Monday, November 22, 2010

week 7

This week was busy so lets start off with the beginning.  First is Monday.  On Monday we had a regular P-day except that our district leader Elder Racker came up with his companion my MTC groupie Elder Bennet.  They spent the P-day with us because Elder Racker had to go on splits with me and Elder Spencer.  So they decide that they would spend P-day with us go on splits that night with me and on the next day go on splits with Elder Spencer and let us two Greenies loose on the city of Stara Zagora.  Then on Wednesday have district meeting and then see Elder Racker and Bennet off to Haskovo.  

So now on to Monday.  At First we came to write and then we went off to the mall here in Stara Zagora to eat and do some window shopping.  After the mall Elder Spencer and I went to a members house to help them move out a old heavy couch and a new bed in.  All I will say is that she lived on the sixth floor (my poor little arms that coach was heavy.)  After we finished with that we went to the church to pick up the DVD player so we could watch a movie for the rest of the day.  When we got there though the church had been vandalized again arrg.  It was nothing serious just some graffiti on the wall that was easily taken care of with some paint.  Well when that was done we meet back up with Elder Racker and Bennet and watched the last half of the movie then went out on splits.  Splits weren't that successful that night both of the appointments we had set up had fallen through and even though we talked with a ton of people we couldn't get a single one to give us a number and return meeting. 

 All well the day was still fun now on to Tuesday.  Me and Elder Bennet were on splits Tuesday and surprisingly we did really well.  We got two referrals despite us not knowing much of the language.  For you guys back home that is a impressive number for Bulgaria even though I wish it could be twenty.  We contacted for half the day and then went and wrote up a L.O.R (Letter of Referral) that a member had made for us.  That was fun but even though we tripled checked to make sure that we had typed it up right when we showed it to Elder Spencer and Racker it was still wrong.  Just goes to show we can't speak perfect Bulgarian yet.  After writing the letter we decided to go find the zoo park and do some surveying there.  We got up to the park that the zoo was in but it was more of a little forest with a ton of different paths going through it.  Lets just say we didn't find it but we did get lost and talked to a lot of people.  We eventually found our way out and went back home for some dinner which was a marvelous and delicious Mycaka (Moosaka.)  Moosaka is basically potatoes with fried hamburger, onions, and tomatoes on top with a cap of cooked on yogurt and egg mixture.  Plus any spices you so wished to add.  It was Delicious and then we went to bed.  

 That brings us to Wednesday.  We woke up did our personal and companionship studies and then had district meeting.  District meeting was fun as always and we always learn something new.  After district meeting we went out to eat with Elder Racker and Bennet.  We do this every Wednesday and it is like a little treat for me.  We went to a really cool restaurant that looked and had food that was of Bulgarian Authenticity.  After lunch we sent off Elder Racker and Bennet and then went to meet a investigator.  The investigator was Evan but he wasn't home, but on the way up we met some guys that invited us in and we basically taught the first lesson.  We plan on walking up and meeting with them again some time.  After that we had English class which is always fun.  We now have about 10-13 students that come so the class is always lively.  We also had a guy come that knew no English at all not even the ABC's.  We weren't prepared for that but we invited him back saying that we will take him a side and teach him from the beginning.  I was in charge of that but I will tell you about that later.  After English we went back for our own language study and then had dinner.  

Now after snoozing for 8 hours we wake up to find that it is Thursday.  Nothing much happened on Thursday.  We had a meeting with Evan and it was nice but it was more of a testimony meeting for him which is great except he had Elder Spencer translate for him so I couldn't focus on the testimony because I was getting distracted by both English and Bulgarian at the same time.  Oh well  we then had lunch and language hour and then went to meet with Diko and Angel both members here.  The meeting were fine but Diko was an hour late so we were basically waiting for him for an hour at his house.  After the meetings we went off to metro with the store owner below us because we were in charge of getting the groceries for the thanksgiving dinner that our zone was going to have.  Well when we got there we actually found some frozen turkey by the frozen chicken and we called the Zone leaders to see what they wanted and when we called them they had changed there plans so the trip was basically a waist.  Except that I found some Cheddar cheese.  That made me so happy.  

 Now onto Friday.  Friday was fun we finally got to meet with Marko again and finished giving him the third lesson.  The lessons with him are always great and I always have a lot of fun with them.  He is really smart and always stops while reading the scriptures to point out important insights the half of which are ones that we were going to show him anyways.  We finally found out how he had lost his eye.  Apparently when he was 21(he is 54 now) he was chopping wood and a sliver of metal flew up and went into his eye.  Now that that mystery was solved we can go onto the rest of the day.  We did our weekly planning ate dinner and then went up to meet a potential investigator that we had given the Book of Mormon too.  When we got there he said he read a couple things and wasn't interested and gave us the Book of Mormon back.  We think it has more to do with false rumors about us than with lack of interest but who knows. 

 Now onto Saturday.  Saturday was busy We had meetings packed in and barley had time to attend to our own lunch and studies but we managed anyways.  First we had English.  For this batch of English I had the opportunity to teach the brand new student from the very beginning.  The lesson went great but two of the level two students decided to sit in and kept asking for words and complicated grammar that wouldn't make sense to the new guy or pertain to what he needed to learn.  Elder Spencer told me that if that happened again to just say this is level one if you want to learn about this stuff go to the other room.  All well we will see what happens next time.  After English we went to pay the power and water bills to find out to our defeat that they were closed on Saturdays.  So we went up to Evans and taught him a really good skeleton 2nd plan (Our nickname for the basic out line of the plan of salvation so only: Pre-existence, life on earth, spirit world, resurrection, judgment, and the kingdoms of glory.)  After Evan's we went to the church to meet with one of the referrals that me and Bennet had received.  We got there and waited for 15 minutes but he didn't show so we called him.  Apparently he had the time wrong or I wrote it down wrong and had come an hour early to find out that we weren't there.  He rescheduled with us for the next week and we will see were it goes from there.  We then went to the Internet zala to fix up the L.O.R that I had tried to copie.  We also meet with another potential investigator but he wasn't there. 

 Now onto Sunday.  We had a regular Sunday meeting except the Hascovo group came up and Mission President Roth was there.  In Priesthood President Roth gave a really good lesson on Home teaching that should get this branch to start doing it .  After church we had some lunch and President Roth gave a announcement.  We finally have a new building that is on ground floor and not above a casino YEAAAAAA!!!!!  After that we went on the splits with the Hascovo missionaries (Elder Racker and Bennet)  because they were staying over night because today (this Monday) we are having our thanksgiving which I will overview later.  Me and Elder Racker went out to meet with one of our investigators named Gosh.  Gosh has been dropping out on our meeting and hasn't kept the commitments we had given him.  Well he was there tonight and Elder Racker basically laid down the law and gave and amazing lesson.  We got Gosh to promise to come to church next Sunday and to read and pray about the book of Mormon.  I think that lesson was exactly what Gosh needed to take us seriously.  Now onto Monday.  Today is a Mini zone.  Basically all our zone gets together and does something fun and we get a all day P-Day.  Today we plan on going up to Shipka and Boozluzha and then having a big thanksgiving dinner.  This day should be fun and I have been looking forward to it.  A little weather update.  It hasn't dropped yet below 65 degrees Fahrenheit here yet.  It feels really weird.  Especial since you guys are getting snow and we should have had some already but haven't.  

I am all typed out and my time is up so Good by.

Austin James Ewell

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