Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2 Transfers

Well as you can tell from the subject heading we had transferes this week.  You will never guess where I am going so just keep on reading and you will find out.

After writing you guys we had a nice relaxing P-day.  At the end we went contacting and dropped of a cake at the Nikolovi because their four year old daughter's birthday was today.  They loved the cake and thanked us a ton. we then came back home to bed.
In the morning we had a meeting with Toni a new investagatior.  She is really cool and understands religion very well.  We had a really indepth first lesson focussing a lot on the great apostasy and who is god.  We did run into one problem though about how she doesn't belive any man can see God, because the bible says know man has seen god.  We tried explaing that ment unworthy men and showed examples in the bible of people who did see god.  Nothing worked so we commited her to pray about it and she said she would.  Other than that hick up everything went great.  After the lesson we went out contacting for the rest of the day.  We even went tracting for a while.  I was rusty since it had been a while but we had a great time tracting and had a ton of succes.  There was the coolest doorbell while tracting as well.  It basicly was just a string attached to a bell inside the house but it was cool because it was unique.  I got a picture of it and will send it with this letter.  After tracting and contacting all day we came back in for the night.
In the morning we had our last district meeting in Pleven together as a district.  It went well, I did a review of the previous Zone Confrence and then we all shared a spiritual experiance from this transefer.  After eating we contacted all day until the evening when we had a meeting with the Georgivi family.  We did a really good lesson on the fall, atonement, great apostasy, and restoration.  It was a really powerful lesson and also it was the first time their boy was there as well to listen in.  I really hope that they gain a testimony and get baptized.  After meeting with them the day was over and we came in for the night.
In the morning we contacted until lunch.  I wasn't feel all that well while contacting though.  It was all because of nervousness for transfere calls.  For some reason this time I am super nervous about what might happen.  I think it is because either I don't know were I am going or I knew exactly and I didn't know if I wanted that.  Anyways you guys will have to read down to Friday to find out were I am going and lets just say It was completely unexpected and unpredictable.  After lunch we had a meeting with Petur and recent convert.  He hadn't been coming to church lately and we wanted to know why.  Well we found out that his grandma had been in very bad health and had died on tuesday. That explained why he hadn't been to church lately so we focused on how we can see our loved ones again if we keep our covenets.  We then went out contacting until it was time for English.  English went really well and I enjoyed it a lot.  We talked about the indefinit artical (a,an) because they ,despite being in third level, still couldn't use it right while speaking.  We then went contacting until it was time to go in.
In the morning we were supposed to have a meeting with Toni again.  She came but only to tell us she couldn't come and to give us her new number since she had switched phones.  She could only stay for a little because she had a job interview that she had to go to.  It was really great that she actualy thought to let us know.  We then had a another meeting that fell through.  We then had lunch and then had our weekly activity with Vladi.  We taught him the piano most of the time.  After Vladi we had transfere calls.  So here is the big shocker, you could say also it is a first in our mission.  I am heading back to Ruse.  This is the third city I am going back to.  First was Stara Zagora, then Pleven, and now Ruse.  I am going to be serving with an Elder Babbit who I will tell you more about next week when I know more about him.  Also unlike last time Ruse will have sisters in it.  So instead of 4 elders there will be 2 elders and 2 sisters.  I am very happy with that transfere call and am really looking forward to going back to Ruse again.  After reciving our transfere calls we went to go see the Geogivi investagator family again.  The meeting was more like a goodbye party but it was alright and I am happy that I have gotten to know them.  We then came home for the night.
In the morning we had English.  I got into a little Physics discussion with my students and they were all shocked that I knew so much about Physics.  We then went out contacting for a while and then had lunch and language study.  After that we had our weekly Mutual improvment soccer game.  Almost nobody came,but we had a good time anyways.  Vera an old investagator of mine did show up though which was great.  I got to see her before I left and that she got to socialize with some of the youth.  We then tried to go see the Nikolovi one last time but they weren't home.
Church was alright, but we were stuck there for about three hours after church had ended because of some branch work.  We then had to pack because we might have to travel to Sofia monday and so we needed to be prepared.  We then went to the other elders' place so Elder Law could Weekly plan with Elder Walker who he will be serving with until his Greenie comes in.  Once all of this was done it was time to head home for dinner and bed.

That was the week and I am super excited to be heading back to Ruse.  I hope you all have a great week.

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