Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last Week's Letter

Okay by home I mean my first city in bulgaria which is awsoem and I am loving it.  This week was super busy so I may as well get started.
Well after writting you guys we just watched some movies and then went and had a super clean of the apartment for the next elders that were coming in to pleven.  After the super clean we went to bed.
We got up and packed and then headed to the bus station to catch the 7 o'clock bus into sofia.  Elder Corless was coming in with me because he had to pick up his lichna carta and it would mean I wouldn't have to travel alone at least half of the way there.  We get into sofia pick up his lichna carta and then went to the mission home (I left my bags in the bus station because you can pay a couple of lev and they will hold them for you.)  The mission home was chaotic because of transferes and that the ukranians were coming in for passport work that day as well.  The ukranians have to leave country for their passport work at least I don't have to.  I had to stay at the mission home for awhile to get some pictures put together on some CD's for Elder Corless and some members and then I had to pick up the stuff for Stara Zagora that every one needed and wanted.  After getting everything I went to the Aftogara (bus station) and caught a bus up to Stara Zagora.  I slept most of the way because their was nothing else to do and I was tired.  When I got into Stara Zagora I had to wait for everybody to come pick me up and then we went to my old apartment and I had a little time to unpack while we waited for the haskovo elders to catch their bus.  After they left Elder Morgan and I started surveying and tracting for the rest of the night.  We finally got back in and went to bed.
Woke up did our morning workout and studies and then went to district meeting.  We had the sisters their and  the haskovo elders.  It was cool being in a district meeting that big.  After district meeting we went out to lunch and then started to survey until we had a meeting with Anton one of the investagators here.  The meeting went alright and all that he needs now before baptisim is to gain a testimony.  After the meeting with him we went out tracting and then headed home for bed.
We woke up did our morning work out and studies and then went our to buy a new dresser for the apartment because we only have one and it doesn't have enough room.  We went and bought it caught a taxi back to the apartment to cary it for us and then started to put it together.  We finally got it together and then had lunch and went out to find a less active member.  We didn't find him so we are going to try some other time as well.  So we survived back to the church for english.  I am teaching level two bymyself and it has a lot of the same students that were there before.  It is a little strange the last time I was in this city I couldn't understand anyone but now I can.  After english we had a meeting with a lady that we had found on tuesday.  We met at her hair salon and the meeting went well.  She said she doesn't have much time to read or meet so Elder Morgan and I are planning on leaving a book of mormon for her salon so she can read between cuts and during slow times.  After meeting with her we came back home had dinner and went to bed.
After our morning workout and studies we had weekly planning and then surveyed out to a place were we can buy a cheap lunch.  After eating we surveyed back to the church and then had language hour with Lily.  After our language hour we had to wait for a little while before we had a meeting with a less active member so Lily taught us a little turkish which seems so much easier to learn than bulgarian.  Dimiter finally came and we had a very succesfull lesson with him.  At the end of it we made a deal to run with him every monday(I will be on the bike) and to come over to his house once a week for dinner.  Hopefully we will be able to get his wife and him active again and get their children baptized.  After meeting with him we had dinner and then we had another meeting with Anton.  The meeting went well but he really needs to get a testimony.  After the meeting with him we tracted the rest of the night tell  bed time.
After the usall morning routines we had english which was fun.  I taught them some uncountable nouns like milk and how you don't plurlize them and played some games with them for practice.  After english we cleaned the building with all the people that came and then went with Lily to buy some lunch for the members on sunday because we are watching confrence in church (didn't I do that my one of my first sundays in this city before.)  We went and bought the food and then went to pick up the Confrence dvd's from city express.  We got there to find out they were closed.  Luckly President and Sister Roth were coming in that night and because they were going to Hasckovos church meeting and they were going to stay in Stara Zagora and take the sisters, Elder Morgan, and I out to eat.  So they were able to bring up a copy.  After this we went surveying the rest of the day because all of our meeting s had fallen through.  Around Seven o'clock we went to wait for the Roths and then we went out to eat.  It was a lot of fun and the mission president treated us.  After dinner we pick up all the stuff for Stara Zagora that they had brought and then went back home.  Elder Morgan got a package and inside it there were thin mints.  I was so excited and amazed and oh how I miss thin mints.  Anyway thought you might like to hear that and that was the rest of that night.
Was a disater.  We get ready for church and get everything ready have about 15 mins left before church begins and realize we don't have the dvd player.  It was disaterous, we made calls to everyone that we thought may have a dvd player.  Finally Dimiter the less active that we are going to run with said he would bring his laptop and then one of members was able to go and get their dvd player so that problem was solved.  Then it got worse.  The Confrence dvd that we had wasn't in bulgarain and only in english.  We did have the preisthood session in bulgarian though.  So Anton our investagator, Nickolai, elder morgan, and I with about 8 other women watched Preisthood session together.  It was good for Anton but still was kind of weird but still spirital.  After church we went and tried to contact some people and had no success went to Grandpa Johns and gave him the sacrament and then survied for 4 hours strait till it was time to go home and to bed.
Woke up went on our run, cleaned, shopped, and am now writting you.
Now to explain about my companion.  He is twenty-two was the free saftey on the BYU football team for two years before his mission and his name is Blake Morgan.  He is working me to death but I don't mind and am gratefull for it and we are getting along great and have had no major problems what so ever.
Elder Austin James Ewell

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