Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Everybody

Well this week was exhausting I think I might have been channeling Robbie's energy from your trip because I don't know How I got through it.  So first to answer some questions about my companion and the area.  My companion is great and we work really well together and when I say he is working me to death it is in both the morning work outs (which I am keeping secret) and in the every day work.  Stara Zagora is doing fine but all the investagators I had were droped so  I don't get to see them but they were dropped for good reasons.  Anyway lets get on with the week shall we.

After writting you guys we had lunch and watched a movie.  We then tried to watch confrence in english from the DvD that we got from the Roth's but found to our dismay that it was the 179th semi-annual confrence.  So after much weeping and gnashing of teeth we put in another movie and then went to work.  We met with a guy that we had met last week named Marin.  He is really cool and is actually interested in hearing more.  It is kind of funny and worrying because every time we meet with him it seems like he is going to drop us but bye the end of the meeting he is even more interested than he was before.  So that you spirit and inspiration.  After meeting with him we went tracting for the rest of the night and were really succesful.  

We were on splits with the zone leaders so Elder Myrik and I went to find Marko the member I had baptized because he had disappered for a month and his phone had stoped working.  Well right before we get to his house contacting on the way (about a 45-60 min. walk) we get a call from Elder Morgan saying he needs to get into the apartment and that it is an emergency (I had the only set of key's.)  So luckly there was a taxi driving right buy us so we got in and got back to the apartment.  So what had happened is that here in Bulgaria we can't street board because techicly we have the right to advertise and talk all we want but they have the right to let us use their land for advertising or not.  So in this mission we have been trying to get permission to allow us to street board whenever and wherever and this week we had gotten a new letter from the minister of religion saying in effect that we could.  Anyway Elder Morgan, Beck, Sister Rodgers, and Kinkhead decide to test it out and it STILL DOESN'T WORK.  Anyway none of us are in trouble and Elder Morgan was just grabbing his I-D just in case.  So like I said no trouble just another attempt at being able to street board failing and having to go back to the drawing board.  So to drown our sorrows and misery about the cold-hearted police in this nation (not really) we went and had lunch a delicious lental soup that we had to eat cold because are power had gone out because we had apparntly paid the wrong bill even though we know we didn't.  It was no big deal and we got it taken care of and had power again on thursday.  After lunch we had language study and then Elder Myrik and I went and took care of some english tasks and then went to dinner.  After dinner we went to find Marko again and we found him yea!!!  We talked and found out that his phone had broken, he still is super amazing and has a testimony still, the reason why he disappered is that he had had some pension problems that needed to be taken care of, and he wants us to teach his family and baptize them!  Anyway we had a good meeting with him and it was weird because now I can understand him.  He got one of his friends to give us a ride home in his car because it was late and this guy wants to learn more to.  Let me just say we got a lot of reciveds this week.  Well we got home and planned in candle light.

  Was filled with tasks.  So first thing is that we had district meeting which was really good and then afterwards went out to eat.  We then said good bye to the Zone Leaders and then started the task work after waiting for a dropped meeting.  We basicly ran around town trying to get english advertising done, registering in the city, fixing the power problem.  So yea After everything was taken care of we surveyed until dinner and then went and did our home teaching for the week.

After morning studies we had meeting with a Dimiter who is a less active member but he never showed.  So we went up and had lunch and language study.  We then went and surveyed all the way up to Marko's house and taught his kids.  It was a little hectic because the kids kept coming and going and Marko kept getting complicated and a little of subject but overall the lesson went well and the oldest daughter said she would come to church on sunday.  Marko then had his 11 year old walk us to the bus stop (we were in a hurry and needed to take the bus) and we had a little talk about we have to work for money and if he every wants to have a girlfriend he is going to need clean teeth.  We came back had another person not show up to their meeting and then started english.  I taught them this time Past continuous tense and how to form it and what it's bulgarian equivalant is and they still couldn't get it.  Anyway after english we went tracting till eight and then had dinner and went to bed.  

Was fun and filled with weeds.  So after morning studies we planned for the next week and then the Haskovo elders came in and we all went up to the Dunn's to do a service project for them and then later dinner.  Our job was to put on some rubber boots (mine were size 44 and my size is 48 in Europe, and they were short as well so they did nothing practicly) and weed out their portion of the river that runs in front of there house.  It was more like a creek but it was still a good 5-6 feet across.  That took us all day because the thing was clog and choked with weeds.  Luckly they came up easly enough but there were just so many.  After finishing the weeding job we went in and Sister Dunn had made us a huge meal and some wonderful desserts.  After dinner and we were all ready to burst we had a spirital thought and then got driven back home.  (I will try to get some pictures of it from Sister Dunn so mabye I will have some next week.)  Back home we got changed and then street boarded for a little while (the people that get after us don't work past six hehehehe.)  We got a cool recived and then came back home and planned for the next day and went to bed.

Was filled with lessons.  After our morning studies we said good bye to Haskovo and then went to teach english.  I taught how to form past continuous tense questions and future continuous tense.  After english we cleaned the building and then went to buy food for confrence on sunday so we could provide lunch to the branch (we were buying for the branch.)  We then had a meeting with Anton our investagator and focused on how he needs to read the book of mormon because only through it can we know for ourselves if these things are true.  The meeting went well and then we went to meet with an investagator in the park but she couldn't make it.  We then came back to meet a less active and he never showed.  So we hadn't had lunch yet and it was four so we decided to have lunch but got stoped on the way home and taught a lesson to two guys that work for bulgarias national defence military.  So after this we had no time for lunch and went to meet the recived from friday while street boarding.  He never showed and he wasn't home so we went back home and had dinner.  Finally with food in our stomachs we went to meet with some new investagators but they weren't home so we just went tracting and then had our language hour and went to bed.

We hectic like always.  After our morning studies we went to church and watched confrence and had lunch and watched more confrence.  After church we had a meeting but we were late so she couldn't meet long and we had a short lesson.  After her we went to give Grandpa John the sacrament and the sisters came so Sister Kinkhead (Kinkhayed) could meet him.  It was fun and afterwards we had dinner and then went tracting for the rest of the night were we found a old guy and I taught him the whole second lesson on my own in bulgarian (with the help of my handy-dandy puzzle.)  We then went home and went to bed.

This morning we biked up to this really cool monument to watch the sunrise but there were clouds and we couldn't see it, but we plan on making that a regualur monday thing.  We then came back and cleaned, ate breakfast, studied, shopped, printed of some pictures, and now we are writting but I am out of time and I have to go to write you latter and please keep on sending the letters and sorry for the bad spelling but I don't have time to spell check.  Good luck and I pray for you all.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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