Monday, November 8, 2010

5th Week

his week feels long.  I thought about why and I figured it out.  This week has been long because we could only meet with one investigator this week.  Mapko (Marko) our main investigator finally found a job and as a result he couldn't meet with us this week.  It was really great but at the same time not espically since his baptism was supposed to be this weekend and we still had to get through lesson three and four.  Sadly but luckily we had to push back his baptism because no presiding authority could be there till the 27.  Well we will get to meet with him a lot more this week so everything should work out.  

We were only able to meet with one investigator this week.  He was Evan the really poor guy.  We finally got through the first lesson with him which was a relief.  His little dog though is tortured by that three year old of his.  Every time that three year old comes into the  room the dog goes running and tries to hide unsuccessfully.  Other than that all has been well and I am excited for the next week.  

Another reason why I have had a long week is because my seasonal cold came because we are flipping over into winter.  That slowed me down a lot but all is well and I am tons better especially since my companion  Elder Spencer taught me a amazing trick to get rid of my soar throat.  You just have to gargle warm salt water I do that 2-3 times and my sore throat is gone all day.  Now I just need to figure out a quick fix for my nose like that. 

 We did get to go see a baptism in Varna this week end though.  The three investigators that were baptized were found by my wonderful comp and taught for a the majority of the time.  So we got the privilege of being able to go and see the baptism.  My comp actually got to baptize one of them.  The baptism was really well organized and went incredibly well.  After the fact we had to empty the font which was fun we were on the third floor of the building and we had fun dumping the water out onto the zl's car and making the alarm go off until he moved it then we tried to get him.  We didn't but it was fun. We then had a fabulous Sunday were I was in the primary/nursery for two hours because they wanted a missionary in there to help and make sure everything went fine and my comp needed to translate. 

 Other than all of that I am in Sofia right now for passport work and will be here till Tuesday night so wish me luck.  

Now for some answers to questions.  One I am doing amazing and I love it here, and two How to Make a Light saber picture:  First you need a camera, second you need one of those multi-lead marking pencils with the different colors, next take a picture with the lead fully out and positioned so it looks like in the hand of the potential Jedi/Sith.  Finally make sure the flash is one and enjoy.  Now how are you all doing and its great that you are all having fun and a amazing time.  Sorry for the short letter this week but I am out of material to write about.

Austin James Ewell


  1. Enjoying your letters Austin. I don't know if you red the comments on the posts or if you just read e-mails. Help me out here Leslie. Does Austin have an e-mail or should we send letters. I know that Graig had only 1 hour to read his e-mails and post a letter so his letters were usually only 1-2 sentences long.
    Thanks for taking the time to post his letters.

  2. You can email him or send him a letter, he would love either. The addresses are on the side bar of this blog.