Monday, November 28, 2011


Well I have to apoligize for the short letter this week because I am a little sick and so I am not writing for long.

Well as I said last week we went to a fortress before writing and then after writing we went to strait to work.

We basically were contacting all day but we were on splits for the afternoon.  At 6 we had a meeting with Dimiter.  He is amazing he had talked about baptism with his parents and said he knows the Book of Mormon is true.  The only hic-up is that his parents are against him being baptized.  So we did a lesson on fasting and prayer and at the end he committed to fast and pray about baptism to know if it is God's will that he be baptized. He is so cool and I hope he fasts and gets an answer. 

Out side of district meeting we contacted until a meeting that we had with Anna a member.  The meeting went well and then we were at home and made a whole ton of pumpkin soup and homemade eggnog for thanksgiving the next day.

Because we had blown away our goals (the goal was six lessons a week and for three weeks we had an average above 7) across the mission, President Roth gave us a all day thanks giving P-Day.  So Thursday was a lot of fun. The whole zone came in and at 9:30am we went out to go see a amazing huge natural arch, a giant cave called the Devils Throat, and another cave called Strawberry cave.  It was a ton of fun and I thoroughly exhausted my self going all out.  Then we got back in and had a huge thanksgiving feast with everyone.  There was chicken, eggnog, pumpkin soup, bread, root beer, potatoes, amazing gravy, and a ton of pies.  That was a good day.

Well after a big party you have the aftermath to clean up.  So in the morning we cleaned up and ate the extra food (I did most of the eating which is probably why I am sick.  Can you say two litters of eggnog.)  After cleaning we had language study and then went out contacting all day until our meeting with Dimiter.  We were having Institute at the same time and we thought it would be a good idea that for the lesson that he would come to institute.  Well it was alright but none of the young people came.  After institute we didn't even get to talk with him because Valaria the teacher and member wouldn't leave us alone and wouldn't stop talking so we never got to find out if he had fasted or not.  Anyways it didn't go as planned but it was alright.

Well woke up during the night with bad diarrhea and it continued through out the day.  So you can guess what we did, yea for staying home (it sucks being sick on the mission because you can't do anything.)

Woke up and I was felling alright but Elder Rowden had a 101 fever.  So we called sister Roth and she told Elder Rowden to stay home but that I could go with the other elders to church as long as we locked Elder Rowden in the apartment with a phone.  So we did that.  When we got to church though I wasn't feeling that well again so I stayed on foyer duty and stuck it out  At the end of church though Sister Roth (Her and President Roth were visiting) took one look at me said I was yellow and told me to go home immidietly on my own.  So that was fun I went out and grabed a bus since it was cheaper and quicker than a taxi and went home.  It was kind of strange but I made it home safe.  Then it was napping and and attempted sleep all day. 

I feel a little bit better but I am still going to be taking it easy and just staying at the church all day Watching movies.

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