Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25

So this week was really good but it had an interesting twist at the end.  You will have to read my email to find out what the twist was.

Had a good P-day.  After writing we window shopped, bowled, and had family home evening.  While window shopping I found "The Giver" in bulgarian.  I love finding things like that.  Also while bowling I got 70 which is a high score for my mission.  Family home evening went great too and the family from Slovacia was there and it was nice talking to them again.  We then came home for the evening.

Tuesday was good.  For the majority of the day we contacted, had a dropped meeting, and met with Georgi.  We met some cool people contacting and Georgi is doing great.  Also I was reading the October 2007 Liahona and I found an artical in it by a bulgarian titled "Enduring to the Beginning." I think it might be in the 2007 New era for october if anybody wants to read it.

Had district meeting then lunch.  After lunch we tried to find some less-active members, but got lost.  We had to go back before finding them though because we had a lesson and Institute.  The lesson fell through and institute went well.  After institute we met with a recent convert who has been trying to be a missionary with her friends and they keep asking her questions from the bible and she keeps trying to give them answers.  It is destroying her testimony though because she wants them only from the Bible and not from the book of mormon or modern revelation.  It is said to see so please pray to five her strength.  

We mainly contacted all day and also made lunch with a member.  We also had english which was good and after english we went on companionship exchanges for the night and Friday.  I went with Elder Furtado kind of as a birthday present to my self.

Splits went great we did some contacting and had a lot of success.  In the morning I was thirsty so we decided to buy some water and Elder Furtado said he wanted to go to buy water from this one lady that he has been wanting to talk to but has felt too guilty if he doesn't buy something from her.  Well she was really cool and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she started reading it right there, then we had two other reciveds litteraly one right after the other and a really good conversation with a girl who just lit up at the mention of eternal families and the plan of salvation.  All that happened seriously one right after another and it was really cool.  That was the perfect being in the right place at the right time.  We also had three meetings but one dropped.  The other two were with members.  The first was with Babcheto for lunch.  During that I got a call from President Roth.  The call was an Emergency Trancfere.  My companion Elder Bryce is going into the Office and Elder Dropla (the elder I cleaned up A.K.A. my daughter) would join me in Burgas for the rest of my mission.  The reason was that Elder Bryce is young and really good with people and President Roth wants somebody who isn't that attached to a President Roth mission to be in the office when they make the transition which happens this Friday.  So the rest of the day was contacting and then I made a cake and pizza and we all celebrated my birthday.

Well I had to go pick up Elder Dropla and drop of Elder Bryce at Sofia so I was on a bus all day traveling for 13 hours.  Fun!!!

Church went really well and I really enjoy being with Elder Dropla again.  After church we had lunch at a members house then gave the sacrament to Baba Raina. We then weekly planned and went to bed.

Well we have plans to play some baseball and I will tell you more next week.  Thank you all for the letters and Birthday wishes.  It really means a lot to me.  I am loving my mission and these last three transferes have been the best on my mission so far and I plan to keep it that way.

Elder Ewell

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