Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow thank you for all the letters!

Thank you so much for all the letters that you guys have all sent me this week. I think I am starting to adjust to the pace that Elder Morgan has set because I am not as tired as I have been and I have better organized my days as well. Anyway lets get started with the week shall we.

After writting you guys we decided to take a nice, relaxing, day and just do nothing until it was time to work. So we got caught up in our journals and just took it easy. After our P-day ended we had two meetings that fell through and so we just made some calls, contacted a guy from the army that I had found on splits and gave him a book of mormon, and then just tracted for the whole rest of the night.

First thing we did in the morning was go to the police station to figure out exactly where we could street board and were we couldn't. It took a good 30 minutes but now we know and all we have to do is turn in a letter to the mayor saying were we want to go. So sorry to desapoint but I will not be going to jail anytime soon. After the meeting we had another meeting with a potential investagator named Maria. She thought the meeting was a half hour later though so we just surveyd until then. When she came she had also brought her sister Bozhidara (means gods gift in bulgarian.) The lesson went alright but it was a little awkcard because we had gone to the police station instead of doing companionship study and were planning on doing companionship study after the meeting with Maria and Bozhidara. So as you can guess got a lesson learned and then had companionship study and lunch. Then two more of our meetings fell through and so we just surveyed and then we had language hour and dinner. After dinner we met with Anton the member that we was just baptized. We went over the preisthood with him and had a nice good lesson. Sad though is that his wife isn't very comfortable with the church and she doesn't like that he is a member. It is good in the fact that he is talking with her about it unlike some bulgarain members whose whole family doesn't even know. After the meeting with Anton it was around 8:30pm (the worst time to have nothing to do.) So instead of heading home surveing on the way we went and visited Marin a potential of ours to see if he was home. He was and that at first was amazing but then with him after a almost train wreck we got another amazing conversation with him. So over easter week he had only eaten bread and rice and then on friday morning until saturday afternoon he didn't eat or drink anything as part of a fast. He said that he had felt something good like he was a better person. So we told him that if he would read the book of mormon and pray about it that he could have the same feeling and even stronger. He said he would do it. We don't know if we will see anything from him during this transfere but we can see something happening by june or july when he is on break from school. So after meeting with him we went home and then went to bed after planning.

Alright Mckenzie I think that is how you spell Wednesday. Actually I just spelled checked and that is how you spell it. First we had to go pay some bills then had district meeting. The Ap's (Assistant to President) were there and they gave a very good lesson on how to make lessons happen. After district meeting we all went out to lunch and then Elder Morgan and I went and wrote up a letter to the mayor so we could street board. We then had a couple more meetings fall through and then we had language hour and dinner. Oh and I can't remeber when but some time before now we had picked up my bike from the shop. We then went to bike to a far away section of town and my tire went flat. So we could up Lily and english speaking member and went over the contract with her and had her translate the letter we had written up and correct it. Well from her we found out that my bike is a bulgar brand NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least that explains all the problems and we aren't allowed to replace it so it looks like we are just going to have to keep suffering. After this we went home planned and went to bed.

After our morning studies we had a combo language study and lunch and then immedetly went and got my bike fixed because we were biking out 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) to a village named Kiliovo to check up on some investagators because it had been a month since we had had the bike. So we got the tire fixed and then started the bike ride. Before the bike ride my companion was saying that it was a hard bike ride and that it was uphill a lot of the way and to just keep pedaling and other stuff like that. I know he was concerened about me because in his eyes I can't run very long and I am not really strong in the upper body catagory (AKA I can't do a single pull up or chin up no matter how hard I trie and he can't belive it.) Which these things are true. So it just seemed to link up in his mind that I would have a hard time as well on the bike. I tried telling him that I love to bike and that I had done slick rock 1.9 times (since I couldn't finish it the second time,) and that I would be fine. I also joked that I would be leaving him in the dust. He had never heard of slick rock so he didn't know what that ment so he just said that no I would be on the ground begging to rest. You know just friendly teasing. Well about midway there I got sick of following him because he was slow and just speed right past him and said chao (goodbye). I always stayed in site even though I had to circle back to wait for him a couple times. He was just amazed and lets say it didn't help my pride very much. Anyway the country side on the way up was beautiful and it was a good little bike ride. After we got to Kiliovo we had a amazing meeting with a investagator that through the whole thing I just felt like she needs to get baptized. After the meeting we went to meet with a couple of other people but those meetings fell through so we started biking back. We got back with our legs as jello because we had just biked around 32 kilometers (19.8 mi.) But we kept on working and had another meeting fell threw and then we had english which was a lot of fun like normal. We then had a meeting with Anton after english about tithing and then a another meeting that feell through so we packed up and went home for the night first time that day that we were able to relax.

Well after our morning studies we went to an internet zala to type up the letter to the mayor in bulgarian and then we went to meet with a guy that worked at a puppet theater. He wasn't interested in learning more though so we surveyed to our next meeting but that guy nevered showed but then called back to reschedual for two a clock. So we then waited for another meetin with Maria and Bozhidara. While waiting we participated in institute with the sister missionaries and Lily. Maria never showed up so we then had the meeting with the guy that had reschedualed. His name was Slavi and the meeting went really well and we are exited to meetin with him again. We then had lunch and then a meeting that turned into a huge bible bashing session and other things and yea we are not meeting with them again. We then had home teaching with brother Major. We first met with an old branch president that was less active and lets just say there are very apostate doctrine/pridefull reasons why he is less active. Really nice guy but yea. We then and met with the Relife Society president and that was a fun meeting as well. We then went back home and planned and went to bed.

First thing after morning studies we had english which was fun as always and then we had a meeting with the lady from Kiliovo named Petyabut the she never showed so we cleaned the church had lunch and then like we promised her we rode out to Kiliovo again. This time it was hard for me and Elder Morgan took the lead so that was my little humbleing experince. We got to Kiliovo and didn't get to teach Petya because she was busy but at least she saw that we were serious about meeting with her. We then went around contacting a couple people. We then rode back home and weekly planned. We then had dinner and went to bed.

Well after getting ready in the morning we went to church and were stuck there till around 5 a clock due to some meeting after church that required the handy dandy missionary translaters. So after church we went and saw Diyado Ioan and then had a couple more meetings fall through so we just surveyed till it was time for bed.

Monday (Today):
Woke up early today to clean because we are now in Hasckovo to celebrate an elders birthday by driving go carts and then splits.

I really enjoyed all the letters and I hope you like this super long one.

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