Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Hello every body and thank you so much for all the letters and support out here.  Luckly I haven't melted yet because we have been having a lot of rain lately and have I metioned I hate the rain when I have to work in it.  Anyway lets get on with the week.
After writing you guys we picked up the stuff I was having tailored and droped one of my pairs of shoes off at a place to get new insoles for them.  After that we had lunch and then we watched a movie while I was making a scripture case for my bulgarian scriptures with some cardboard boxes, tape, and some liahona pictures.  I was really proud of the result and I will try to send a picture of it next week.  It also made me realize how much I love making new things and how I am going to love engineering.  After making the scripture bag it was time to get back to work.  We had a meeting drop through and then we just surveyed for the rest of the night.
We headed off in the morning after our morning studies and surveyed for about two and half hours and then we had lunch and language study.  After that we surveyed again for two and a half hours (I wonder how much I walk in this mission.)  After surveying we had dinner and then had a meeting with Stefi but she never showed.  So we called her and she said she was coming but then we waited for another half an hour (I usally wait 15 minutes then call then if they pick up or not (and they say they are coming) I wait another half hour and then call again and if they aren't coming or don't pick up leave.)  I did the usual pattern and at the end of the 45 minute wait we called and she said she couldn't come anymore.  Well that was an hour waisted, at least I got some good reading in.  I am planning on reading all the standard works (for the non-members who read this: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covents, Pearl of Great Price, Old testament, and New testament) in Bulgarian before the end of my mission.  I did the math and as long as I read an average of 7 pages a day I will make it but I am reading around 11 just to make shure.  That may not seem much but I am reading it aloud and it is in Bulgarian.  So after waiting for Stefi we went to a meeting with Miroslav.  The meeting was good but I am afraid he isn't understanding what we are teaching him.  After the meeting we came back home for planning and bed.
After our studies we had district meeting and then lunch.  After lunch we had language study and then surveyed for an hour with little succes and then prepared for english because we had another meeting Stefi before english.  She didn't show up again.  It is hard to get her to meet with out Mitko her friend who is a member going to get her, she just doesn't know how to manage her time well.  Anyway english was fun as always and then after english I went to the other elders apartment for splits and had dinner there and then planned and went to bed.
Woke up to rain and splits with a bulgarian companion.  The companion was great cause I got some good help with my bulgarian but I HATE THE RAIN.  After going out and trying to meet with somebody who didn't show up we did some branch work and then had lunch and language study.  At the end of language study the rain had stopped and we had a lesson with a girl named Silvia.  The lesson was all over the place because she switched topics every two seconds and it was hard to keep control of the lesson.  Even Elder Karajov was confused a little and bulgarian is his native language.  To make matters worse Stefi showed up a hour and a half late with her dog to a lesson with the other elders.  The other elders weren't there they were in another lesson across town so I told her that and she just wandered around the church while her dog was barking up a storm outside and sneaking in every chance he got.  Sorry if I sound a little frustrating I am alright and it just sounds frustrating because it was but I love it her and Stefi is a great investagator just this week was an off week for everybody and the weather I guess.  After the lesson with Silvia which went way to long (a hour and a half)  we had seminary.  Stefi was gone by then so we couldn't invite her but seminary was still good and we learned a lot.  We then went our to eat because the office elders were in town to do the semi-annual Audit and so we went out to eat with them.  After dinner we then went back home to plan and go to bed.
Woke up to rain again but we had weekly planning, so after weekly planning, morning studies, lunch, and language study the rain had stopped and we were able to work for a while.  Didn't have much success and after a couple of hours we had dinner and then went and had a meeting with Miroslav.  I love that guy and he is really nice I just wish we knew if he understands the importance of what we are teaching.  He does everything we ask of him but Elder Olmstead and I can't really feel that he understands the importance or is gaining a testimony.  Oh well as long as he is reading and coming to church (as well as praying) the testimony will come in time.  After the meeting we came back home to plan and go to bed.
Did my monthly weigh in and I am at 196.4 pounds.  I have officialy lost 41.7 pounds, that is roughly 4 pounds a month.  Anyway besides that we had english after our morning studies which was fun as always.  We then cleaned the building and some english students took us out to lunch.  After lunch we went surveying and I found a place that can fix my alarm clock.  The transformer had blown my first night in country and I have been trying to figure out how to fix it since then.  Well this guy said he could fix it for 20 lev.  Technially I had known of this place before because he had fixed my camra screen which had cracked as well but I just thought of my alarm clock so yea it is like I found it again.  Anyway it made me want to even more go into engineering because I want to be able to take something old like my alarm clock and with full confidence say "I can fix this."  Anyway on thursday morning the dead will start waking because my wake the dead alarm clock will be back in action louder and better than ever (until one of my companions chuck it out the window.)  Anyway after surveying all day we had language study and dinner then planned and went to bed.
I love sunday mornings.  With out the morning work out it is so nice to get up and just study and relax till 9 o clock when we have to be at church.  Church was good despite only 14 people being there.  Manly because every one of the members bore their testimonies and the missionaries only had to go up at the end because we had 20 minutes left and no one who hadn't shared there testimony.  After church Elder Olmstead and I went in-active member hunting with little succes but we did manage to find out that somebody had moved  and had to fill out a address locator.  Not what we were hoping for but it at least will make it so the missionaries and ward/branch in his new area can work with him.  So after doing this all day we came home and packed and ate dinner because we were heading into Varna in the morning.
Woke up at 4:30 and got ready to catch a train to Varna at 6:00.  We came to Varna because President Roth, since it is the fourth of July, is giving us an all day P-day.  So we took a four hour train ride and now I am writting you.
Elder Austin James Ewell

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