Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well this week was really good and thank you guys a ton for all the letters this week.  This week was really good and I enjoyed it a lot thank you guys for all of your support.

Well we had a really relaxing P-day after writing you guys.  At 6 we went to the Nikolovi's to meet with them like every monday.  They are doing so much better.  You can really see the difference the spirit has made in their lives.  After meeting with them we contacted a little and then went in for the night.

We went out to a members house in a nearby village to help them with their spring yard work.  They are the Karojovi and they had us removing cement posts and old grape plants.  They have two giant German Sheperds.  Those dogs are really smart.  I was trying to get a grape plant out and one wanted to play fetch.  I told it in bulgarian that I needed to remove the plant first and to help me.  Immedetly he started grabing the grape plant with his teeth and pulling and digging trying to get it out.  It was amazing and I was astonished.  With the dogs help it took little time to remove that grape plant.  Tip don't remove grape plants they are a pain and don't want to be removed.  It took us all morning to  remove all the posts and plants.  We also burned all the weeds and leaves that had gathered up during the winter.  It took all morning though because there were a ton of bees there and we had to be careful to not be stung.  After doing all that we had lunch which was delicious, played with the dogs, talked, and striped a long branch of bark while we waited for a train.  The train finally came and we got on it and headed home.

First thing in the morning we had district meeting.  District meeting went really well.  We then had chinease for lunch and I ate a little to much.  After lunch we had to pick up some packages for the church and then we had a meeting with Rumen.  We talked about callings and then president Taty came and gave him an interview.  He has been called to be the young mens president and young single adults president.  So we taught him a little about how to be a leader and what types of activities he should organize and how often.  He is amazing and picked it all up really quick. After the meeting with him we had a ton of branch work to do with President Taty.  First thing though was that we had recived a complaint from somebody.  Apparantly missionaries had called him multiple times for a meetings and hadn't been there for the meeting.  We were confused because the number that he listed as having called was the number for the Elders in Varna on the otherside of the country and nobody their has served in Pleven and shouldn't know him since he was contacted in Pleven.  Well We called to apologize and the guy was okay with it and still wanted to meet.  Aparantly the complaint was just a complaint saying that the system was broken and to please fix it.  You will hear more about him on friday's section.  Since everybody we called had never even heard of him I am saying that he is John the Revolaters or the Three Nephites contact.  The other branch work was just a finacle mess that is fixed now but took us three hours to fix.  After that was all done we had a language study and then institute.  The new CES senior couple were there and it was great to get to meet them.  Institute went really well and I enjoyed it alot even though I was translating.  Afterwards we had some treats and then it was time to go in for the night.

First thing in the morning we had a droped meeting that was reschedualed for two in the afternoon.  So we had lunch and then went to the Nikolovis and helped them gather and chop wood to use to cook with and heat their house with.  My back and arms are still sore from doing that but we got a ton of wood for them.  We then rushed back home to change so we could be to the meeting we had at two.  Well we were on time but the guy wasn't.  So we waited for him.  Our other meeting with Anna started at three before he showed up and then right before we said the opening prayer he showed up.  Well we couldn't just tell him to go away so we re-taught the restoration to Anna and taught Simion (the late guys name) the restoration for the first time.  Well the lesson was a little chaotic but it ended on a good note and we will be meeting with Simion again.  After this double meeting we had english prep and then English.  English went well and after english we went contacting for a little bit then we had language study, dinner, and got ready for bed.

First thing in the morning we had a meeting with Vasil.  He is a communist that wants to know about all the major religions that influence the world.  He is learning about ours because of Mitt Romney.  We are letting the Book of Mormon do its job.  We taught him a little about the restoration but not a whole ton because he had a lot of questions that we were answering.  After the meeting with him we met with the complaint guy from Wednsday.  He actually is very spiritual and knows alot of basic gosple truths from his own life experinces.  The only bad part is that it took him 40 minutes to explain all of this and he uses really big words so it was hard to understand.  We taught him a little and asked him to read the Book of Mormon and the Restoration booklet that we have so we could talk about it next time.  We then had lunch and then went street boarding for about 3 hours.  We then went to a Young single adults activity were we all played soccer.  I was super rusty and now my legs are sore (I just hurt all over now.)  It was really fun though and we have it figured out that we can do that once a week.  That well be a great way for some of our investagators to make friends with the members.  After soccer there was a service project at the church.  It was for the Relief Society 170th annirversy.  We were deep cleaning the church and because only two women could show up all of the youth but three who had to leave helped as well.  After cleaning we had language study and then dinner and bed.

The morning was really stress full.  Because we live above the church and have a big kitchen we were incharge of cooking all of the food.  So we made a huge batch of rolls and two things of lazagnia.  It was very stress full but everything got finished and everybody loved the lazagnia and rolls.  In facted they couldn't eat all the rolls which is impresive because bulgarians eat bread like it was water and they are dying of thirst.  I was really happy that I had mangaged to overfeed them.  After the whole thing was done we cleaned up and then had two meetings that fell through, language study, contacting, and weekly planning to finish off the day.

Church was good and I enjoyed it alot.  After church we had to rush to get all of our stuff gather and head to the Bus station for a bus to Sofia.  They had said there was a bus at 1:44 and we were at the station at 1:31 to find out that the bus was really at 1:30 and we had just missed it.  I was a little mad but not really since bus stations are always confusing with their times here.  Well the next bus wasn't until 4:30.  So after a long 3 hour wait we finally got on a bus to Sofia.  We got in and then had our interviews with President Roth.  I love my interviews with him and I always look forward to having them.  After the interviews we went to the apartments were we were staying and I was voted as the cook.  I don't even think I can cook that good but they all wanted it and with some help in the spice department the food turned out grate.  We then talked for awhile and went to bed.

Zone Confrence was a blast.  There wasn't as much doctrinal stuff this time around but I have to say I felt the spirit more in that confrence than in any other one I have been in before.  A funny thing that happened was that for dessert for lunch there was a supposed unlimited supply of oreos and milk.  Well one elder wanted to prove them wrong and ate around 80 oreos all on his own and asked all of us to help.  It was hillarous and good fun.  After the zone confrence we picked up everything that we needed to take back to Pleven (it was a ton) and caught a bus.  Back in Pleven we took one of the city buses back to our apartment to head in for the night and I guy started asking us questions.  We had a nice conversation and gave him our number.  Well we got off the bus and about a minute later we got a call from that guy saying that I had left my scriptures on the bus.  Well after talking with him for a while we figured out how to get them back and now they are safe and sound in my apartment.  

Well that was the week.  Thank you all so much for all the support and letters I will here from you all next week.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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