Saturday, March 17, 2012


Well this week seemed to drag by so there won't be much to report. 
After our P-day we had a meeting with the Nickolovies.  The spirit in their house was a ton better than last week and they could feel it.  Now that we have a system to get them to church we are now working on reading everyday.  I used to be frustrated having to go so slow with people but out here I have really appreaciated how powerful doing the little things can be.  They are improving though and hopefully they won't need to so much help soon.
Today was a lot of contacting.  We did help the Nickolovies though gather some wood which was fun and frightining.  There boy does not know how to handle an ax safely.  I was just waiting for an accident.  He wouldn't listen to us but luckly nothing happened.  We also had a meeting with Anna which went well.  I really hope she can keep coming because we found out her son had stopped her from going to other churches before.  Please pray for her.  Other than that a whole lot of contacting.
Wednesday was good but other than district meeting it was pure contacting.
Well other than english which was a ton of fun it was all contacting again.
Today was busy.  In the morning we went to Nickolia's and Baba Iveta's place.  It was a good visit but we also got into a discussion about not judging and let me just say I don't think it went as well as aunt Anna's.  Anyway after them we had our time with Bladi.  He is a young member (12) so once a week we hang out with him and try to teach a gospel princeple or too.  So you could say we are the Scout/Young Mens/Only Friend in the church combantion.  Anyways we watched the other side of heaven with him and talked about missionary work.  After him we finally got to meet the the Georgievies again (the investagators.)  It was a very good meeting.  We talked about the plan of salvation and they had a lot of questions.  Please pray for them, they are a amazing family and the church is just perfect for them.  After meeting with them we came home for dinner.
Same as thursday, just english was in the morning.  We did meet with the Georgievies (Members) at night though.  We talked a little about doing the little things to keep the spirit with us.  The meeting went well and it was a nice fun evening.
Church was good but like the rest of the week we contacted all day again. 
Thank you guys for all of the support and keep sending the letters.
Elder Austin James Ewell

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