Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Weird

Alright as you can tell in the letter heading I have some news that will be revieled during the letter.  First thank you for all the mail and yes Mom and Dad the easter packege made it and soon there after disappered into my stomach.  Anyway lets get started with the week.
After writting you guys we went and played tennis and this being my second time in my life I didn't completely suck and it was fun.  After tennis I went back to the church with some others to watch Tangled and Tron.  Then Interviews with President and that was much needed and appreciated.  I haven't had one with him for about 2 months I think and I really appreciated the chance to talk with him again.  Sister Rogers in our district though has been having severe back pain for the last 5 weeks and they took her to the hospital that night to get her some medication.  After interviews we all went back home and went to bed.
Woke up, got ready and went to Zone Confrence.  We had to be there early because Elder Morgan had a meeting for district leaders he had to be at.  So while I was waiting I cleaned the area where we would have Zone Confrence.  Then Zone Confrence began.  The Sad/Bad news of this week is that in Zone Confrence President Roth anouced that Sister Rogers was heading home early.  This was a shock to us all because she only had two months left and we were all thinking that she could just stay and tough if out.  Even she thought that but the area presidency and told President Roth to send her home.  So that is the sad news of the week.  After that Zone Confrence was good and we had a really good lesson on the importance of the book of mormon and how to communicate with our companions better.  After Zone confrence we all said our goodbyes to Sister Rogers and took pictures.  Then Elder Morgan and I had to run to the Bus station to catch a bus home and actually had to bribe the bus drive to get on because he had no more seats but the two in front that are not supposed to be sat in.  He let us sit there and it was really fun being there actually.  We then got home and I had to go to the Sisters apartment to Sister Rogers a shot for her back pain because her companion couldn't do it and I was the only one willing.  The shot was perfect and everyone was suprised that I was able to do it.  I guess people can't see me with a needle in my hand without warning signals going off.  After the shot we talked a little then went back to our apartment.
After our morning routine we had language study then went to meet with Donka and Marko but they both weren't home so we surveyed for a while and then met the Sisters at the KFC in the mall for Sister Rogers last district meal with us.  We were both wondering why she wanted KFC until we had some ourselves and the KFC is ten times better here then back home.  After lunch we said goodbye till tomorow morning when we would be taking there luggage out the senior couples car and give Sister Rogers a blessing for a safe trip home.  After all of this we surveyed back to the church and then taught english.  After english we came back home and had dinner and went to bed.
Went to the Sisters Apartment first thing to help move Sister Rogers bags to the Forsness' car (the senior couple that lives in Stara Zagora) and gave her a blessing for a safe trip home.  We then came back and had weekly planning that we couldn't finish because we had to go and teach institute to Lily.  Institute went well despite having to go through section 126 all the way to the end of D&C in one lesson.  After Insitute we had language study with Lily and then another dropped meeting.  We then had lunch and surveyed some more tell we had a meeting with Anton.  The meeting went really well.  We retaught him the restoration again and it was just a good lesson.  We then came back home and finished weekly planning and went to bed.
First thing in the morning after our studies we had english.  I was teaching second level all by myself again.  The class went well but slow.  After English we met with an english student and had a really good lesson with her and by the end of it she was asking us for a book of mormon.,  After that meeting we cleaned the church, had lunch, and then surveyed all day.  Near the end we went to follow up on a received of ours named Ivan but he wasn't home so we decided to tract his apartment building.  And her is the Wierd news we had a girl (around 25) answer the door completely naked.  She was hiding behind the door so we couldn't see anything but we could see enough to know and ya I just stood there for a second and couldn't talk.  After a few failed attempts to speak on my part she said not right now and closed the door.  Well there is the wierd news and onto the rest of the night we finished the the building and then went back home and had language study and dinner.
Went to the church building early to have a lesson with an investagator named Stela who never showed up and then had church.  Church was fun and I was incharge of third hour.   My lesson went alright and the main point got through but for a while it seemed like it was going to be a train reck.  After church we had lunch and then went to see Diyado Ioan.  After him we went and contacted another recived of ours named Yasin.  He is a apostel for another church (I don't know exactly what that means.)  We had a good lesson with him and then went to the church to help presindent Georgiev with some things and then surveyed the rest of the night while trying to find some people.  We did get a lesson in with some investagators of ours named Ivan and Didi.  The lesson went really well and at the end Ivan played piano for us and we sang a little.  We then came home and went to bed.
Monday (Today):
Woke up, got ready, cleaned, studied, dropped of some stuff at the dry cleaners, and now I am writting you guys.
Alright here is the good news.  I bought a scale to find out how much weight I have lost and (drum roll please) 35.9 pounds since I have arrived in bulgaria I am at 202.2 pounds.
Elder Austin James Ewell

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