Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

This week was really long and we did a ton of contacting.

P-day was good we checked out a new mall and shopped then the branch had a family night.  They made banizta and Elder Furtado and a return missionary member did a spiritual thought.  It was all really good and it is really nice to see a branch actually do that here.

Contacted all day until the evening when we met with a member (Petia) and talked about callings and the priesthood.  We then had Institute which went really well.  I am super impressed with this Branch.  They are so strong and actually work together.

Again contacted most of the day.  We had one meeting with Babcheto.  We went over callings.  It is a little hard to teach here because she loves to talk and it is hard to get her to listen.  Also the Assistants to President came in at night because they went on companionship exchanges with us on thursday.

Had district meeting again.  It went really well and everybody liked it which makes me happy.  Part of the reason might be because I brought a treat for them but who knows.  After lunch I went to work with Elder Bishop.  He is from my group and currently one of the Assistants to President.  We had fun together and mainly contacted.  We did haveone meeting with Gerogi (you pronounce both G's as G's not J's.)  He is an investagator who wants to get baptized.  His only problem is smoking and coffie.  So we started him on a plan to stop.  He can't go cold turkey so we are going bit by bit and hopefully he will be ready tro be baptized by the end of July.  Please keep him in your prayers to help him, he is really trapped by this addiction.  In the evening we had English which was fun.

Had proably the most frustrating meeting in my whole mission.  We met with a potential investagator and he brought his friend who is a Easter Orthadox Priest.  That priest only wanted to argue.  I now know how Alma felt when he called out the lawyers for trying to lay traps for him with his words.  It was so Aggravating and even though I tried not to argue it still took me around two hours to calm down.  We then had a meeting with a lady who despite only having five minutes still dropped byt the church to learn who we are and get a Book of Mormon.  That was really thoughtful of her and most people don't do that here.  Other then that we contacted all day.

Had English in the morning then met with Babcheto again and went contacting some more.

So we had a city confrence at Varna for the branches in Ruse, Varna, Shumen, Dobrich, and Burgas.  This was President and Sister Roth's last time to see all of the members before going home.  It was really cool and it was really nice to see everyone there.  My old investagators (Mariyka, Simiona, and Peter) from Ruse came as well.  I was so happy to see them all.  The confrence went really well and President Roth gave a really good talk.  I was so happy to see everyone and it made my day.  We finally got home with barely enough time to weekly plan.  Despite that it was one of the best planning sessions I have had.  That was the week.

Elder Ewell

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