Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 16

Well this week was good even though we were melting to death.  We did manage to start to teach a lot of the people we had found from the last two weeks.  Also the elevators are always a fun adventure as you will learn as you read.

Manly just walked around and did a little shopping until family home evening in the evening.  The activity was to play basketball which was a lot of fun.

We had a good day but long.  We mainly contacted all day in the heat and met with Georgi.  Georgi is doing good and is improving with little by little.  Sadly I will not be able to see him be baptized before I leave but he is determined to be baptized and the only thing holding him back is smoking.  It will happen it just needs more time which I am happy with.  We also tried to find some less-active members with little succes.

District meeting went really well and then it was contacting and a meeting with Babcheto who is doing really well and it is always a pleasure to meet with her.

We got to meet with two of our reciveds which was good.  The first was is named Petur.  Oh also I was on splits with Elder Stults from my district.  We get along the least but after splits everything is good and we are good friends now so it was good having splits.  Anyways back to Petur.  The lesson went well but it seemed a little off.  We think we need to teach him more simply because he looked confused.  We also met with a guy named Predrak.  He brought his children with him and eventhough we only had 15 mins we had a really good first quick lesson.  Then it was just english.

Mainly contaced and went less-active hunting all day.  Did have one meeting with another of our reciveds.  His name is Dobri and he is really cool and is outstanded about what we teach.  Needless to say we had a great first lesson.  The only problem is that he doesn't live in burgas and commuting here in bulgaria isn't cheap enough to do all the time.

Saturday went really well.  We first had English which went well and then a meeting with a lady we met on friday.  Her name is Tomislava and she is really cool and likes to read about religion.  We only got to talk for 5 minutes and give her a book of mormon but she does want to meet again and talk more.  After that meeting two Austrian walked into the church who are biking across Europe.  They are members and brother and sister.  The brother just got back from his mission and this was a trip he was taking with his sister before they both went off to college.  I then practiced the piano since I am the only one that knows I thing about it here and so I am told I need to play on sunday.  Lets just say I am struggling since I don't have much time to practice but I am coping with hopefully 40% correctness while I am playing.  We then had a fireside which went well and then played basketball again with our only youth and the austrians.  It was a ton of fun.

Church went well and the piano player was nervous and messed up a lot but it was better than having to sing accapella.  A lot of guests were at church which ment translating which was maybe more nerve racking than playing the piano.  Despite all of this I really loved church this week.  After church we had meetings and met with a member.  Then it was time to weekly plan and bed.

Well that was the week and see you all next week.

Elder Ewell

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