Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello every body and how is it going.

Hello I am doing great here in Bulgaria. What about the rest of you? Anyway I love receiving all your letters and being able to call home Saturday was a blast and was really fun. Anyway for the benefit of those who were not in on the call I will send my regular super long letter of my day by day events.

After writing you guys we went to a store called metro with a friend of mine to do a big monthly shop so we wouldn't have to waist any time the rest of the month on shopping. Metro by the way is a huge store and is basically the Bulgarian equivalent to Costco. You would be proud of me mom I got out of there only having spent 60 Lev (around 45 us dollars) and still had plenty of food for the month. So ha I win Costco I have gone into one of your look a likes and have walked out with purchased items yet no giant 100 dollar bill hole in my pocket ha ha ha ha ha HA! Now that I have calmed down over that victory lets get on with the rest of the day which was basically watching general/reading conference and then going back to work by taking down the font to dry and then going out tracting the rest of the night.

Was fun because we had splits with the zone leaders again. They came in around 9 am and then we planned and studied together and then went out to work. Elder Beck and I (Elder Beck being the one who I was on splits with) first went to pick up some sticker copies so we could put our information on some more brochures for the day. We then basically walked around the city trying to find some people and contacting on the way. We then had lunch with everybody and went back to work for another couple of hours tell dinner. After dinner we had a meeting with Anton our recent convert that got baptized last week. We talked about having to learn on your own and enduring to the end with a little of callings mixed in. The meeting went great and I am looking forward to teaching him the rest of the post baptism lessons. After him we went to try and meet with another investigator (Antanac and his son Dobroslav (the kid I had my video game chat with)) but they were watching a soccer match and said it wouldn't be the best time to talk. So we went tracting instead for the rest of the night and came home to an amazing lazania that Elder Morgan and Myrick had made. Here was something shocking that I found in my numbers for that night. Elder Beck and I had gotten 32 successful approaches and 7 receives for the entire day. That may not seem much but let me tell you that is some missionaries weekly goals.

First thing we had was district meeting were we had a really cool lesson from the zone leaders and then afterward we went out to eat with everybody. After lunch Elder Morgan and I went street boarding and were just thinking of packing up right when two police men came up to shoo us away. One of them spoke English and he was nice about it but the other one was a derril. Anyway we complied after finding out that was could go directly to the mayor and speak with him. So we packed up and did exactly that after the police took our information. Well the mayor and his Secretary were gone but we were told that if we came back tomorrow we would be able to meet with one of the two. So we put that in our planners and then went and waited for a dropped meeting and then had a really good meeting with a now new investigator named Temenoozhka. They meeting went really well and she is a very smart lady and sincerely wants to learn more so here is hoping. After her we had our language study, dinner, planning for the next day, and finally went to bed.

First thing we did after our mourning studies was go and see the mayor. Okay we didn't get to see him but we got to see his Secretary and basically we found out that there can't be any religious stuff anywhere on the glav. Second they want to work with us. Third if we came back on Tuesday we could see a map that showed were exactly we could do everything, and finally that we can basically put up English posters anywhere that we want as long as there are other posters there. So the good news is we might be able to street board the bad news is that we won't get arrested any time soon and I was so looking forward to it.:( Any way after that meeting we had a quick lunch and then went and tried to meet with a potential investigator but he never showed so we surveyed until dinner and then had English after wards. English was fun if not a little dull because what they said was hard last time was now to easy for them and all we had planned was to review with them. Anyway after English we had another lesson with Anton about the tree of life and then we went to the Forcness' because Elder Morgan had to talk with Elder Forcness about something then we came back home for a language study.

We went our surveying after our morning study and tried to stop every single person we saw. Midway between we went back to the Forcness' because I had left my planner there last night and I needed to pick it up. We eventually made our way home while surveying for lunch and then had a lesson with some one that never showed up and then went and picked up my bike that was getting fixed and then we had our language study. After that we had dinner and then went home teaching with Brother Major which is always fun. After home teaching we came home and went to bed.

First thing we had after our morning studies was English we then cleaned the church (I put away the font) and then went and surveyed until it was time to call home. Calling home was a lot of fun and I am looking forward till Christmas. After calling home we had dinner and then went to bed.

After morning studies we had church. It was my first normal meeting since I got back to Stara Zagora. Church was good and I learned a whole lot of words. After church we were stuck there for a long time doing branch work and other branch stuff. Once we got away we had a quick lunch and then went and met with Diyado Ioan. It was a fun little meeting and we gave him the sacrament. We then tried meeting with a bunch of people but everything fell through and we eventually got to Marko's and had a lesson with him. His cat had just had kittens too and they were really cute. After Marko we weekly planned and had dinner and then went to bed.

Monday (Today):
Rode our bikes out to the statue, came back cleaned, had personal study and then we came up to write home. We are planning on having a nice relaxing P-Day as well.

Elder Austin James Ewell

Letters of any size our quality are much appreciated so please WRITE ME!!!!!!!!

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