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It Must Be October

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Someone's Roadkill
Hello everybody.  Well to answer the big question, no, I will not be able to see confrence for maybe another two weeks if not a month.  And then it will most likely be in bulgarian so I will have to wait till next month or even later for the Liahona issue.  This week was pretty crazy though so it was good anyways.

After writting you guys we went on a trip to a cave monestary with Ayri a member which was a lot of fun.  When we got back we just hung around for a while and then went to work.  It was a good evening though nothing special.

We contacted about all day and had a meeting fall through.  At six we had seminary and then on the way home there was a classical rock concert in the center of town on the way home.  It trunked me out but the band was really good so it was okay.  We got back home and started to realax.  It was around 9:45 and I am reading in my bed just getting ready to go to sleep when I here one of the annoying bugs, that are like little green beatles, come into our room and flying into the walls (they are really stupid.)  I don't pay it any mind and continue reading when all of the sudden I hear a swoosh swoosh.  I look up because that is not a bug and as soon as I look up a bat flies infront of my face.  I yelled and got out of the room and by the time I was out there was three bats in our room trying to get the bug.  We took some pictures and then realizing they weren't going to get out on there own we tried to help them.  Okay I tried to help my companion just took a broom to one and almost killed it.  But after looking like an idiot for about 15 minutes I finally managed to get them all out.  Well that got me up and it was even funnier because none of my stuff was harmed but my companions bed was pieed on.  Lets just say it was revenge for the broom attack.  Well that was fun and pictures and hopefully a video will be on the blog.

We had district meeting and made some plans for a branch activity next saturday and then just contacted all day and home taught Tihomir.  He is doing good and he is incredibly smart and it is always fun to teach him.

Well the day was just normal contacting except for lunch.  We had lunch with the Americans that are living in ruse.  The boy is named Chris and his girlfriend is Hanna.  They are here because Hanna has a scholarship from American Goverment to teach english in bulgaria.  They are a really nice couple and hopefully with continued contact they will be interested in the gospel. Other than that nothing to interesting.  Oh yea we home taught our branch president which was a lot of fun.  He is a good guy and it nice to have a branch president that cares about the members.  Also we had english which was the same as always.

Basicly contacting and weekly planning.

Well after our morning studies we had english.  English was exsasperating.  We were teaching past tense but to teach it was have to use incorrect bulgarian sentences because they don't have correct translations if we use correct bulgarian.  Well half of our class are bulgarian grammar teachers and they couldn't and wouldn't let us use the examples and just kept trying to teach us bulgarian.  It was argravating but it was alright.   After english we contacted a little and then cleaned the building.  After cleaning the building we found out we had no sacrament cups and so we had to go buy some cups and make some so we could use them for sacrament.  We didn't have any normal ones because the mail service that we use here was closed on saturdays and we were supposed to pick it up on saturday.  We then had a lesson with Miroslav which went really well.  We taught him about being a member missionary and service and he understood everything just fine.  We then came home for bed.

It was a good day.  Church was good especially since Miroslav recieved the Aronic Priesthood.  It is really cool to see someone recive and the priesthood and hopefully next week he will be blessing the sacrament which will be really good to see.  After church we went to go find a member I have been trying to find for the last 4 months and we finally got to talk with him.  He is really nice and has actually been to america and knows perfect english.  He has completely lost his testimony though and it was really sad to see that and hopefully as we continue to work with him he will regain it.  Oh yea his name is Roman.  Other than all of that we just contacted all day.  One funny story from contacting is that we stopped one guy and his daughter to talk with him and when we asked him if he we could he asked for his umbrella from his daughter and then acted like he was going to beat Elder Dropla with it.  He then stopped and sad he was joking but it gave us a little scare.  He was actually really nice and cool.  He just has an interesting personality.  That was sunday for you.

Well sorry that this letter isn't that long this week I forgot my planner so I had to do everything from memroy and didn't have a reference to help me rember. 

Elder Austin James Ewell

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