Monday, June 27, 2011


I asked Austin some questions about the Church in Bulgaria, particularily about the Youth programs because I am getting ready to go to Girl's Camp.  Here are his answers, I thought they were interesting.

No mom I haven't melted yet but as I said the heat starts this week.  As for girls camp, yea if we had young women we would.  In bulgaria we have about 350 active members 75% of which are old grandpas and grandmas.  There are about 4 branches with enough young people for youth programs but that usally is two to five at most.  We do have a youth confrence every year though but everyone below thirty is invited as well so it is more of a young/single adult confrence.  Here in Ruse we have 48 Members and about 20 Active and 11 that come every week.  If you don't think that is much it is better then the three we had in Pleven.

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