elder Young my new companion.  He is from Logan, Utah, he plays the; bagpipes, Piano, and ukalailie, and he is laid back but a good worker.

Well an exciting thing today was we got to meet our new District.  Elders Bishop and Furtado my groupies are in it (they were in the MTC with me.)  Elder Gaffeny and Brown along with my new companion.  They are all good workers.  After District meeting, lunch, and language study we had a meeting with Georgie.  It was good to meet with him again.  We did an overview of the restoration and commited him to come to church.  Then we contacted until we had a meeting with Dimiter.  The meeting went really well.  We taught tithing and fast offerings to him and he fully accepted it.  He even said he would pay tithing when he was a member.  There was some good news and bad news though.  The good news is he said he was going to fast abut baptism Thursday.  The bad news though is he won't be able to come to church the next 3 weekends because he is spending them with his parents.  He can't really come to church on those Sundays because his parents already don't like us.  We have a plan though.  We are going to ask him if we can come over christmas eve or the 23rd and do a christmas oreinted family home evening.  We will bring treats and try to make it really spiritual.  We are calling this operation "Brown Nose" in hopes that their hearts will be softened and they will like the church and not be opposed to Dimiters baptism.  After the meeting with him we went shopping for some food and then it was time to be in.

Thursday was more laid back because we just had contacting all day and English.  Before English though we decorated the church for the branch Christmas party that Saturday.

Yea basicly contacting, contacting and weekly planing.  We did get a cool recived though and a lesson from it as well for monday.  Apparently they already had a book of mormon that they had found.  Apparently it was in the trash or somebody was throwing it away or something and they took it instead.

First was english, then contacting, then the Christmas party!  The christmas party was great.  We had a ton of people there and us missionaries didn't have to plan a thing.  Even though we didn't have to plan a thing I still had to do all the tech stuff so we could watch a part of the christmas devotional.  It was fun though and one of the other elders got a recieved from it as well so that is good.

Church was good as always and Georgie actually came.  YEA!!!  For church we actually watched the Christmas devotional and then had priesthood.  I was again incharge of the tech setup but it was good and a really nice sunday to have a investagator there.  We were stuck at church though almost all day though because of a new mission rule were we are supposed to be the last people out of the church building and tithing settlement was going on.  Anyways Sunday was fun though and in the night we just tried to contact some less actives.

First it is wierd having to wake up and work on your P-Day.  Your whole body is saying no it is my relax day what are you doing.  Anyways we did get some work done though. We went to the village of the recived we got on Friday.  After being lost for an hour or two we found their place and it turns out they are complete beggers.  It was really said because one just kept complaning about money, another just didn't care, and the only hope was the grandma but that is a smidge if anything.  We then came home and contacted the rest of the day.

Well I will write you all next week.

Elder Austin James Ewell