Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm melting!

Well as you can tell by the subject heading it has been incredibly hot here and humid.  You just step out of the door and you are already wet.  Luckly our main contacting spot is in a nice windy area so it keeps us a little cool.

Had a good P-day and we played catch for a while with a baseball.  I actually managed to make some pretty impressive catches on luck so it was fun.  We then for the evening had family home evening which was fun and a good way to end P-day.

Basicly we contacted all day but for two meetings.  We met with a new guy named Plamen that is quiet but listens intently and understood everything that we taught him.  Also we met with Petia.  She is still struggling but we met with her later on this week too and she is doing better now.

Had District Meeting which went all right and then we had a meeting with Georgi.  Even though his apartment got burned up because of smoking he still isn't quiting.  He wants too but then out comes excuse after excuse and it is thoroughly frustrating because we have done everything that we can.  We are still going to support him but we are starting with the bare basics again to bear up his faith. We then met another potential in a cafe but even though he lived with a family from our church for two years he has no interest in joining the church or learning more.  He does really respect us though and knows all about our beliefs.  He is really well off though and he fed us calamary and lamb.  We were in heaven and despite it not turning out how we wanted it was a good way to end the Fourth of July.

Had a meeting in the morning that fell through and contacted all day until a meeting we had that went really well.  We met with a guy I had met on Tuesday.  He is way cool and his name is Kamen.  He has been searching for a long time for god and he is super smart with gospel doctrine.  He even whipped out the word ordained when we talked about the priesthood being restored (in english as well which is even more impressive since we were teaching him in english.)  I really look forward to teaching him some more.  We then had english even though he still wanted to continue but we commited him to come to church and once he found out that we basicly just discuss doctrine in church using the scriptures he agreed wholeheartedly.  Also he has read the Book of mormon twice before the last time 5 years ago so he is familiar with the story.  English went well but the best parts of the day was Kamen and contacting which for some reason I was on fire and it went amazing.

In the morning we had our interviews with the new mission President, President Wilstead.  He is alright and I know he will be good for the mission it will just take a while to get used to him.  His wife is really cool though and an Aggie so we got along great.  We then went contacting and then had a meeting with a young kid and we had another great first lesson with him.  It seems that this week we just happened to start teaching three golden people at once which is really nice.  We then had a meeting with Petia again and as I said earlier she is doing better.  We contacted most of the rest of the day.

English first and it went alright.  Then we had a reschedualed meeting that fell through, contacted, and cleaned the building.

Church went well and there was a family from Ukraine there.  They live in Kiev but are still two hours away from the temple.  There was the mom a daughter and son.  The daughter is named I think Ivana and the son Ilia.  Ilia is actually in a mormon message about the ukraine temple.  They are really cool and it was fun to see some new faces.  Other than that the day wasn't much we just gave the sacrament to Baba Raina and visited her and then it was time to weekly plan.

I am worn out from this last week but I am happy and content.

Elder Austin Jame Ewell

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