Monday, January 10, 2011

AHHHHH I am getting too skinny!

Okay I  have freaked out enough in my subject heading. Seriously though I am turning skinny.  I looked in the mirrior this morning and found out my waist is coming in NOOOOOOOOO!!!  Okay it is a good thing but it  still freaks me out a little. 

 OKay on to the week this will be short though because my keyboard is acting up and I can only type at half speed.  First monday.  On monday we along with Elders Rowden and Koreless went to Lovech to check out a fortress and statue there.  The statue looked like Joseph Smith.  So now we are calling it the Joseph Smith statue.  I can't send any pictures because the only computer that can is being used.  We then climbed all over the fortress and surronding wilderness.  It is on a cliff above a river which is below another  cliff.  This was a reall fortress.  We thought it would be funny if back in the time it was use if some one had atacked with hanggliders.  Anyways that was monday so onto tuesday.

 We contacted all day and had lunch with the zone leaders who were going on splits with Koreless and Rowden.  Now onto wensday.  We had district meeting and then meet with Rumen.  Ever since we got him to start reading the book of mormon and coming to church there has been a huge change in his contanance.  We also gave him a bible that we bought for him because he didn't have one. 

 Well onto Thursday.  We basicly contacted all day and then had English wich was fun.  We taught them the suffixes er,un,de,ir,and pre.  Class was fun but a little difficult, it was harder to teach the suffixes than we thought it would be.  Now onto Friday. 

 Friday was great we first had Planning for the week which went really well and then we had a really great companion invetory and basiclly we are now only speaking english on p-days, comp study, personale study, planning, invetory, and when we are with other missionarys.  I am trying to do this and it isn't that bad since Patterson is really patient with me and helps me say what I want in bulgarian.  The whole tourtare of having to speak only bulgarian has helped a ton and I can now understand almost all simple bulgarian.  Anyway after planning we meet with Rumen and the meetting was amazing.  We actually think that with our next meetting we will be able to have him commit to a date.  I am so happy.  Well that next meetting is this week so we will see. 

 Now saturday.  Basiclly we had english first were me and Rowden did jeporday review and taught them the Ology and Able suffixes.  Then we made some calls to see if we could meet with any one.  We then had lunch bought a little heater for our apartment.  Even though the winter here has been alot milder than I am used to are apartment only has one heater in the main room and so our bedroom is a little cold in the morning plus we wanted to give back the heater that a member had lent us for the church to help it be heated up.  We then had language hour, ate, and went to bed. 

 Sunday was great.  The church meettings were the best I have felt and seen in  bulgaria, and Rumen came again!  After church we basiclly contacted all day.  Oh my poor legs.  Well that was the week and for weather.  Its been a little cold but we are covered.  Also I have had colder winters back home.  Okay sorry but I am sick of this key board so good bye.

Austin James Ewell

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