Monday, May 2, 2011

9 Months

Well hello every body and boy am I extreamly tired and I have no idea why.  This week was a lot of fun as well as really busy.  One thing that made it so much fun is that Elder Morgan and I diecided to not prepare or eat any food of our own making for the week and see if we could survive off of that (yes I know crazy but hey we have nothing else to keep us entertained and we are to weak to not have given in if we were to hungy.)  Anyway we did make it all week and amazingly we got to eat every single day as well which was really cool.  So lets start with the week. 
Alright after writting you guys we watched a movie, went out to play football, took the sisters to buy something in lozanets and then came back to watch more movies because I was still a little sick and Elder Morgan wasn't feelling good either.  After our P-Day was over we went and started tracting all over the place and somthing really cool is that two people gave us food while tracting which is amazing and never happens here.
We had mission tour!  President Schwizter from the seventy came this year and mission tour was really cool.  He said something entricting though.  He said that baptism doesn't wash away our sins but the repentance process before and that baptisim is only a symbol of the convenat that we make with heavenly father to follow him.  Never thought of it that way and he made a good point that if baptisim is for the washing away of sins then why did christ and 8 year olds who are inisent need to get baptized.  I don't know it was a cool thought and I am still thinking about.  Anyway that rest of mission tour was really cool and we also got a meal in yes!  After mission tour we came back and met with Anton to get his baptisimal program organazied and go over the baptisim some more.  We then had a lesson with this really cool guy and his 12 year old son who is a big gamer and knows english perfectly.  It was a fun evening and I got to geek out with the 12 year old about video games as well which was a lot of fun. 
First thing we did in the morning was go and advertise for english classes all morning.  We probaly put up around 200-300 posters between us and the sisters and not to spoil anything but it paid off because on thursday we had our old numbers triple.  After advertising we got ready and then went to meet with this one guy but he couldn't and so we work on Antons baptismal program, got interupted and given a ride by a potential investagator, finished the program, and then went home teaching with a member.  Home teaching was really cool and some cool testimonies were shared.   Also I seem to be able to understand bulgarian a little better this week.  After home teaching we came home and I went to bed.
It was a slow start but a good end.  First thing we did was go buy a hose to fill the font and some glue to fix the leaks so I didn't have to get under it again.  Well something intresting about bulgaria is that they don't sell hoses with male and female parts so elder morgan and I had to earn our plumbing merit badges again to fill up the font.  After buying the nessisary equipment we went to meet some inactive members and yea that was a fun experince.  Lets just say they didn't even know who joseph smith, lehi, or nephi were and a couple other things.  After that meeting we went and got the font ready, earned our plumbing merit badges and then went to go meet Donka.  She wasn't home though so we met with Georgi a guy I had found when I was here last time but was then dropped because he wouldn't keep commitments.  It was a sad meeting and he mainly just talked about his problems, but anyway after that meeting we came back to the church and planned for everything that we had to do for english.  English then started and it was a blast.  Elder Morgan and I are teaching 1st level and we have 18 students better then the 1 we used to have.  The class participates and they love the spiritual thought and a lot of them are interested in the church.  After english we had a meeting with this one lady who is the mother to a member but it was kindof a let down.  The reason why is because even though she really wants to know these things she can only come into Stara Zagora once a month to meet and she won't let us come to her villiage because the people in it aren't very religous people and they wouldn't like us coming there.  Anyway after her we met with Anton one more time and went over the baptisim stuff again with him and to see if he liked the program.  Everything was fine and the baptism has happened.  After meeting with him we then went home and had a language study.
We were out all day helping some english members in there yard doing service.  We got there around 10:00 am and for about the first hour we got a little tour of the place.  We saw their pigs, pigglets, horse, donkey, goat, myriad of chickens, dogs, and geese.  After the tour we went to go weed their rasberry patch that after two weeks and a little rain was completely over grown with weeds.  The soil here is ridiculus you could probaly plant some gold and a gold tree would pop up out of the soil it is that ferital.  After attacking the weeds with little succes for 3 hours we had a very nice salad and then translated for them about a little problem they had in the neiborhood.  All is fine now and it was all really just because of the language barriar.  After that they took us to a couple of their non member friends and then we came back and had some mexican food (so good, and sorry max I know you are going to have a ton of that but that stuff is rarer than gold here.)  They then took us home and we went to bed.
 After our morning studies we had english.  English was fun but a little more slower today because the lesson was really hard and everybody was starting to realize this was the reall deal.  But an english student did take a book of mormon after class so that was good.  After english we basiclly spent the whole day preparing for the baptisim.  The baptisim though was perfect.  I don't know how else to describe it.  Everything went of with out a problem and the spirit was there and oh it was just a amazing perfect baptisim and it was just good.  After the baptism we went on splits and then went to bed.
Church was really long today because we had a regualar fast and testimony meeting and then we watched all of sunday confrence.   It was really good though Anton got he holy ghost and he even stayed through all of confrence and I don't know even though I couldn't understand everything confrence was still very reffreshing for me.  After church we had a meeting with this one guy but he couldn't because his only break was on sunday and his girlfriend was in town and she didn't want to share.  We understood though and he asked if we could come and pick him up for church next week so we didn't feel to bad about that.   After him we had a meeting with diyado Ioan to give him the sacrament and he read me my horro scope and apparently I get really tired during half cresent moons.  The moon must always be a half cresent during my mission so far because I am so tired all the time.  After meeting with him we went back to our apartment and planned for the week and that was it.
Monday (today):
Lets see got my hair cut and ran out to the statue again and that is about it.  I will try to send you guys some of our warm weather and thank you so much for the letters and everything.  I will write you next week.

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