Monday, November 15, 2010

6th Week

This week has been fun.  First to answer the question about the passport there is no problem with it.  Here in Bulgaria if you plan on living here for longer than a couple of months you need to get a lichna carta which is basiclly an ID/Social security card.  So that is what was meant by passport work.

  Lets see were to start...  I know lets start with Monday.  As I have previously mentioned Monday is my P-Day.  This previous P-Day me and my companion had to go up to Sofia to do our passport work as previously mentioned.  I had to get my first lichna carta and he had to get a new one because until you get a permenant one (you have to live here for five years and some other different things) you only get temporary one year cards.  We woke up in the morning and caught the first bus to sofia.  Once we got there I sent my email to you guys and then started the day.  The first thing we did was go and play football for about 2 hours.  I did really well (yes I know suprising but it gets better) I scored 3 of our five touchdowns and got about 5 to 6 sacks.  After that game I was exsausted and we went back to the mission home to relax for a bit. 

 On the way there one of the elders told me that they were having a ward activity at the Ice rink and wondered if Elder Spencer and I would like to go.  I hadn't been Ice skating for about 7-10 years so I imeditaly said yes and Elder Spencer said yes too so we both went.   The ice rink was a lot of fun there were about two investagators there and one of them couldn't skate so we spent most of the time trying to teach him.  By the end we had him making slow little circles around the outside wall without holding on.  I did a little better though I was still extremly rusty and it took me a good ten to fifteen minutes to finally be able to skate well again.  It didn't help though that my pair of skates kept slipping no matter how tight I tied them and the insole was basicly non exsitant.  

After that we went back to the famous center apartment that is foretold of being amazingly nice.  It was and it was fun being there.  Now onto Tuesday.  Tuesday was the day in which we went to the passport place to fill out the paper work.  The paper work took about 5 mins but we had to wait there for 2 hours basiclly doing nothing arrg.   After the passport work we went and stayed at the mission home until our bus home arrived at the aftogara.  We than had the three hour bus ride back to stara zagora. 

 Once we got home we had to make haste so that we could keep the dinner apointment that the Dunn's had made with us.  Sister Dunn always makes a ton of food and I can't ever eat it all and it makes me sad but other than that it is always fun to visit them.  Oh and I forgot to mention in my last letter I finally got to weigh my self and even though it was a afternoon weighing I had lost 4 kg since I got into country.  I weighed my self when I first got into country and I was 108 kg in the morning when I went to weighed my self I was 104 kg.  For all you that aren't on the metric system that is about 8-9 pounds.  

Now onto Wensday.  The first thing that happened is that we missed are bus to Hascovo and had to reschedual district meeting for thursday.  It was alright because we got to do some contacting (Finally this week) and had a couple lessons to teach that day.  Only one pulled through which is Evan.  That meeting was a disastor mainly because his four year old kid was out of control.  Anyway we just had to cut our lesson short and decided to teach him the second lesson again and the first because of the distractions that he had in the other ones, just to make sure he understands everything.  He did say he had read and prayed about the book of Mormon and he knew it was a true book.  We also contacted two referals that we had recived from a member in Varna.  Only one was home but he was interested enough to reschedual for another meeting.  Now lets take a look to the fourth day of the week Thursday. 

 On Thursday we finally had our district meeting which was a lot of fun.  We also had a Apartment inspection which was hectic because for the last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) our power was out because we had the wrong information when we went to pay the power bill because when the missionaries before us moved they forgot to update the power card that you use to pay the bill with at the post office.  We took care of that on Wednesday but the power wasn't going to be on for another day.  Don't worry there is another apartment in stara zagora because in about a transfere or two we are getting another pair of elders so we basiclly camped out there over night.  So in the morning we had to work very fast and clean before the senior couple came to inspect but we still weren't done when they got there.  Luckly they were kind enough to let us finish before they inspected us.  We did alright for a rush job they said and we got a B+ mabey a A- if they felt nice.  

Other than that we contacted the two contacts that I mentioned before.  Sorry I got the wrong day.  We had to break out new planners this week and I forgot to bring my old one.  The contacts names are Grigore and Hristor.  That is it for Thursday so onto Friday.  On Friday we did a lot of planning and contacting.  We also said good bye to a member that was visiting from Flagstaff, Arizona.  His name is Peter (Pronounced: Petur.)  We also had our weekly language our with Lily a 23 year old member.  I always learn a ton from those because she is a very good teacher.  Other than that we had a quick meeting with our 83 year old member Grandpa John.  

Now onto Saturday.  Today we met with Evan again and finally had another meeting with Marko our investagator with a baptismal date that had to be moved to the 27th because that is the only date on which a presiding athourity could be there.  The lesson was great and fun mainly because he does hes homework and is very smart.  He is currently on a job contract so he can't meet as often but we have worked out a good time in which he can meet with us and all should go well now.  We also had our first meeting with Grigor and Hrictor.  It was more of a book of Mormon drop off thought since neither of them had time to meet with us that night but they did reschedule with us. 

 Finally we are on to Sunday.  First we had Church which is always fun.  Evan showed up but he had left his son Yuly back home because we had forgot to mention to him that we had primary so he had to go back to look after him.  Our bad oh well at least we know he is willing to come to church.  After church we basiclly did a bunch of contacting to make up for the little amount that we had done in the week.  We also met with Grandpa John to give him the sacrament.  We also met with Gosh finally and finished the first lesson.  He was really cool and we scheduled another meeting with him for today at night after our P-Day is over.  That is my whole week and boy is this letter long.  Hope you all are having and amazing time and thank you for all your letters.  I am kind of typed out so I am going to end my letter here.

Austin James Ewell

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