Monday, February 7, 2011

Transfers ahhhh!

First thing first and that is to answer your question Grandpa (Ewell.)  There was a Elder Nelson in this mission.  He was my companions tranier and other than that I don't know.  He just got sent home last week.  So he may be the same one or not I didn't get to talk with him and I didn't get to know him that well.  Also Dad Elder Rowden say's his uncle served in the London England from 1985-1987 and his name is Glen Ince.  So we were wondering if you might of known him because I think you served around that time but I am not 100% sure.  

Well onto the week.  First is Monday.  Basicly it was clean, clean, clean, pack, pack, pack, and then write.  In the evening we went to meet with some enternal investagators.  They are really cool and want to be baptized, but they can't because they eventhough they have been together for years but they aren't legaly married because the man (Nickolai) needs to finish the divors work with his other wife before he can marry Albena (the woman.)  That is why they are enternal but they are really cool and I wish they could be baptized.  That was Monday.

 Now onto Tuesday.  More clean, clean, cleaning, and, pack, pack, packing then Elder Patterson caught his bus to Burgas and I was with Elder Corless and Elder Rowden all day while we waited for Elder Brinkerhoff (Elder Rowdens new companion) to come in.  So we moved Elder Corless to my apartment and then just cleaned.  Here comes Wensday. 

 Yea a normal work day.  First thing after the morning studies we had district meetting.  We are startting this cool new way of role playing were we have two teachers, one investagtor, and one observer.  We then start teaching a normal lesson and then any of us (but mainly the observer) can stop it at any time and make a commint and try to improve what is beign taught and how.  So after district meeting we went and ate at Speedy's restruant and then had languge study, weekly planning and familarizing Elder Corless with the area book and then some shopping.  After this we had a meeting but the person never showed so we called him and reschedualed.  We then went to find this potentional investagator but his mom answered the door and wouldn't let us in to teach him.  His name is Tsvetomir and he is deaf which is why his mom answered the door.  We had dinner and now it is Thursday. 

 After studies and lunch we went and met with this super poor gypsy family.  The meeting was alright just really sad because they are really in poverty's hand.  After meeting with them we met with a potential named Silvia.  She is a college student and works at a hair salon.  She is really smart and has a good head on her shoulders but she still gave back the book of mormon after asking some very normal and good questions.  We gave her a Joseph Smith pamphlet and left with plans to get our hair cut there in the near future.  We then had english and in english we taught them the diffrence between passive and active vocie and how to use the to.  It was very enlighting because I knew little about it and now it makes alot of sence.  I guess teaching is the best way of learning.  Elder Rowden and I then planned for English and saturday and we went to bed and friday came.  

First thing we did after studies was plan for the week (next week that is.)  We then went and sent a package to a member in greece.  The package had a coat, her Book of Mormon, and a few treats that she was craving.  After this we tried to meet with this one guy named Dimiter but even though we found his blok (apartment complex (in bulgarian)) the superintendent said that nobody lived there under that name so we tried calling him and got no answer.  We went on our way and started to tract which is always fun especially since half of the Bulgarians will not open the door but speak through it to you.  We had spagettie for dinner and now it is time to talk about saturday. 

 After the morning studies we had english.  Elder Rowden went over the theme song from Arthur with them and then taught them all the different way's we use get.  They espically liked the phrase "Get out!" becuase there is a direct meaning translation for it (Mahai se) and it is fun to say.  I was sitting at the table grading all the homework which was fun.  You will be interested to know mom that they don't have letter grades her the just use the numbers 1-6 to grade.  So it was fun to convert all the scores to the 1-6 way.  After English we had a meeting with Tihomir were he basiclly dropped himself because he doesn't feel like he is ready for baptisim.  He still is coming to church so hopefully we can turn him around.  After that disapoting meeting Elder Corless had to grade some English homework from his class and then we went out and tracted some more.  Now we are onto Sunday.  

After getting ready for church at 10:00am we attended it.  So church was a little hectic in the begining because we had forgoton the bread for sacrament and hadn't noticed it until the sacrament hymn.  So Elder Corless and Brinkerhoff had to run up stairs to get the bread while Elder Rowden and I kept the congregation intertained by singing another hymn.  Other than that church went well and we actually had an english student there that Elder Corless gave a book of mormon to.  After church Elder Corless and Rowden went on splits because President Roth wants them to do a musical number with the cello Elder Corless had been allowed to borrow.  So Elder Brinkerhoff and I went street boarding for the next 4 hours.  It was fun and we actually go 3 recived which is amazing since we couldn't use the table because of the citation we had recived last time.  We finished up around 4:30pm because we both had meetings we had to go to.  Well the meeting Elder Corless and I had fell through so we had dinner and then went tracting some more yea.   That is my week. 

 Now for some more info about Elder Corless.  He is from Los Angelis, was a diver for BYU and plans and hopes to be again, wants to be an accountet, is double jointed (extra stretchy ligaments), has been in country for about a year, and helps me a ton with the language and contacting and teaching.  So I think this transfere is going to be a really fun one and we get along great.  His parents are Tom and Christene.  He has a older sister with a baby due really soon (offcourse she is married,) and an older brother who served in Georgia, Macon mission.  

Some news we have zone confrence on monday next week so P-Day isn't until tuesday.  So don't be sad and worried if a letter doesn't come on monday it will come on Tuesday.

Austin James Ewell

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  1. Elder Ewell,
    Love your letters and pictures. I also am so proud of you for doing what you know is right and also serving with a postivie attitude.
    YOur in our prayers.
    The Ward Family least until May 1st.