Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter, Give Me A Dollar!

For those of you how don't know the subject is a inside joke with my family and you don't have to give me a dollar.  This week was good dispite being sick for about half of it.  So lets get started with the telling of the week.

After writting we went around shopping for a bit and then watched Anastasia with the sisters because sister Kinkhead had never seen it.  We then had dinner and then went to work.  First we tried to find Marin and see if he had read but he was in Sofia for Easter break so we just went tracting for the rest of the night.  

After our morning studies we had language study and then went and payed bills, dropped off my bike to be fixed (the pedal had fallen of again,)  Then we had lunch and did Zone Fund.  After this we went up to lozanets and walked the sisters through it to their potential investagators house which is litterly on the edge of town and the last house.  Their potential investagator wasn't there so we walked them back to a safe place and then went to our lesson with Donka Marko's daughter.  The lesson went really well, she has a sincere desire to know more and to learn more from us but it seems like she doesn't fully understand what she is getting into.  After the lesson we went street boarding again and we were told by President Roth to keep on street boarding until we are allowed to.  Luckly we didn't get in trouble because all the people that get after us for doing it were on break for Easter.  So after street boarding we had dinner and then had a lesson with Anton the investagator we have that is getting baptized on saturday (the 30th.)  We taught him about the spirit had faith and why we need it.  We also schedualed his interview for thursday at six a clock.  After meeting with him we went to meet with Antanas a potential investagator but he wasn't home so we just tracted for the rest of the evening.

After our district meeting we all ate out at this american pizza restruant with real hamburgers and pizza.  It was so good you do not know how good american food is until you can't have it.  Anyway now that I have stopped drooling lets continue.  After lunch we had a language study then went street boarding again and after we were down I need to pee so bad that I barely made it back to the Forsness' Apartment (A senior couple that live near where we street board and we needed to pick up mail from them anyways.)  We then had dinner and went tracting for the rest of the night.  Oh yea I found out that sister Kinkhead had gotten some Cadbary mini-eggs in a package.  Oh so unfair, my to biggest vises Thin Mints and Mini-Eggs and other people recive them (hint, hint mom and dad)

After our morning studies we went out and put up posters for english since we are starting up this week on thursday.  After putting up posters we had some lunch and then went back up to lozanets to escort the sisters and have a lesson with Donka.  The sisters potential investagator dropped them because her husband didn't want her to learn about these things.  We then went and had our lesson which went really well and Donka committed to baptisim on June 4th.  We put it so far away because we want her to understand what she is getting into.  Kind of like she feel the spirit when we teach and she wants it but she still doesn't grasp the full potential that it can have.  After meeting with her we went and waited for a potential investagtor who came and gave back his Book of Mormon.  We then waited an hour for a guy to show up that wanted to be taught but he never did so we called him and said we couldn't wait anymore.  He asked if we could wait for 15 more minutes but we couldn't because we had another meeting to get to.  On the way home we saw him in his car and he stopped and he gave us a ride back to our apartment and we got to talk with him for a while.  Back home we had a quick dinner and then went to Antons interview.  Everything went great and everything is in order for him to be baptized on the 30th.  The Zone leaders had an hour wait until they had another bus back so we tried ordering from the american pizza place that Elder Morgan and I ate at on wensday.  The food never came and they had to leave.  We then went tracting for the rest of the night and then around nine a clock the pizza place called and said that they had made a huge mistake and after talking for a bit we now have a free pizza from that place that we can pick up at anytime.  We were so impressed because normally no one here would ever think of doing that.  Oh yea also I did a 3.6 mile run this morning with about a 5-10 min break at the half way mark to see the sunrise.

After our morning studies we had weekly planning then lunch and then went out surveying for a while.  We had three meetings drop us and then had dinner and language hour we then went tracting the rest of the night.

After the regular routine we went adverstising again with the sisters and got about 100 posters done in two hours.  After advertising we had lunch and then went street boarding again for about 2 hours and then went back to the church to clean and have language study.  We then went a surveyed until dinner and then went tracting.

After the mourning routine we went to church.  Church was good and after words the branch had some eggs and easter bread.  We then had a couple meetings and then got out to work.  We first went to Dyado Ioan's to give him the sacrament and then came back and had dinner.  We then went out and walked all over Stara Zagora trying to contact people and surveing.  Near the end of the night we got a sick lesson with a guy named Zhivko.  He is sincerly seeking for happieness and we have huge hopes for him.

Got up had a bike ride, cleaned and had personal study and then came to write you.  I am all better now except for a little bit of a stuffy nose and I love you all.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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