Monday, October 10, 2011


Well this week was a lot of fun.  First we had a great P-day, then transfere calls, and finally I finally after a year got to listen to confrence in english.  Though only the Saturday sessions.  And also even though I wasn't there the Payson temple ground breaking happened.  If anybody wants to see pictures of it or any of the other temples go to google and type in lds temples and click the first link.  Then put payson in the search bar our anyother temple.  Anyway lets get on with my week.

Well after writting you guys we went to another cave monestary and an old fort with Ayri a member.  It was a lot of fun and I will send some pictures that will be put on my blog.  After that we got back watched a movie and then went to work.  Nothing else very exciting though.  Oh I did pick up half of my clothes that were being refitted and found out that the guy could custom make me a suit for 115 lev.  I will wait till the end of my mission but that might be an opption that is thoroughly explored.  We are going to check out his fabrics today actually. 

In the morning we contacted people and then went to city express a mail servic to pick up Ayri's mission forms so he can go on a mission.  It will be so cool to see him go on a mission and we are doing our best to help him prepare.  After that we had lunch and then language study.  After that we did a small service project to fix a members tolite but we didn't have the right tools or proper expertise to do it so we told them we would have another member come by who knew how to do it.  We then went and met Ayri at the church and started filling out his mission papers.  That was a lot of fun and just as stressfull as the first time.  We then had seminary with everybody which was fun and a good language study.  That was the night.

We had district meeting and then we went back to our apartment and made burgars all together and to celebrate my year in country mark and losing 50 pounds I bought a whole No Comment Cake (one of the best cakes in the world) for every body to share.  It was all so good and then we all started to make a Pinata for the branch activity we were having that saturday.  I will also send pictures fo that to.  We also went on splits and after making the Pinata we had a meeting fall through and did some contacting.  That night we added another layer to the pinata.  Oh and we had a amazing smoothing basicly cake, ice-cream, and milk.  It's a cake shake so unhealthy but so good.
Elder Neuenswander and I went and payed bills first thing because a day later and they would be late.  We then had a lesson with homeless lady that is actually smart and has her head on her shoulders, but you can't sit within five feet of her.  She is really sweet though and tends to understand the gospel.  We hope she can get a job and a place to stay soon.  After that we sent something of to Sofia and then had lunch and language study were I added another layer to the pinata.  We then switched back to our regular companions and did some contacting and had english class.  Oh right before english class we had transfere calls as well.  Normally we would have them on Friday but President Roth was going to be in Burgas on Friday and he wouldn't have the transfere board with him to make anouncments.  So here is the news I am going to Plovdiv with my groupie Elder Rowden.  I am really excited because Plovdiv is one of the cities I have been wanting to serve in and I really like Elder Rowden and belive it will be a good transfere.  For everybody else: Elder Dropla is staying in Ruse with Elder Walker my groupie, Elder Seymor is staying in Ruse with Elder Bennet my groupie, and Elder Neuenswander is going to Plovdiv and is being zone leader with his groupie Elder Carson.  Outside of transfere calls english was alright and I am excited to be moving.  Oh year Elder Rownden is from Canada near the great lakes area.  I can't rember the exact city and I want to be correct so next week there will be more information.

In the morning we had a meeting fall through and just contacted.  Then after lunch we walked out to members house to home teach him got lost and then eventually found his place (the adrress was wrong on the branch list we have.)  We didn't have much time though so we didn't get to stay for long.  After home teaching him we came back home and went to play basketball with some members and investagators but no one showed up so we went to the other elders apartment and started decorating the pinata since we were already in gym clothes.  That was the night.

Elder Neuenswander was sick again (I think because of all the cake.)  So that ment that Elder Dropla and I had to get everything ready for the party.  So we had to cancle english and all morning we were shopping and cleaning and pinata decorating.  We then had lunch and a lesson fall through so we contacted for a little and then had the party.  It was a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed it.  We first demolished the pinata, then we had tacos, then we taught everyone how to make their own Pinatas.  Everyone liked it and we had about 12 people there which is a good turnout for Ruse.  We are a pretty small branch and we don't have very many people so 12 at a party especialy since half of that were non-members was a good turn out for us.  We then cleaned up the party mess and went home. 

Sunday was really good.  We got to church around 9:15 and got ready to watch confrence.  Confrence was amazing since a member named Krasi, who knows perefect english, brought here phone with confrence sound recorded on it then she synced up the sound with video that we had so I finally after a year got to listen to confrence in english.  I loved all the talks but I would have to say my faviort part was President Monson anouncing the temples.  It was good to hear his voice and see his energy and it was really funny/cool to hear the gasp when he annouced the Provo tabernacle temple.  Other than that I love confrence and hopefully next week I will be able to listen to the sunday sessions in english as well.  Well we will see.  After Confrence we cleaned up the church and then went and dropped off some food at a members house.  We then did a little contacting and packing before going to bed.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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