Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 1-four weeks to Bulgaria

Dear Family,
I have a question! I know it is important to follow my own promptings and my own spiritual needs, I also know it is important to support my district and be a part of the group. Now here is the question. Whenever I follow my district and do what they want, I am ignoring my own impressions and can't feel the spirit, but whenever I try to get them to follow my advice or even go off on my own( with my companion) they all say I shouldn't(even my companion) and I just cause contention. For example, let's say today is the day we go to the temple. Now we are suppose to be at the temple at a certain time. I feel and believe that time represents the time we are suppose to be in the chapel so we can start to feel the spirit and be more prepared for the incredibly important work we do. Now my district believes that that time is the time we should be at the doors of the temple and getting our recommends checked. If I follow that way, I only get five minutes in the chapel before the session starts and I am not as prepared as I would like and when I come out of the session I don't feel like I just accomplished an important work. I more feel ashamed that I didn't try my hardest. So I guess my question is, should I follow my own spiritual inspiration and by my own fault in not being able to convey my feelings, cause contention for my district, or should I ignore my own spiritual promptings and do what my district says and only do the bare minimum that can be done and still get it done, yet by doing this they are happy and able to feel the spirit? I have been half-tempted to show them the good, better, best talk that was given in Priesthood but I am not sure if that is me trying to chastise them or trying to convey my feelings. I don't know what to do.

Now let's answer some questions. My predictions for Max are stateside-Nashville English speaking and Warsaw Poland, Polish speaking. Kenzie, I loved your cheese cake! Mom, I am doing fine this week and I won't tell you when my P-day is here, so keep guessing. The most unexpected thing that happened this week I already told you about. Jeffery R. Holland came and spoke. I really wish you could all get a copy of it but the MTC is very tight lipped about the talks given here. Even we as missionaries can only access three talks that were given in the past. The next unexpected thing was I am a zone leader and have been for a week ( has it really been a week) and our new districts came in. With them came two elders from Germany. They are going to Poland and two elders from England ( no they aren't from London, dad) and they are going to Toronto-West, Canada Mission. They all four speak really good English and yes I meant to include the England Elders in that, cause dad can attest that somethings you can't understand the English even when they are speaking English. Tell Anna I will hold her to the package thing. I love being the food guy (whenever someone wants some food on my floor they all come to me because I have so much of it, but don't stop sending it cause I love these packages) Oh forgot something, Aunt Joni sent me a ball in the mail. That is going to entertain me for days. As I keep telling everyone (because they were wondering why I was so happy) My happiness is easily bought, it just needs to be bought often. Thank you Aunt Merr for the letter and guess what my companion used to live in Reno, but he says that he didn't like wooster anyway. Thank you, thank you, thank you Grandma Harmer for the package. I loved the dried fruit and all the scriptures that described them but my favorite treat was the dried fruit. The taste was heaven to my taste buds. After all the non fruity stuff here it feels amazing to actually have fruit. Oh tell Morgan thanks for the picture, it made my day. I think that answers all the questions.

Now time for my own. First, did you find out who the mysterious letter was from? Second, why am I only getting letters from my mom, McKenzie, Merr, Grandma Harmer, Robbie, and my dad on a regular basis? I want to hear from all of you so please write! I am trying to not be selfish for I love the letters that I do get but please give me more. Third, not a question but I told my district about Robbie's break-up rebound and they cheered and called him a player. ( my district loves the packages I get by the way and wonder if they can be adopted for the remainder of our stay here) Don't take this as an insult Robbie, they just like to tease a lot. Fourth, do you know how long your game of dots will take, Robbie? There is 72 possible moves (now 70) If we make a move each , every week the game will take us 36 weeks to finish if we can get it going back and forth for the entire time while I am in Bulgaria. This doesn't mean I don't want to do it. In fact I love it and I assure you, I will win. I am just telling you that the game might not get done before I get back. I am going to make a copy and update it in case this one gets lost in the mail. I will only use purple to make my move so you can always tell and be prepared to lose. Fifth did you get the pictures off that card? I don't think I have anymore questions. Wait what is the current news on the temple in Payson? I want to know. Also please keep me updated on that and what else is going on. The MCT is the nicest (prison) "cough" paradise. We keep learning a ton but we are getting used to it so it seems like we aren't learning anything. Ahh that is frustrating. The language is coming, the days are blending, and the stories of Bulgaria keep on coming. This week though we have our first lesson being taught in all Bulgarian, that is going to be fun. This week is my 6th Wednesday. I can't believe it has been this fast. I am getting a haircut today and that is going to be fun as well. I can't think of anything else to write so good bye.

Love, Austin

P.S. My companion wants the recipe for the peanut butter clusters that Aunt Merr sent me. He says his family likes stuff like that so please send a copy.

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