Monday, January 31, 2011


Thank you for all the letters that every one has been writing they really make my day.  First we need to give you the weekly report.  So lets start with monday.  After writting you guys Elder Patterson and I went and taught Sonya and her family.  The lesson went alright but like always they weren't really paying attention but we gave Sonya a talk from the Confresn edition of the liahona about parenting and she seemed really interested in that.  But now onto tuesday. 

 First thing we did after our morning studies was go the the bus station to catch a bus out to Opanets to teach Miroslav.  We finished teaching him the plan of salvation and it went well.  After that meeting we had lunch and then went and taught a new guy that we had found named Valitin.  He was really cool but we didn't get to teach him anything because we knew that he had met with the missionaries before (about 8 years ago) so we just had him explain what he had allready been taught.  But anyway it was still a good lesson and very informative.  After that lesson we had our language hour and then met with Rumen.  During this lesson we tried to teach about faith by going over Alma Chapter 32.  After going over the chapter I tried to commit him to follow the word of wisdom and Chasity for just one month and see if it changed anything or if it felt better.  He still wouldn't do that and right then we didn't know why but we have found out and I will mention it latter.  Also the Zone Leaders stayed overnight because they were going to sit in at the district meeting and then go on splits with me and Elder Patterson.  Now we come up to wensday. 

 After the morning studies and district meeting we went and had lunch at a local restruant named Speedy.  It has good food for cheap prices.  After lunch Elder Sheffeild(one of my zone leaders) and I had our language study and then went surveying.  I really like the way Elder Sheffield Surveys it is very freindly and personal and it always leaves a smile on the persons face.  His companion and him had to leave at five to catch a bus back to Sofia so Me and Patterson were back together.  We did a little tracting and then went to go meet with the Family that had let us in on sunday night.  We got there hopeing for a really cool lesson and when the father opened the door he said were busy.  So we tried to set up another meeting and then he told us the truth and said that they had looked up some stuff about us and "Justin Smith" and they didn't want to be involved in any of that.  There goes another family to the evils of internet rumors.  Anyway dispiet this we continued down the block and actually found some nice people that talked to us.  And now we come to thursday.  

Thursday was filled with tasks that we needed to do.  We were told by the zone leaders to get some guest blankets so missionarys didn't have to pack some whenever they needed to come up so all day we were looking for some blankets.  We found a sweet deal that gave us a conferter, sheet and pillow case for 23 lev.  So we got two and then we had to prepare for english.  Oh also our heater broke so had to take it in to get repaird.  Now to english.  In English we pretended we were in a news room and had them give us stories off of topics that we gave them.  It was fun and the students liked it a lot.  We are now into the relm of Friday. 

 Friday I was on splits with Elder Rowden while Elder Corless was on splits with Elder Patterson.  Splits was fun Elder Rowden and I basiclly contacted all day because we didn't have a lesson and then got lost for a half hour while try to find an investagators house that we had a meetting set up with.  Also Transferre calls came in but I will unvail that secret later.  We pass through the relms of sleep and now find ourselves in the wonderous expanse of Saturday.  First thind we had was English.  We basiclly taught them some irregular verbs and then a coulpe of idoms and missionary jargon.  After English and while waiting for the other class to end Elder Rowden and I planned out english for next week and basiclly we are going to teach passive voice to the students.  After this Elder Pattersona and I had a meeting with Miroslav that went alright tell midway through the old grandma started to tell us how last night she had seen God and Jesus Christ on the moon in a dream.  That kind of distracted the lesson but after she had finished we were able to continue teaching Miroslav who just let his grandma talk because he knows and we know that she is just really old and lonely and a little batty.  Other than that it was a good lesson.  After getting back Elder Patterson took me out to dinner because it is something he likes to do before leaving a companion.  So we invited the other elders and found this really nice restruant that had American quality Bulgarian food and service.  It was amazing and the service was the best I have ever seen.  As soon as we were done eating the waiters would immiditly take our empty dishes and bring the next dish.  It was really fun and then we went to bed and then came sunday. 

 Sunday was normal we had Sacrement and the other meetings.  Rumen came but Miroslav didn't because he had only twenty stocks (stocktinki(Bulgarian Cents)) and couldn't afford the bus ride to church.  After Church we had lunch and then planned as best we could for the following week.  After planning we went to go see a couple people but nobody was home so we tractted the block in were the american girl lived to see if she would get home soon.  We go through the block and get a coulple of succeses and then on the 3rd floor we knocked on this one guys door and he wasn't entrested so we went to the next door and in about a minute he came out of his door and yelled at us to leave the blok and that he didn't want us there and that we shouldn't be there.  It was kind of funny especially since we told him that we had a friend up stairs that we wanted to visit.  He told us that we didn't and that no american lived up stairs.  He wouldn't even let us take the elevator because he wanted to make sure that we left.  So after being escorted out we waited a couple minutes and then rang up Mary (The American girl) she was home and she let us in.  She was a little sick and had been sleeping when we last came by and her boyfriend had been out buying some medician.  But they we both back and we got to talk with them.  She invited a friend over and then later on we actually got to teach them a lesson on the restoration.  The spirit was really strong and I could tell that she and her boyfriend we both really interested.  Her other friend seemed a little accured because she hadn't expected that there would be anything spiritual.  But besides that the lesson was really good and I hope that do pray and read.  After that we came home and went to bed. 

 Now it is today monday and before coming here we did a super clean of the apartment for because for transferres (Drum roll please)  Elder Patterson is going to Burgas to train and I am staying in Pleven and am serving with Elder Corless.  There we go that is my life as a missionary and I have one little bit of news.  Our Mission President asked us to terminate our facebook accounts so sorry if that affects you in a negitive way but I am still going to do it because I need to be obeident, dispiet the fact that I never use it in the first place.

Austin James Ewell

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