Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello from Plovdiv

Well I am have now served in Plovdiv for about a week and despite winter like weather I am loving it here (alright I love the cold so that is a good thing too.)  Alright lets answer some questions first.  First of all my companion is from my same group which means he was in the MTC with me.  As I said before he is from Canada and the city is Kitchener which is about an hour from Toronto.  He is really fun to be around and we get along really well and he is really easygoing.  Oh and about the whole senior companion and junior companion thing, he is senior because he is older.  Since we are groupies it doesn't mean much but hey it is kind of nice to be a junior again.  Anyway this week was really fun and good and I am looking forward to the rest of the transfere.  (Oh I forgot my planner again so I will try to add some detials but don't expect much.)
Well after writting to everybody we went off with Ayri again.  He took us to this village name Nickolovo.  We went to a park near it that was really beautifull and very peacefull.  I would send pictures but I don't really trust the computers here so give me a week or two and hopefully more pictures will be on there way.  Oh also there was two bears in the park too that we got to see (don't worry they were in a cage not just roaming around.)  After this we got back home watched a movie and then went to cleaning.  Since it was the last P-day of the transfere we were supposed to do a deep clean for the night instead of contacting (it helps with transfere numbers.)  So we did clean for a little but also we went to Miroslav's so I could say goodbye.  We had some Home Made Concord Grape Juice.  So Mom and Dad I did manage to get some this year.  I also played chess with him again and got thourghly beat again.  Then we talked a little and we headed home so I could finish packing.
Lets see got on a bus at 8:30am with Elder Neuenswander stopped in Sofia and caught another bus to Plovdiv and got to Plovdiv around 4:15pm.  We then took our bags to the chaple (yes we actually have a building in Plovdiv.  It is so nice and wonderful.)  We waited there for about an hour for the other elders.  When they got there Elder Rowden and I had a lesson which was kind of desapointing.  The guy was going to be baptized this Saturday, but something came up and he had to go to England on Friday and he didn't know when he would be back.  So we are going to stay in contact with him and as soon as we know where he is in England we will direct the nearest missionaries to him.  After that we had another no show lesson.  Then we dropped my bags off at the apartment and went shopping for food for the week.  When we got home I unpacked and we went to bed.
Lets see we had a bunch of dropped meetings and contacted all day and that was about it.
We had district meeting in the morning thursday instead of Wednesday because our District leader Elder Brinkerhoff was sick on Wednesday.  District meeting was good and afterwards we went to a turkish restruant that was just amazing.  After lunch we had language study and then contacted to a office supply store to get more whiteboard markers to teach english.  We then got back to the church to teach English.  English was alot of fun I am teaching 3rd level again and even though I have only 4 students they all like to particapte and understand english well enough that I can talk at full speed.  After english we went home for dinner and bed.
Was fun.  We surveyed all morning and then we had a lesson at the church with a guy named Stefan.  He is really cool and actually interested to learn more and to actually read and pray at home.  His only problem is his only free day is Friday so maybe some extra prayers his way so he can be able to come to church on Sundays.  After the meeting we contacted till lunch and language study then we went out and did a power hour which is something new our mission is trying were for an hour (and it doesn't matter what type of contacting you are doing) you put forth 200% effort and just burn out.  It is really fun and I like it a lot.  Also it reminds me of when I was with Elder Spencer because we would do that all the time (this was before it was a mission thing.)  After that it was time to go in for weekly planning.  Elder Rowden as part of his mission tradition made homemade rolls for weekly planning.  They were really good and after weekly planning they made for a great dinner. 
Well Elder Rowden had a baptisim in Sliven so we traveled there and went to it.  The Baptisim was an old investagator of his and it was a really nice baptisim.  After it we came back home and had language study, dinner, and bed.
Was amazing.  I didn't have to do anything because the branch is big enough to support its self (around 45 active members.)  That was the first time in my mission that it was like that.  Also we were in a reall chaple and not just a rented office building or something else like that.  So as you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed church and it made my day.  After church we had two home teaching appiontments with president Cherpolkov (he is part of the mission presidency.)  They went well then we had dinner as well.  OH I forgot.  Two American Air Force soilders came to church this sunday as well because they were in Plovdiv for some training.  They brought with them two Giant bags of Marshmellow Maties and to huge jars of Extra crunchy Jiff Peanut butter.  So even though we are sharing the merchandise with the other elders it is still amazing and made my day as well.  Anyway after the home teaching appiontments we had lunch and after lunch we went contacting too a less-actives house to home teach him.  He was really nice and just wasn't comeing because he just stopped coming not because of any major thing so hopefully we can get him to come again because he is a really nice guy.  After that we hurried home changed and then went to the zone leaders place to have dinner.  We had pizza which was really good and then we came backe home for the night.
Well we cleaned, studied, and now we are writting you guys.
Elder Austin James Ewell

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