Monday, January 17, 2011

It is Spring in January

Okay as you can tell from the subject heading it has miracelously turned spring the las couple of days.  It keeps weirding me out first winter and snow doesn't come till mid december than only lasts a month. Also all the bulgarians say they have the coldest winters I remeber only one day that was below 0 degrees farienhiet.  It is a little frustrating because we are on orders to wear winter clothes all the time so we don't get sick, but I have the clothes for either teeth chattering cold or summer highs not winter jackets for imbetween.  So I am basickly either sweeting my suit off or freezing my butt off because I can't find a intermediate.  All well that doesn't matter especially since I like the cold and it is now spring.?  Mabey the weather will change back soon and it will feel normal and what I have been told it would be like.  

Anyways back to the day by day account of the mission of Elder Ewell.  Okay to start with monday, we had a big shopping trip which basicly got us enough food for the rest of the month with small shopping trips for milk, bread, and yogurt, you know the essentials.  We than went out to eat at a restruant called Speedy's with Elder Corless and Elder Rowden.  After Speedy's we went and watched a movie than got to work.  We were teaching a less-active family that night and we decided to make pizza for them just to be nice and because we are trying to get them to start family home evening and we had the treat.  Well we brought all the ingredients and were prepared to make it but then the Mom (Sonya) took over and wouldn't let us cook because like most bulgarians she belived us americans can't do anything and she is the best.  Anyway the pizza was good and we tried to teach them a lesson but like usall it is so frustrating because the kids will act wild and the mom won't take charge of them.  Well we finished the lesson and then went home and went to bed.

  Okay now onto tuesday.  First thing we did after our morning studies was go and create a english poster and get Elder Pattersons smoking survey up and running.  I don't like the smoking survey much but I decided we would try it and see if it would bear goodly fruit.  Well that took us all day between getting them ready and then getting copies and giving the poster to the company that can legally put them up since last time Elder Patterson got in trouble for putting them up himself with his previous companion.  When we were finished with all the neccesary neccities we went and had dinner with a member.  Her name in Violeta and she brought the food to the church for us and Elder Corless and Elder Rowden.  It was basicly Kufchete and fries with juice and boiled (I think) peppers.  Kufchete is basicly mini burgers with usally made of 40% pork 60% Chicken, it varies though and sometimes has beef in it.  The highlight though was the Sladko.  Sladko is any kind of treat but in this tence it is fruit and berries preserved in water and surger.  She brought out strawberry Sladko.  The strawberries has shrunk but they were so good and sweet, also the juice was amazing.  After dinner Valitena came in for cleaning and then a potentional investagator Jerar came in and we taught him a lesson with all four of us missionaries there and Valtiena.  Valtiena's testimony was amazing especially since she looks so sad and unsure all the time.  So that was a nice way to end the night and then we came up stairs and went to bed. 

 Okay onto wensday.  We had district meeting were I learned that I need to be more simple with my lessons and it will make it easier on me speaking bulgarian and on the lesson.  After the meetting we had lunch and language hour than we waited for Angelina our 16 year old investagator with a baptizim date.  She didn't show and we haven't been able to get a hold of her since.  I am really worried and I hope the reason why is that she told her parents and they have forbidin her from meeting and talking with us.  I know it is a grim thought but it is the best possibility out there and hopefully one we can work around.  After waiting for that meeting we went and picked up Elder Pattersons shoes from local show fixer.  He was getting new insoles.  Anyway we walk in there and what do we find, some Jehova wittnesses teaching him.  Then after we pick up the shoes he says "You are going to come visit me right?"  We said ya and then left.  Latter on I told Elder Spencer this and he said I should have looked the Jehova Wittnesses in the eye and said "Yes, we'll come and teach you the truth."  I don't think I could have done that anyway but it is a funny thought.

