Monday, April 9, 2012

Ruse Again

First of all I don't have much time this week so sorry if this letter is shorter than normal.  This week was super busy though because we are supposed to have sisters in Ruse with us but until the new sister arrives we are on our one as a two elder district.  So it has been hetict doing double the work load.  It is all going good though and it was a good week.  First though My companions name is Forrest Wayne Babbitt (yes two r's, b's, and t's.)  He is from Mesa Arizona and fresh from the office and ready to work.  He is the oldest in his family and we get a long great.  My area is the same as last time because there is only one branch in Ruse and I do have the same apartment which I am happy about because it is my faviorit apartment in the mission.  So now onto the week. 

After writing you guys we watched some movies, played pool, and got fed a great goodbye dinner by the other elders landlord.  After dinner we went to bed.

All day traveling.  Me and my new companion finally got into Ruse around 3:30 and went strait to work. Our days have been full of meetings and preping the area for the sisters since we need to figure out who they should teach and lets just say it is a long prayerful process.

We had a two elder district meeting which basiclly was just cleaning the area books and starting the seperation process.  We then had a meeting with an investagator who got baptized with his daughter on saturday.  He is a quiet guy but rock soild in the gospel and completely values prayer.  Him and his daughter (I will say more in the Saturday and sunday portion about her) are going to be great for this branch.  We contacted for awhile and then had a meeting with Tihomir a member I had started to reactivate last time.  He is now fully active and doing well which is really great to see and makes me feel good.  After him we had  a dropped meeting and then it was time for dinner and bed.

In the morning we met with another member who I was trying to reactivate last time as well.  He is still strugguling but he did come to church this week and it seems like he is going to start coming more.  We contacted basicly all day and in the meeting had a meeting with Sabina a recent convert who was baptized two weeks ago.  She is awousem and really smart. She also will be great for this branch.  That was thursday.

Had two meetings to day and weekly planning.  One meeting wasn't that long.  It was with a investagator who lives in a villiage outside of Ruse.  The meeting was alright but we only had ten minutes and we were outside.  Hopefully next time we can meet with him for longer.  The other meeting was with a member named Tsevtilin to help him with his talk on sunday.   He is really weird but funny and he was super happy to see me again.  That was it for friday.

We had the baptism for Stefi and Ivo.  Stefi is a 15 year old ball of energy and and super excited to become a member.  The baptism went great.  I will try to say more next week but I am almost out of time.

Well this was a very special day for me because Stefi asked me to give her the holy ghost.  For those who don't know that was the first time for me to do that and also the first time I have given a blessing in bulgarian.  It was a very precious experince for me.  The rest of the day was just contacting but we got 4 numbers which was really cool.  Oh yeah we did meet with some members.  It was a good meeting.

I am sorry this letter is so short and doesn't have much detial. I just don't have much time today and I promise next week I will send a bigger one.

Elder Ewell

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