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March 26

So this is another big letter because I had some extra time.  This week was tough and tiring because a lot of things fell through and I was sick.  I am good now and know that there are always bumps in the road and we just need to keep on going no matter how hard it gets.  Well here is the letter.

After writing you guys we were going to go bowling but the other elders got held up with some urgent branch work so we just ended up watching movies all day.  At 6 we went to the Nickolovie's house.  They are doing so much better since when I saw them at the beging of this transfere.  I hope though that they will still come to church while I am gone.  They need to be called in the morning so they can wake up and I am afraid that the next elders may not do that.  They need it right now though and hopefully they will later have the strength to come on their own, but as of now they need to fed with milk and not meat.  They meeting with them went well we brought up the temple as a goal for them and hopefully that will help them push forward and make the extra effort to follow the gospel.  I truly hope they continue in the church and come back to full activity.  After meeting with them we contacted a little and then came home for the night.

Today was a flop but alright.  In the morning we went street boarding.  I was starting to get sick because of the weather change to spring like every year at this time, so I wasn't doing a hundred percent.  That was alright though because my companion was on fire and got two numbers while we were street boarding.  After street boarding we had lunch and then started a long four hours of waiting for four dropped meetings.  During the spare time we contacted some more but it was a huge flop.  Luckily we were able to reschedule 3 of them for other days.  Another good thing happened too.  While we were walking around doing a little contacting when we ran into Angelina.  I had help baptize her last year but for the last 5 months she has just dropped off the Radar.  Well aparantly she had moved to a differen't apartment and her phone is with her mother so she techinally doesn't have one.  She gave me her email though which is great because we now have a way to contact her.  That just made my day and whole week.  After waiting for all of our meetings and then language hour We had institue.  I was teaching institue for this week.  I started from the old testement teaching manuel since we haven't been teaching from it, mainly because we didn't have any.  The lesson went well and we got some good questions in.  I was even able to use some of the things I learned from the book have been reading "Belive Christ".  It is a good book and about beliving Christ can save you and not just belive in him.  After instituet we it was time for dinner and to head in.

In the morning we went streetboarding again.  While street boarding I ran into an old investagator.  We talked for a good while and I found out that she had read the whole Book of Mormon even the index.  Also we talked about baptism and she said that she needed to be baptized but admitted that she didn't want it at the moment.  We talked some more and something that really shocked me is that she started crying because she was so happy to see me.  I never knew that I have made such and impact on somebody here in my mission and it was really touching.  She gave me her contact info so we wouldn't lose tract of each other and then I joined Elder Law with street boarding.  After streetboarding we had lunch and languge study.  We then went and taught a lesson to Dimiter the guy that had sent a complaint to us.  This lesson went better but he loves to talk and so it is hard to keep control of the lesson.  He knows a ton about the basic principles of the goesple though which makes it easier yet harder to teach him.  We don't have to explain a whole lot but we then we don't know what needs to be explained.  The meeting went well though.  We then had english prep and english.  English went well after enlish we contacted a little and for dinner we took out Elder Hotchkiss to dinner because his birthday was Wednesday and we didn't have time then.  After dinner we came home and prepared for bed.

In the morning we went to go see Iveta and Nickoli.  We had a lesson on coming to church on sunday because they still weren't doing it.  Nickoli understood and he said he would come to church.  Nickoli's son was there which was my first time seeing him.  He is a cool kid and apparantly wants to be baptized but his mom is completely against it.  It is a complicated situation but the kid is really cool and smart.  The meeting went well and we had a good time.  After that we came back to Pleven and took Vladi out to the Panarama.  The Panarama is a muesem here about how the Russians helped free the Bulgarians from the turks about 170 years ago.  At the top level it has a rotunda with a Panarama which matches up with the outside but is painted of the battle in Pleven around 170 years ago.  It is really cool and Vladi liked it a lot.  We then had a short lesson on how we are all fighting wars in this life with sin and how we need to always gaurd ourselves.  It went well, afterward we had language study, dinner, and then bed.

In the morning before english we had a meeting with a new investagator.  She is pretty cool.  She is curious about religion and wants to know more about us.  She said that she was willing to meet everyday as well so we will see how that goes but it is really nice and refreshing to have somebody that willing to learn.  After our short meeting with her we had English class.  After English we had lunch and then a small member crisis.  The crisis got taken care of and then we went to the church youth soccer game.  Soccer went well and it was a good game.  It is good to for the members because they make friends and also we almost always have a investagator or two there.  After soccer we helped clean the church and then it was time for bed and dinner.

Church went well but I had a nasty cough like I always get near the end of my semi-annual cold and all the members thought I was going to die, even though I felt better then I had all week.  After church we had lunch and weekly planning.  That took the rest of the day but for the evening which we used to go teach the Georgive (members.)  The meeting went well.  We used an object lesson with a jar potatoes and rice.  The jar was our life, the potatoes the kingdom of god, and the rice worldly wants.  The lesson was about how if we put God first in our lives that we can fit everything good into our life, but if we don't we can't fit everything.  Vladi enjoyed it a lot and it was a good lesson.  We then talked about a couple of things they could do to put god first and challenged the parents to ask for a calling.  We then came back home for dinner and bed.

I have been asked to share my testimony by a couple of people as well so here it goes.  Before my mission I would say that I knew the gospel.  I knew all the answers but I just had information.  I even commited on this to a couple of people that I knew it all in my head and I belived it up their but my heart seemed not to know.  I craved for a heart felt testimony.  While I have been out here I have gone through many trials and uplifts but I can now say that my heart is bursting with testimony now and is still growing.  I am so thankful I came on a mission and now I know with my heart and my mind that the gospel is true and it helps me so much knowing that.  I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Ewell

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