Saturday, March 17, 2012

Updates 3/5

Well this week was a good week though no suprising let ins like last week.

Well after a nice chill day of relaxing we went back to work and visited the Nikolovies.  We talked a lot on how they need to come to church and to focus on the good in life.  It was a long talk but it did some good.

Basiclly we contacted all day until a meeting we had a meeting with Ana.  We reviewed the Restoration with her again just to make sure she understood. after her it was time to go in.

We had district meeting and then a meeting wtih Mima, she is a lady who I had met with a year ago.  She is still doing good, but her husband still won't let her get baptized and it is to the point where she doesn't want to be baptized anymore.  We are still working with her but we now know that we need to focus on her husband.  Hopefully we can go somewhere with that because he likes us and all but we don't know why he won't let Mima get baptized.  So we are going to work with him to try to find a solution.  After the meating with her we contacted and then had institute which was good.

We managed to contact a ton of people on thursday.  It was amazing.  We basicly hit our goal in two hours while contacting for the the whole week.  Other than than we just met with the new member family the Georgivy.  They were doing fine and I am happy I get to work with them.  Sadly we couldn't meet with the Georgivy investagtor family because their son got sick but hopefully next week.

We had back to back meetings on Friday.  First we met with this communist who is actually open to religion, though just to find out what it is about.  His name is Vasil and while contacting him I felt that we should let the Book of Mormon do its job.  So that is what we are doing with him.  He is really nice and respectful and he wants to read the Book of Mormon all the way through and learn about us.  So please pray that during that time that he will feel the spirit and become converted to the truth.  Then we were with Blady the only Young man and Deacon here and we basiclly had seminary with him about the stippling warriors.  It was fun and then we had Ana again.  We started on the Plan of Salvation and it was a good lesson.  I learned a couple of things and she definatly learned.  Overall it was a good lesson.

First we had english which was fun.  I was teaching third level which was fun.  Only one of the students showed up though.  It was still good and I had taught him last year so we got to know each other.  After english we had a wonderful lesson with Bioleta a new investagator.  The lesson was in a park and it was nice to outside in sunny weather.  She is pretty cool and wants to know more but she hates church organizations because according to her everyone she knows about is evil and of the devil.  We told her that she still didn't know about us though and she agreed and said she wouldn't judge until then.  We then did a deep clean of the church/helped the Branch President with church stuff the rest of the day.

Yesterday was good and I had a great fast sunday.  A whole lot better than last fast sunday when I was sick.  After church we contacted for a bit and we got approached by two people and got their numbers.  It was really neat because we didn't have to stop them they stopped themselves.  At night we went to the Georgievies again (the members.)  It was a good meeting, but they still got a long ways to go if they want to get to the temple.  Luckily they have the desire. 

That was about everything for this week.  Now that I have written it doesn't seem like much happened but this week felt really good and I felt like I had the spirit with me.

Thank you for all your letters. Love,
Elder Austin James Ewell

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