Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27-Word of Advice--Don't get fat and if you do, just stay fat!

I say that in the subject because if you get fat and stay fat then you don't have to deal with all the problems of having to taylor and buy new clothes when you get skinnier.  I am really glad I am getting skinnier but it is a pain to have to taylor everthing and buy new clothes while on my mission.  Anyway that isn't a big problem and now that everything fits me again I don't look like a mouse trying to wear an elephant's skin.  As of this week lets take a look shall we.

After writting you guys we watched a movie and then Elder Olmstead and I went suit hunting.  There were three parts to this plan first to see if I can get my suits taylord.  We found out that they couldn't fix my suits because the shoulders are to big on me and they can't redue shoulders without redueing the whole suit.  So after dropping of some pants we initiated phase two.  This is finding a place where I could possibly sell my suits so that I could have more money to buy a new suit that would fit.  Well after walking all over town it we couldn't find anybody so on to stage three.  Stage three is to find a cheap good looking suit.  Finally we succeded in this and I found a suit that looks good and is only 99 lev which is around 76 dollars and in a couple more to taylor the pants and you got a 80 dollar suit that looks good and fits great.  Anyway after this fiasco we got ready for the night were we had a dropped meeting and surveyed all night.

We woke up ate and then went out surveying until about lunch time.  After lunch and language study we surveyed some more and then had a meeting with Stefi.  The meeting went well.  She hadn't read her home work so we read it with her and then a did a brief overview of the plan of salvation.  During the lesson a random guy came in and was wondering when church was.  It was cool and we got his number and he said he would come to church, but Stefi got really defencive because he came in during her lesson and she didn't like that much.  It was alright though and still managed to finish the lesson with the spirit.  After her lesson we had dinner and then went and taught Miroslav.  He was nice as always and we had a good lesson in which we read 2 nephi 31 with him and discussed it.  After reading we also reemphasized prayer with him and how it needs to be with his own words and not something from a prayer book.  Then we had him pray and he actually said a real prayer.  That was great because we have been trying to get him to do that for the last month.  After meeting with him we went and meet the other elders for a little bit because the Zone Leaders had come in and they were on the way home.  After saying hi we went back home for dinner and then bed.

Well it was my birthday and we went strait to work.  After our personal study we had district meeting and then had lunch with everybody.  We went to this new restraunt that was alright but not the best of food.  Elder Olmstead treated me and that was nice.  After  lunch we went street boarding for a couple of hours.  I met this really nice couple that had me speaking in bulgarian with them for about 10 mins before they finally said something in english.  Dispite making me speak bulgarain to them (which I am not mad about it was just funny) we talked for about 10 more mins in english and I found out that the girl had two friends in Peru that were members.  I gave them the address for the church and our number and I hope they come by sometime in the future.  Other than that it was a regular street boarding session except people here are hard to stop.  After street boarding we had english which was fun.  After english though we went back home to my nice comfortable bed.

We were in the apartment all day.  The reason why is that they finally installed our air-conditionar so we won't die in the summer heat that is supposed to start coming this week.  Well it took them until about 2:00 pm before they were done.  Something funny was that the safest spot that they could install it was over somebodys car.  Normally that wouldn't be a problem but we are on the 12 floor so gravity well turn the falling debree into deadly car denting missiels.  So to solve the problem I had to go down stairs with one of the installers and hold a blanket over the car in a attempt to catch any of the falling debrees.  Well we partially succeded but some did hit the car but luckly nothing broke.  Thank you Heavenly Father for answering that prayer.  Anyway after they finished we went to a lesson with a recived I had gotten yesterday and the guy never showed up.  So we they had seminary and went over the ward list with a member so we could find out some information on some people.  After all of this we went back home and in a futial attempt because of low quality bulgarian constuction we tried to put up blinds in our windows and failed.  So now we are looking into an alteria method of preventing the sunlight from coming in and baking us that won't look taky and also doesn't require drilling in any walls.  Well that was that day so onto friday.

We stayed in our apartment until 2:00 pm weekly planning, eating lunch, language studing, personal studing, and companionship studing.  We then went out and surveyed for a while.  While surveying we called Stefin about a meeting we had that night with her and she said she couldn't come.  So we had an early dinner and then did some surveying while walking up to Miroslav's to teach him.  We had a good lesson on the pre earth life and on repentance.  He actually understood repentance really well and that is a huge relife for us.  After teaching him we came back in for the night.

Well as normal we had English in the morning.  English was fun as normal and I love teaching fourth level.  Anyway between english classes we had dumplings and then after english we cleaned the building.  After cleaning we had language study and then planned for the branch ativity for that night.  This involved Elder Olmstead and I going shopping for the food as well.  After all the planning and shopping it was time for the Branch activity.  The activity was a flop because only about 10 people came out of the 20 from ther branch and they were all the old ones that only like to sit and watch and do nothing.  So all of our carefully planned activitys were either to hard to do (which they weren't) or to dangerous (which wasn't true either.)  After the activities though we had a good spiritual thought and then some good food so it turned out to be not a complete disaster.  After the activity we cleaned up and went home.

We had church and Stefi came late as usall but Mirioslav didn't but that was alright because he had told us that he couldn't before hand and that he was going to visiting relitives.  After church in which Elder Olmstead had a talk we had a lesson with Stefi with the goal of making sure she would still come to church and lessons with out Mitko picking her up because he would be gone for a month to england and also to see if we could find out her true desire for learning so we could better orriant our lessons.  She wasn't in a good mood though so she wouldn't talk but she did say she would come to church on her own.  After this we went home and got caught in a downpour.  once we got back home we were soaked and about 5 mins later it all stopped.  We changed into some dry clothes and then had lunch and did some branch work.  We then had a meeting with a member named Nikolie Hristov.  He  has a really nice apartment and is realy nice as well.  After the visit we went and street boarded with the other elders for the rest of the night before heading in for the night.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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