  Anyway after that we had a meeting with Rumen.  We were hopeing that we could get a date this meeting for baptizim but the oppisit happened.  It wasn't bad just we went over the interview questions and we now know he belives in god but not that Joseph Smith was a prophet or that Thomas S. Monson is one now.  He isn't willing to keep the word of wisdom and likes the law of chasity only for inside of marrige.  Arrrg.  Anyway it was good because we now know what to focus on and that is getting him to sacrifice and gain a testimony.  So good did come but not what we wanted or expected.  So that was wensday now onto thursday.  

In the morning we after studies we went and chopped wood for Sonya's family (the inactive family we are visiting with.)  It was me, Elder Patterson, and there 11 year old boy Marsel who did the chopping because in Marsel's words "This is mans work."  Well Marsel directed us the whole time and lets just say the only thing he knows about cutting wood is how to swing an axe.  So we had to slowly nudge him in the right direction but with the same classic bulgarian attitude only he knew how to do it and not some crazy foreniers.  Lets just say the wood was soaked, he sharped his axes by pounding the bladed flat and then trying to make it flatter and chip it, and he also would go and try to chop twigs and branches with the axe that could easily be broken by hand.  That isn't even half of it but it wasn't that bad, it was actually a lot of fun.  Anyway after that we had lunch a no show meeting and then english were we started to teach them prepsitions.  Now onto Friday. 

 After morning studies we went contacting with Elder Pattersons Smokeing Survey and actually got two legit (that is spelled right ha!) recived from it right of the bat.  Then it kind of died and didn't work any more.  Well after contacting all morning we came in for lunch, language hour, and weekly planning.  Planning went well and we should have a good week this week.  After planning we had a meeting with Tanya who we have been trying to meet with all week but we have been to busy to meet with her when she could meet.  She is actually really cool and I have high hopes even though I was a mite *cough* lot distracted by the T.V. she had on.  Ya next time I am going to make sure that that paticualar distraction is turned off.  We then cam home and went to bed after journal writting and dinner ofcourse.  Now we are on saturday. 

 First thing we had after morning studies was english.  Rowden and I finished teaching them prepostions then I taught them "I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish!"  They didn't get the joke behind.  Anyway we had asigned homework last time and only 2 of our 10 3rd level students turned it in.  I now know why tearchers like giving out homework it helps so much in knowing were the student's need help.  Anyways after english Elder Rowden and I went and typed up next thursday's notes and homework for the students.  We are going to teach all the conjuctions and how to use them (don't laugh it is harder than you think especialy to explain.)  After all of these neccicities Elder Patterson and I got a taxi and went to a nearby salo (bulgarian for village (saylo)) to teach one of smoking survey reciviees.  Well first we got lost, then we got stuck in the mud and we had to push the taxi out, then after a very animated phone call between our taxi driver and investigator and some random teenagers we found the house.  The lesson was amazing.  We went in there knowing they were Gypses and a little worried they would only want money but as it turned out.  The guy (Toedor) is a father and husband to a pregnet wife and has a younger brother who was interested.  They also had a bunch of other family that lived with him but they were the only three that stayed the entire lesson.  They were very attentive and you could tell they wanted more and more.  After the lesson they asked us if we could come back.  That is rare and we gladly said yes.  They even argreed to come to church the next day.  Well we called the same taxi that took us there and came on home and after the essentials went to bed.  Now onto Sunday.  

We were really excited because between us and and the other missionarys we would have 15 investagators at church.  Well what really happened was Sonya and her family didn't come because they needed to gather wood and only one investagotor came.  Tanya though did call us and say she couldn't make it so that was cool and a first.  Anyway after church which was really nice we went contacting all day.  There was one highlight.  We started tracting when it got dark and the first door that we knocked on was the home a American girl here for medical school.  Yea that was so cool and she has a turkish boy friend (yea a little unexpected.)  Anyway they were both very freindly and actually want to hear more about our church (YEEEAAAA!)  They are in the middle of exams though so it might be a while before we can meet but they say they will call and since they aren't bulgarian I am pretty sure they will.  Well that was sunday and I am so happy to here from you all and it was wonderful to get all of your letters this week it is so nice to have letters to read, and mabey robbie can read them now too with his new contacts.  

Austin James Ewell

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