Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 20

Well the big news happened on Thursday so you will all just have to read down to there.
After writing it was packing and watching movies.
Well met my new companion at the bus station around 11 to catch a bus to sofia and then to Pleven.  When we got to Pleven we found out that the other elders where in sofia so we were stuck outside the church for four hours waiting for them.  Luckly we are in a winther thaw right now and I was wearing a lot of clothes so I didn't have to pack them.  So after we got into our apartment I was freezing cold and basicly went to bed because it was 9 and I couldn't really move (I couldn't even write in my journal my fingers wouldn't work.)
Well luckly I dethawed during the night and just woke up with the sniffles so no major damage.  In the morning we had district meeting were we all got to know each other.  Then the rest of the day was getting Elder Chakerov and I situated and buying food.  We did do some contacting though, helped a member prepare a lesson, and went to institute. 
So after finishing companionship study and and making Elder Chakerov a temporary tag he asked me if we could go to Plovdiv on Monday for P-day.  I looked at him with a sigh (because he still didn't know much on how to be a missionary) and told him of course we couldn't we are missionaries.  He then went on to explain that he needed to find a job to help his family and that his father was furious that he was on a mini mission (he is the only member in his family.)  Well I tried talking to him, but nothing helped so I called President Roth and after Elder Chakerov talked with him it was understood that he needed to go back to Plovdiv and that I would be getting a new companion.  So that is what we did we packed him up and sent him on his way home and I was in a threesom with the other elders here for a day until my new companion Elder Law came in on friday from Varna.  To answer any questions about Elder Law he is from Sandy, Utah, younger in the mission, but a stalwart missionary.  So yea Thursday was a fun day.  In our mission when ever we train we call our trainie our son so now you could say that my son was still born.  Just a little humor to get rid of the shell shock.  I am fine now and I enjoy being with Elder Law.
Elder Law arivved with the Ap's and a font because we were having a baptisim on Saturday.  So once they arivvied we set up the font which was huge and then went to work while companionships took watch filling up the font.  I was on splits with Elder Frandsen from my group who is Ap right now and we had a lot of succes contacting.
So we had a baptisim in the morning which was great and I got to see a lot of the members here and it was good getting to see them again.  The baptisim was great and afterwards we went out contacting for most of the day.  I don't have much to say about the baptisim because I kind of just walked into it, but the guy Rumen is really cool and actually he was in english class when I was here last.
Church was great because I got to see the rest of the members and Mima my old investagator.  Sadly though some of the people I knew are in active now including Angelina the member I taught and baptized while I was here.  So you could say one of my missions here is to reactivate her and the others.  After church we had weekly planning and then went and taught one of the new member families.  They are really nice but they still have a lot to learn.  Luckly they are willing to learn and are active.  They have a boy around the same age of Robbie who is named Vladi and it is really fun playing with him because it reminds me of playing with Robbie.
I am so looking forward to working here in Pleven again even though my son (Elder Chakerov) was still born (had to go home early.)  I wish you all the best and will hopefully read your letters next week (hint: WRITE ME)
Elder Austin James Ewell

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