Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Everybody

Well this week involved a whole lot of traveling.  So I will just start off.

After writing you guys we caught a bus up to Kaliakra wich is this overhang in the north of bulgaria.  We tried to get to the bottom were the water was and I figured out a way but wasn't to comfortable with it being a missionarie and not knowing how well the others could rock climb.  I did climb a bulder and everybody thought I was going to kill my sefl but little did they know that it was childs play compared to what we do at arches.  Anyway after Kaliakra we went to this old monastary that was pretty cool.  The exciting thing that happened though was that my camara fell down a grate to a ledge about 4 feet down.  I thought I had lost it for good but a missionary with long legs managed to squeeze his leg down the grate and with the help of a stick and rest his furture children he managed to get it out.  What had happened is my hand cord had snaped while I was getting it out.  The camara is fine and nothing is broken luckily just a few dents that just make it more memorable.  We then went to the beach had a fire made flags of liberty and made some smores.  It was a lot of fun and it helped me relieve alot of my stress.

Woke up early to catch an early train home to find out one doesn't leave till 9:15 am so we waited for it and then midway home the train broke down and we had to wait for two hours for a bus to come and get everybody.  We then sat on a bus for another two hours to get home.  So we finally got home around 6:00 pm, so we basicly had another P-Day YEAAAaaaaa..........   Yea lets just say it was a long day.  We did get a lesson in though with Stefi our investagator.  Here is a note about teaching simply.  Our investagator thought that after explaining the plan of salvation that we were all going to live in the sun if we got to the celestrial kingdom.  That was fun to clear up but no big problem.  After the lesson we surveyed for a bit and then went home to bed.

After the morning studies we had district meeting and then went out surveying after lunch and language study until it was time for english.  English was fun like normal but nothing special happened.  After english the day was done

Spent all morning surveying our way up to a  reciveed that was at the edge of town.  He was really nice and lives in humble circumstances.  The lesson we planned didn't happen because he was too excited to have company to really listen.  So we invited him to come to church but aparently he is a very devote catholic and goes to mass every sunday so we told him to come by the church around one on sunday.  After that we surveyed home had lunch and language study.  Then we had a droped meeting and then seminary.  Seminary was fun because a member that has been working on a cruise ship for the past 8 months was there and lets just say it was eight months of scripture study because he knew his scriptures extremly well.  After seminary we talked a little and then went home to bed.

We traveled into Varna again for a large group training meeting and then traveled back.  The LTM was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about Jesus Christ and how he is the father and the son.  After the LTM we grabbed our mail and went back home.  A bulgarian sat with us the whole train ride and talked with us.  It was fun for the first two hours and then my brain was fried and I couldn't take the bulgarain anymore especially since I could barely understand him since he had a big vocab.  We finally got into Ruse around 10:00 Pm and went strait to bed.

We had English after our morning studies and nothing new to report other than it being fun like normal.  After english we cleaned and a member helped me fix my scripture case.  After that we surveyed a bit and then had a dropped meeting by stefi so we went home to have dinner and language study

Church was a lot of fun we had a group of people from Varna who were going to the temple and the new faces helped liven up the place.  After church we waited for the guy from thursday (named Nickolia) but he nevered showed.  We then went back home for lunch and then we weekly planned and cleaned up our area book.  After all this it was 9:00 pm and we couldn't work anymore.  Anyway at least I can now us the area book effenciantly

Elder Austin James Ewell

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