Monday, June 6, 2011

Transferes and I'm going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay let me explain about the I'm going to die thing. It has to do with transferes. I have been transfered to Ruse. This is amazing and I am going to be serving with Elder Olmstead a younger missionary (so I am senior) that probely knows more bulgarain than I do (he is a genius.) Non of this has me worried and I am looking foward to it the thing that is going to kill my is during the summer it gets up to around 115 degrees faranhieght and the city is right next to the Danu river so the humidity is incredably high. And for all you that know me I can't take the heat. They are going to have come and vacuum up the puddle that used to be Elder Ewell because I am going to melt! Other than that I am super excited to serve there and that is one of the cities that I wanted to serve in so it is going to be good. So lets get on with the week.

So we decided to take this P-Day nice and easy because we were worn out still from the last one and the week. So that is exactly what we did. Come night time when we had to work again we had one meeting fall through, but one of them didn't so we got to meet with this really cool guy that seems sincerly interested in knowing how to come closer to Christ. The lesson went well and it was a good end to a P-Day.

After the regular morning routine we went to another dropped meeting and then surveyed until around 2 at which point we had lunch and then a meeting with a investagator named Maria. She is really cool but way to smart for her own good and won't be taught. Anyway we are slowly working with her. After her meeting we had another meeting fall through and then the Haskovo elders came in for splits so we did splits and Elder Kariya and I had another meeting fall through and just surveyed all night until it was time to go in.

After our studies we had district meeting and then Elder Furtado and I were on splits while the other Elders went of to Nova Zagora to work with the Majors and their friends. Well Elder Furtado got stuck with a ton of tasks to do. In all we had to check on if we can street board which we can but not until the 15th, get copies for all the church keys, and then prepare a bunch of new pamphlets and fliers because we were completely out. By this time we had to meet a potential investagator who wanted to show us where he got these flowers that he made the most amazing juice from. It is an Elder berry flower and what he does is he immerses 5-10 clumps of them in water for 24 hours then filters out the flowers. He then adds a kilogram of surgar per liter and then pours a little in a glass and adds about 8-10 times more water. IT IS SO GOOD!!! Anyway he took us on this really preaty hike and we got to talk about religion a little on the way back home. It was really nice and I hope good comes from it. After him we had our language hour and dinner and then it was time for bed.

After our mourning studies and saying good bye to the Haskovo Elders we went out surveying up to Donkas house to teach her again. On the way we met a lady that we had given a book of mormon to who said that she had been reading 20 pages a night from it and loved it. She told us she would come to church and I hope that this goes some were. We then found Donka and had a nice lesson with her and she promised she would come to church a long with a couple of friends. After her lesson we came back home for lunch and language study. After lunch and language study we prepared for english early because we had a lesson right before it but the lesson never showed. English went fine anyway and after wards we had a nice lesson with this couple named Ivan and Didi. We talked about gods purpose and the lesson went really well. After that lesson we came back home and had lunch and went to bed.

After personal study we headed out to Nova Zagora with the Haskovo Elders to do service and a lesson with one of the Majors friends. Her name is Christine and she is from Jamaca and England and she lives here now with two of her children. The service was to clear half of her yard which is huge! So we got started on it and what do you know I ran into an old rock garden that they didn't want any more. Well it was overgrown with weeds so I had to clear the top layer of rocks to clear the weeds and that took me all day and at the end I had a six foot pile of rocks by me. After the service we had dinner and taught her a little. She has a really good testimony of God and how he always will look after her and provide for her. After the lesson we drove back home with Brother Major to do home teaching and on the way we had transfere calls. That was fun and very nosy. As I metioned up top I am going to Ruse with Elder Olmstead and Elder Morgan is going to Varna with Elder Neuinswander and they are going to be the Zone Leaders of Zone 3. When we got back home we had a lesson with Anton where we found out that his wife had thrown out all of his scriptures and church material (or hid them some where.) It is really sad that she is so made against this. Anton isn't changing his mind though, but it must be hard on him. We can only pray though that his wife's heart will be softened. After Anton we went with Brother Major to meet with Ivan and Didi again. We had a good lesson on the creation and Adam and Eve and after wards we sang a hymn for them. Didi also said she would come to church. After this lesson we went home for planning and then to bed.

In the morning we had english like usaull and then cleaning of the church building. After cleaning we had lunch and language study and then after another dropped meeting we tried to contact people for two hours before we had to weekly plan. That was two of the longest hours ever because we were worn out from Friday and nobody was talking to us. After trying to find people we went to this new chinease place that didn't have great chinease food (It was still good though, just not chinease) but had huge portions for very little money. Let me just say 800 grams and fried rice with peppers, corn, zuucine, and good chicken for 4.20 leva is a steal. After eating we planned for the week which was basicly prepareing the city to be whitewashed (missionary for a completely new set of Elders.) After planning we went to bed.

Lets see we got to church at 8:45am and didn't leave till 3:30pm translating the entire time. By the end of church we were both drained and Elder Morgan was in the branch presidents office with his head on the table just translating and looking like he was about to die. As soon as we were out of church which there were good lessons in it and testimonies. We went to Grandpa Johns and gave him the sacrament. After him we came back so Elder Morgan could pack because it takes him a good 4-5 hours to pack everything he has. After this packing session we went and surveyed for about an hour before going to bed and had two reciveds and managed to meet with one of our potential investatgators which was a blessing even though he still isn't and investatgator. And then we came home to bed.

Monday (Today):
Well today we took it nice and easy in the morning and are just planning to relax and enjoy our last moments in Stara Zagora. I do have some news for you mom that you would like. Tulips her grow like weeds they are every were. That is right we don't have those nasty ugly tough weeds from Utah here we have nice beautiful flowers for weeds.

Well that is everything and I will talk to you guys later.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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