Monday, July 25, 2011

Out A Year

Well another week has gone by and I totally forgot about the 24th but I did get a nice suprised.  The Roths came up for sunday and took us out to dinner saturday night so you could say I had a eventfull day.  Anyways lets get started with the week.

Oh how I love P-Days.  After shopping cleanning and studing we wrote home to you guys.  We then did some tasks and watched a movie.  We than got to work which was member hunting and surveying.  We found 1 membr family, but we think they lied to us and said they didn't live there.  We then continued surveying and I went on mini splits with Elder Karajov and it was fun working with a bulgarian.  That was the extent of the night.

We did a lot of surveyinga nd member hunting.  We managed to get in contact with some of the oldest (by baptism date) members in Ruse which was cool.  We also met a bulgarian that I belevie went to Cambridge in Wales (Or some other big college that sounded like that.)  He is actually living in bulgaria and it was so cool to find a bulgrian (a young one at that) that after seeing the outside world sitll wants to stay in bulgaraia.  Anyway that is the hightlights from surveying and after surveying all day we had dinner and then a meeting with Miroslav.  The meeting went great and he should be coming to church now in the closest he can find to church clothes.  After the meeting we went home for bed.

All Morning we surveyed and looked for members.  We also went to meet an investagator.  We met him half way to his house and set up a meeting on thursday to show him were the church is.  We then surveyed till lunch.  After lunch and appropriate studies we had English class.  Nothing really new there just fun as always.  After english it was time for dinner and bed.

We had personal study, companionship study, language study, and then District meeting at 11:00 am.  District meeting changed because the Ap's (Assistants to President) had come in to do specilized traning.  We also had two members there because we are trying to include members more in the work.  After District meeting we surveyed tot he edge of town (I wonder on Average how many miles a missionary walks every day) to find some members and invite them to church.  They weren't home but a friend said they would pass on the message.  We then surveyd back to the church for seminary.  We are still having it because we still need to learn about the prophets.  After seminary we went home for dinner and bed.

We started off with specilized tranning on how to get better Refferals.  Then through out the day we met with a new investagator named Peter and also Mitko.  We also did all our studies, weekly planned, and surveyed a little bit.

First thing after morning studies we had english and then cleanned the building.  We then surveyed till dinner time because the Roths were taking us out as I said earlier.  Dinner was a lot of fun and we came home stuffed.

First thing in the morning was church with the Roths.  Church was great and I love it when Presidient and Sister Roth speak and teach.  After church we had lunch and then Elder Olmstead and I worked off last nights dinner by walking to on edge of Ruse then the other then back again.  We got back to the church around 7 for a meeting with Mitko and I sat down for just a second and next thing I know it is eight o'clock and Elder Olmstead is finishing a lesson with Mitko.  I don't know what happened and I didn't even try to fall a sleep oh well guess I was just exsausted.  We then had dinner and went to bed.

I love you all and thank you so much for the letters.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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