Monday, June 4, 2012

First Week in Burgas

So first of all to answer all of the questions that you probally have about my companion I will metion that first then continue on with the week.  First he is from Orem, Utah.  His name is Andrew Phillip Bryce.  He has 3 brothers and he is second oldest.  His dad is a personality expert and I think mom you might have taken a course from him.  He uses the colors Gold, Green, Blue, and Orange and I think you know him because he has these quick refrence picture cards that I recognized from the one time you showed one to me.  His mom is a stay at home mom.  If you have anyother questions ask away but for now that is it.  Oh and sorry I will send a picture of him next week for your computer wizzes he has a blog that you can check out.

Well I love it here in Burgas and it is so nice to be by the beach.  We can't go near it though because like most of Europe clothing is optional and lets just say Bulgarians like there options.  Anyways other than that I love it here and here is a view of my first week here.

Well the day was filled with getting ready to leave Ruse and last minute shopping

Because of some complications due to transferes I was told to travel on Wednesday.  So I had one last working day in Ruse.  In the morning we contacted and after lunch we had 3 lessons.  The first one was with Ivo.  He brought his wife along and we finished teaching the ten commandments.  The lesson went well then we said good bye.  We then met with Peter.  We showed him the short Restoration video and we were going to committ him to baptism but something felt off.  We hope it wasn't anything to big and that after time it will all be good.  We then had a meeting with a new Investagator named Konstantin.  The lesson went well.  Then it was time to head in.

Woke up at six and traveled to Burgas.  I got their around 12:30 but the bus station that the other Elders weren't waiting at.  They found me about an hour later then me and my new companion, Elder Bryce, went to our apartment.  Our taxi driver got lost which was fun.  We finally got there, planned for the day, had lunch, went to a branch activity where we learned how to dance a traditional bulgarian dance, then came home and went through the Area book to learn what we had to work with.

Had my first District Meeting today that I was leading.  Everything went well and it was a good District Meeting.  After that and lunch, we contacted all day until around 6 when we had a meeting with Dima.  She is a investagator here and she has a desire to learn and wants to get baptized,  but we aren't sure if she understands what that intails.  We are going to deffinetly,  meet with her more and see what happens.  We then came in to language study and dinner.

Basiclly contacted all day, had two dropped meetings, and met wtih the Branch President about english advertising.  We live super far from the church building here and it is taking me a while to get used to the travel time.  This slows down the work a bit, but I think I am used to it now.  Also I got to see the sea (it has been rainy and cool so we were safe to get that close) There is a park right next to it.  It brought me a lot of peace to be near a large salt body of water again.

Mainly contacted all day again and advertised for English.  We did have a meeting with a recent convert though.  Her name is Maria but we call her Babcheto which means little grandma.  She is a very energitic Baba (Grandma) and I had a lot of fun getting to know her.  She also said she would show me how to cook a bunch of traditional Bulgarian foods, which is cool.

Church was good.  The Branch here is super strong and very bonded.  It doesn't have very many people but they all love each other which is amazing.  I am so happy I am in Burgas for my last transfere it is a great city.  After church we took the sacrament to a member who lost her left leg about a year ago.  She was a very happy lady though and asks a ton of questions.  We then contacted a bit and came home to weekly plan.

Elder Ewell

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