Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7

Well this week was busy but the letter is short so sorry.
After writing we went out to the bridge to Romainia and took some pictures on it (No we did not cross!)  That took most of the day and then we went contacting for the night.
We had a meeting wtih Ivo first that went well.  He has a lot of deep questions.  Then contacting all day.
From pure contacting to pure lessons.  We had 6 back to back lessons.  First was with an investagator name George. He is cool and old, but he actually kept his commitments which we are super happy about.  Then we had a dropped meeting, but a member showed up asking for help with a talk so it wasn't a waist of time.  Then we met another member for home teaching but he said he didn't remeber anything from confrence or last sunday.  We are not sure if he was joking or not and that worries us.  We then met with a husband and wife who only complain and didn't listen much.  We are giving them another shot and hopefully it will be better.  Then we had another meeting with a member who is amazing and strong.  The last meeting was one of the best.  It was with and investagator named Alex.  He brought a friend and had read a little.  It was really good to see them and the lesson went well.
First another meeeting with Ivo that went gread as always.  Then we had district meeting and lunch.  We then contacted, had a dropped meeting, English which is always fun, and finally institute.  Institute was tiring.  The Church Education senior couple were teaching and I was translating (that is why it was tiring.)  The lesson was really good but by the end my mind was a giant blob of bulgarian and english and I couldn't speak strait.
Conatacted like crazy all day and had good success.  At night we had dinner with a less-active and the sisters.  We gave him a liahona and had a nice relaxing lesson.
First was English.  After english a funny thing happened.  We were having lunch when we got a call saying two people were locked in the church.  We ran down there and found out it was two english students who were playing ping-pong.  Everything was okay though.  Then we had a meeting with a new investagator named Tsveti that went really well.  We then went contacting and had another meeting with a mother and daughter named Marika and Simion.  The lesson went great as well and they came to church this week.
A lot of people came to church.  I was most excited about Marika and Simion and Miroslav.  He came in with my suit on and it was so nice to talk with him again.  We even got a meeting for friday so more about that later.  After church we planned for a branch activity.  We are doing a scripture scanvager hunt.  They are going to use the scriptures to find clues and the final treasure.  We need help though finding scriptures.  We need scriptures still for; a bus stop, stairs, strait, narrow red brick road, a yellow house, a restruant, a muesem with a statue next to it, a purple/pink building, a ramp down to the river shore walk, a chess board at the end of the ramp, Dock achor points for a ship, and some more stairs by a ship.  Remeber english puns won't work because this will be in Bulgarian and the words are different.  Also some of the people are new members or non-members so vague scriptures or ones you have to use a background or mormon culture with wont work well.  You can use all the standard works though but try to stick to the bible and book of mormon.  Well that is everything.
Elder Austin James Ewell

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