Monday, January 24, 2011

1/4 of the way

Hello again and hello to winter again.  Well the spring was short lived and now it is cold and snowing every night yea more shoveling.  Anyway lets get started first monday.  Monday was normal in that we wrote then got haircuts and with the little time left watched a disney movie in the church.  We than went out to meet with sonya and her family were Patterson taught about tithing while I entertained the 2 year old.  Her story is pretty sad.  First she is all for tithing but ever since her husband died she lost control of her family and her life and has no idea how to get it back.  So we are going to think of something and keep visiting her once a week on mondays. 

Now we have tuesday.  First thing after studies our landlord came up to show us how to change the climitik filter.  After he left we went down stairs to the church to have a meetting but the guy never showed.  So we had lunch and then caught a bus to the village Opanets to teach Toedor and his family again and find out why they didn't come to church.  What had happened is that Toedor and his wife had gone to Greece to work and Miroclav was the only one that was there to be taught.  So we taught him while his 18 year old sister, Baba (grandma), and a 5 year old they were babysitting listened in.  The lesson went well but he didn't understand much from the first lesson so we taught it again.  He also agreed to baptizim but not a date so yea.  He is really cool and you will hear more later.  We finished the lesson had to catch a taxi back and then we met with Rumen.  The metting didn't go that well.  Well it did but it seemed we were pushing him a little hard.  Anyway we are still friends and he still wants to meet with us.

 On wensday we had a big tranning meetting in sofia which was a lot of fun.  We had to catch a 6:20 bus because Patterson had schedualed a meeting with his faviort investagator that lives in sofia with the sofiain elders.  The lesson went really well even though we had to cut it short because traning was beging.  Tranning was alot of fun.  The split us in two groups and the group not being trainned for leadership (thats me) had a health meetting with sister Roth.  Traning was fun and afterwards we gathered everything we needed to restock our contacting supplies in pleven and headed out.  Oh I got Grandma and Grandpa Harmars packege.  The is 4 out of 6 hopefully the others come soon but I may not be able to get to sofia or have somebody come from there for another month.

So now onto Thursday.  On thursday we did our normal morning rotuine and then caught a bus out to Miroclav's to teach him the second lesson.  We first started with a review and I brought my gospel art book to have some pictures with it.  So we were doing the review and we get to Jesus Christ and I flip to the Jesus Christ picture and the old Baba started praying to the picture, crossing her self and everything.  Miroclav just ignored her and she wasn't a disturbance just kind of funny and now I know not to show pictures of Jesus around old babas.  After the lesson we came back and Rowden and I taught english.  We taught conjugtions which belive it or not it is really hard to teach when to use the proper ones when you don't even use them properly.  So we did our best and decided instead of teaching from now on we are going to make language speaking activities for them, so they have to talk and practice.  Muahahahahah. 

Now onto Friday.  Well with Friday we had planning then contacting then a meeting with Rumen.  We didn't teach him anything because he had some questions so we basickly had a Q and A lesson with him.  We then had dinner and now onto Saturday.  First we had English were we did a whole restruant activity to get them to practice english.  It was really funny because we made a American/Canadian menu and they kept getting up in arms because there was no bread (in bulgaria it is a unspoken rule that you need have a bite of bread after every EVERY two bites) and it was a little expensive despite them not having to pay any real money.  Something funny though we had Root Beer on the menu and me and Rowden forgot they didn't have it and started going off on how wonderful it is until one the students said "I thought you didn't drink beer."  So we had to stop and explain but it was fun.  After English Patterson and I went out to meet with Miroslav.  He was in Pleven at the moment but he didn't have time to meet in the church so we went up to his house and taught him the rest of the seconded lesson.  After this lesson he said he would come to church and we got a date for the fifith of March so hopefully he pulls through.  We then got on the bus and came home.  Later that night Miroslav called and said he had to gather wood tomorow but he would try to come and to call him in the morning so he would be able to wake up in time.  That was really cool especially since no one does that here.  We then went to bed and woke up to a wonderfull Sunday. 

First thing was we got a call from Miroslav saying that he could come and was getting on the 8 o'clock bus.  So we hurried and got ready and went down to the Aftogara to pick him up so we could show him were the church is.  We picked him up and then waited in the church for church to begin.  Well He and Patterson waited in side while Patterson prepared a talk while I was outside shoveling all the snow.  I finished right in time for church and then we had a alright sacrament and a fine sunday school.  Miroslav couldn't stay for sunday school so he left and we schedualed another meeting for tuesday.  Rumen also came to church which makes me extreemly happy.  After church we had lunch and then went out contacting.  We didn't have much success until we started tracting.  We eventually found a open blok and then began on the top (16th) floor.  We actually got a recived on the first door we knocked on and a return appointment.  That isn't the highlight though.  On the next floor we started and the first door we knocked on said "who is it" through the door we gave our names and then she asked "who are you looking for."  Patterson said the people in that apartment and then she said in a terrified voice "You've made a mistake." and ran away.  So after silently laughing we knocked on the next door which a nice lady answered.  We gave her our message but she didn't seem that interested and wouldn't give us her information.  So with sadness in our hearts we walked down the hall to the stairs.  When all of a sudden she opened the door and said come back you marvoules angels of god and teach us the truth.  Okay not really but she did call us back to teach her and her family.  They were really nice and kept on feeding us while we were teaching them.  The lesson wen't perfect in which we taught them the plan of salvation.  We now have another meeting schedualed and boy was that a good way to end the week. 
Austin James Ewell

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