Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Before I get to the New Years I will give a breif summery of the week.  Who am I kidding these summaries are never breif.  Okay first is Monday.  Monday was filled with a alot of contacting.  During the day we meet with a potentionl named Petko. We met him at the glav and then he drove us to the church then decided to he wanted to meet with us in his villige but only if we would pay twenty dollars for gas.  We said we couldn't and he said it was alright and that we could meet tomorow at the church.  We made it very clear that it was going to be at the church.  We then had meeting with a in-active family latter that night.  Yea not that much going on because it is Christmas and New Years time and nobody wants to meet. 

 Though my companion gave me a terrible christmas present.  He is only going to speak to me in Bulgarian for the rest of the transferre.  He will only speak english during comp invetory and p-days.  Okay it isn't a bad present because it will help me a ton but it is going to be a little frustrating. 

 Anyway back to the week so we now have Tuesday.  On tuesday we had a meeting with Petko again but he never showed so we waited and then called him and he said that he was waiting for us in his villiage.  So that plan failed and we couldn't go out to his villiage today so he said to call for another meeting.  After this we meet with Angelina who is a 15 year old investagator and really smart and a fast thinker like me.  Patterson keeps saying that we always have to run to catch up with her.  It is actually quite nice for me because she thinks on my speed so lessons are alot more fun for me.  If only I understood more bulgairian it would be so much fun.  Anyways even before we said the opening prayer she asked us how to become a member and we told her that you had to be baptized along with a couple other things and eventually it lead to getting a baptisim date for her on the 29 of Januarary.  Now we just have to teach her everything and get her to slow down just enough to know if she is has testimony instead of just joining for fun.  We are pretty sure she does but as with the curse of fast thinking sometimes you are misunderstood and it doesn't seem that you have any feeling behind your own words.  But that isn't a big problem just a big highlite.  After that we did some more contacting and then went to bed.  

Now Wensday.  Wensday we had district meeting and then another meeting with Angelina were we began teaching her the plan of salvation.  She hadn't done her reading and at first I was disapointed but then she said she hadn't because she got to 1 Nephi 13 and had a ton of questions and kept trying to understand it which was fine because she is actually reading and thinking about what she is reading.  After this meetting we did some contacting then met with Rumen.  The meeting went well and we covered the ten commandments with him and how we need to follow all of gods comandments.  After Rumen we went to bed and began Thursday. 

 Thursday was a lot of contacting.  My legs were dead after that day but we did get some success which is good around New Years.  We had english as well that day and it was fun.  We taught them the suffixes er,ee, and ist, and how you use them to change verbs to nouns and nouns to proffesion descriptions.  It was fun trying to explain which verbs you could use ee on but it all worked out.  After english we went tracting.  During this session of tracting I recived my first "Oh" and the door closing right after they saw us.  It was really funnie to tell the truth.  After that I accidently tracted a 12 year old that we thought was around 18 to 20 until her 16 year old brother came out and told us that we couldn't do what we were doing because she is too young.  We said sorry but I was imbarassed for the rest of the night.  We didn't finish that block because shortly after we heard a couple of big bangs (more than we have been hearing for the las week) and decided it would be a good Idea to go home.  So we did and woke up to new years eve.  

New Years eve we did some contacting, weekly planing, and met with Rumen.  We taught him the word of wisdom and he accepted it but then he asked the question how do we now if members are keeping this.  Hard question to answer when you don't know if they understand the spirit of disernment and how there is just a change in people who do, but my comp and I did just fine.  We then went in at six o'clock orders by mission president as you will find out why shortly.  So basicly our P-day started at six so the other elders came over to spend the night and I made pizza and we watch Incredibles and Aladin in bulgarian and Rattatoue in English to pass the time tell midnight.  At midnight we went to a window with a good view and watched the war of fire works.  It was crazy, there were fireworks every were and it sounded like a war zone.  There were even people in blocks having wars with another block with fire works.  You just have to watch the video to understand and lets just say I can sympathize with Katie on the whole party thing.  Well that was this week and I wish you a happy New Year.

Austin James Ewell

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