Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Few Pictures

The Bulgarian Flag
This looks like the places that they could serve.
I don't know what they are looking at, but he looks like he is enjoying himself!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Letter

Here is Austin's letter this week--

Dear Family,

To start off I am loving it here. The time goes by so fast it only seems like yesterday that I was writing you. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. I guess that is a blessing of its own. I get so much time it feels to learn the language but at the same time I don't feel homesick because it only feels like yesterday since I got here. I am so glad I got a journal because there is no way that I could remember all of this. To answer some of the questions this week that I got lots, start with my aunts. Anna no I didn't think of the blog my mom did but I think its a wonderful plan and hope I get to see it when I am in the field (you can't do anything with the computers here. You can't even right click) Second my "contest" is just for fun and a way for me to get mail while I am here for once I am in Bulgaria the only thing that I will be able to send or receive from is email. Also one of the kids in my district, Bennitt, gets ten letters and two packages a day (this is not an exaggeration!) And his family only lives fifteen minutes north of here. It is so bad that my district has joked that the second coming will be here when he received no letters and we will get five each. So the point is that I WANT MAIL! The contest doesn't matter but it is still in effect and I might allow a snowzer (I can't spell either) but you would only get half because Nate needs an outside dog and I am just biased. Regarding the contest, Merr secured lead again with her gallon bag of peanut clusters (my district loves her and asked if me if they could receive packages from my family.) And I also got a letter from her this week. I will like the most about being out of the MTCis that I will be able to have my own schedule instead of having every second of my life controlled by others. The thing I will miss the most though is having three square meals a day prepared for me and the ease of getting packages and treats. This week was a busy week for we learned probably the hardest thing about Bulgarian. This was past tense and direct/indirect objects. The reason they are so hard is 1. past tense conjigation one has 10 different exceptional rules 2. D.O/I.O. make you talk and that is confusing and difficult aaaarrrrggg!!! Other than that it has been another average week and you will have to wait till my journal comes back with me to find out details because I can't remember them now. Please send me pictures of the puppies. I want updates also a picture of Kenzie's new hair would be nice. Remember Bulgarians like pictures of families so send them. I can get a photo album here that can hold up to 250 pictures for about 3-4 bucks. So don't worry if I can't keep them all because I can fit them. Don't worry mom about not getting the card back, my 1 gig will last me. Sorry but no new pictures today, I haven't taken any good ones. I should be able to take some good ones soon though because two Elders got sick with phenomena and had to stay back here for awhile instead of shipping out. One of them moved into our room because the two that used to be here had moved out to go to Nashville. The one that moved in is majoring in photography and showed me how to use my camera to its fullest extent. I can't think of anything more to write about my stay here other than this is my fifth Wednesday and I only have 4 more to go. Dad's letters have been getting to me as well as Robbie's one liners. By the way, Robbie, great job I knew you could do it. Oh some random girl (I hope) sent me either a secret admire letter or just expresses herself that way I don't know who sent it because they didn't sign it and it only had an address for the return. The address is 147 W. Circle Drive Payson, UT 84651. I don't recognize the address and couldn't look it up on the computers here. The letter has hearts by my name and it is underlined in the address. It says I am their hero twice and that I could crush spiderman and that I make them smile. There is also a picture of a heart with an arrow through it saying I love you. Then a picture of a buff guy with a black eye mask on captioned Austin, my hero and finally a bat signal but with an A not a bat. Can you find out who it is for me because I don't know how to respond or not. For now I am just going to send a letter back saying "Thanks for the letter, it made me smile, but you forgot your name. Can you tell me who you are?" I think that is safe enough tell I know who they are. Other than that no major concerns. Keep up the letter writing because they are my life blood and I love you all.

Signed in Bulgarian-Elder Ewell

p.s. I am so glad I didn't seal this letter because Elder Holland came to talk to us. I can't go into detail because I need to go to bed. You will just have to wait for my talk journal.

p.p.s. Here is some exciting news when I fly out I will be able to call you guys. When I get my travel iternarary I will write and tell you when I will have time and how long.

Friday, August 20, 2010

This Weeks Update

I am just going to type most of his letter word for word-
Dear Family,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the squeaky cheese and the other goodies that were in the pillowcase. I can't believe you managed to send it. The guy at the mail room even said its the first time he has seen one sent. I don't even want to think about what will come next. I have been working hard and to answer the big question, yes the language is coming. I am even writing my g's how the Bulgarians do but their g's sound like d. I have memorized about 100 words and the list keeps growing. The grammer is easy for me at least the only thing I have trouble with is vocab. This week has been pretty boring it has basicly wake up, eat, study, eat, study, eat, sleep, repeat. I am grateful for the pictures. I knew about the one in my scriptures (I do read them contrary to belief) I just want more because Bulgarians are huge into families and love to see pictures. So can I get some more like ones of extended family as well. Something is wrong with my left knee, it hurts to kneel on it. It feels the same as when I injured it is 9th grade. Other then that I am doing great and can't wait to get to Bulgaria. Oh yeah I hear they have cherry and pumpkin bonetza. (Oh yummy!) How is it going there? I hope you all are having fun. McKenzie no talking to boys! (just kidding, no I'm serious) I have started a contest for my aunts on mom's side. I am grading the winner on frequency, contents, length of letter, and special clauses. Becky-John needs to send a letter every week I am here! Anna-needs to get a puppy for Nate (one of Maggie's) and send proof. If I leave before they are ready send a legal document that you did! Merr-just keep the good stuff coming. Kerry-be sending me letters every week. Gina-same as Kerry but if little Max can get a job in the MTC while at BYU (I have to see him) that counts too. If one of them meet the SC, that is specific to them and no others do then they win. If none of them do or they all meet the special clause then the previous gradings will come into account. The rankings right now are 1st Merr, 2nd Anna, 3rd Becky, 4th tied Gina and Kerry. You guys didn't answer my question-where did Maggie have her puppies? I like it here. It isn't terrible yet not marvelous. I feel like everything I do is on an impossible schedule and I will be sent home if I don't do well. Also P-days are boring because we are trapped here with nothing to do aaarrrggg. Anyways I am having fun and I hope you are too. You are in my prayers. Love, Elder Ewell

Okay so I don't know what the prize is for the contest! He is definitely a funny boy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Update

So Anna, here is what I know. He is enjoying the MCT and the things he is learning. He says that the language is hard and the showers are cold and the days are always the same. He talked about being able to work in the Teaching Resource Center where they first talk with people in Bulgarian and then teach in English. He said they would do that one more time and then it would be straight Bulgarian. He told us about his companion, Elder Hubert. He played rugby for BYU and said that they were getting along great. The first picture is of them. He included a special section in his letter just for Anna. He urged you to let Nate have a puppy. We have nine at our house right now. He said, "You have to get Nate one. I urge you to get one for Nate because Nate would love you ten times more and Claire would be bubbling, and your life would be blessed." He said to tell everyone that drew him pictures that he loves them and he said thank you for all the treats and packages. In his first letter he told about his day trip to LA to sign papers at the consulate. He said that is was fun to hand out pass along cards and talk to people.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Austin's MTC District

From left to right-Austin, Elder Hubert(his companion), Furtado(District Leader), Rowden, Sister Loss, Sister Killian, Walker, Bishop, Jensen. Elder Bennet is not in the picture.

He said to thank everyone for packages and letters. He said he is still waiting for one from Becky!!