Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25

Alright to answer the first question we have a zone confrence on wendsday and interviews today so that is why the P-Day was changed and you are all reciving the letter a little late.  The change is only for this week though and then we are back to normal so no need to worry.  So lets get started with the week shall we.

Was a lot of fun.  After writting we went and rode go carts and that was a blast except mine decided to die on me before I was finished.  So anyway after gokarts we walked around Haskovo a little and then watched a movie before going on splits.  I went with Elder Korea (that is not how it is spelled but it does sound like the country.  No, he is not Korean he is from utah.)  We went up to the edge of town and tracted for the whole night.

Went on a little run in the morning and then came back did our studies and went street boarding together until lunch and then I went with Elder Furtado.  We did some service for a member taking their winter stove down to the basment of their blok (apartment building) and cleaning it and storing it.  We then went tracking for the whole rest of the day.

We came back to Stara Zagora and it was good to get back to our home city.  We then went and had district meeting and lunch with every one and then we went to the Major's house and did service for them with the sisters.  Elder morgan and I plowed a field for him with our bare hands (and some fun sharp hoe kinda of thingy.)  We then had dinner and came back home.

We woke up did our regular thing and then had lunch and went and dropped off the letter to the mayor that should allow us to street board, payed bills, and did some other finacle stuff.  We then had two meetings that fell through a language study/zone fund counting/dinner and then had english.  English was fun as all ways and afterwards we had a meeting with Anton and talked about temples and enternal life.  We then came back home and hit the sack.

After our morning routine we had weekly planning and had lunch and went to institute to teach Lily the one and only student.  Afterwards we had a language hour with Lily and then a lesson before we went home teaching with Brother Major but I didn't take good enough notes in my planner so I can't remeber with whom.  Before home teaching we had a quick dinner and then home teaching.  During home teaching we decided to try to find as many men on the ward list that we could and to our dismay instead of finding four we found two moved away, one lady who had died, and a false address.  So we still got good work done just not the type that we thought we would.  So we came home and went to bed.

We had a big branch party out at this village about 20 mins. away on bus (I can not for the life of me pronouce it correctly.) The party was a lot of fun and we were able to finally find a bus about two hours before we had to leave.  Yea it is basicly bulgarian prom here right now so Elder Morgan and I basicly ran around Stara Zagora all friday and saturday looking for a free bus because they were all being used.  The party was a lot of fun and Elder Major made us some sloppy joes and all the bulgarians were freaking out because they didn't know how to eat it.  After the party we got changed and then we had dinner with the senior couple and Elder Bishop who had come in from the office to do the semi-annual audit.  We then borrowed Elder Bishop and the car they had drove in to go out to Kiliovo and give a blessing to a less-active member.  We then came back and went to bed.

We got to the church in the morning around 8:30 and from then on we were going to church and doing every task anyone could think of giving us because the Veliko Turnivo group was in for the week and the finacile audit was going on as well.  We didn't get out tell around 2:30 at that time we ate lunch and then went out to work.  We had a meeting with an investagator that went alright but there are some issues we are going to have to clear up.  We then took the sacrament to Grandpa John (Diyado Ioan,) surveyed, and contacted some people and then went to bed.

Monday (again):
We woke up and moaned because it wasn't P-day yet and then we went to find an investagator.  We found her (Donka) and taught her a little lesson and then went and had a home teaching visit with Marko.  We then had a meeting with this really nice lady named Maria who I have a good hope for and then we had lunch, language study and traveled to Plovdiv to have a family home evening with our branch president.  That went really well and afterwards we came to the Zone leaders apartment and went to bed

Tuesday (today):
Went running to see the sun rise and ran into a bulgarian prom party.  That was the most rowdy sun rise I have ever seen.  And then came back got ready studied and came to write.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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