Monday, August 22, 2011

New Transfers

First of all this letter is going to be really short because I don't have much time.  So lets us all the time I have and get to work.

Just another regualar P-day.  During the working hours we did our deep clean and then there was a small gettogether of english students so the other elders could say good bye.  We then had dinner with a member that was really good.

Basicly traveling all day and settling in my new companion.  His name is Michael Dropla.  He is from Columbia, South Carolina and he his full of energy which is really refreshing.  He is really good at the language despite only being out for about 2 months.  I am very excited to be working with him and I belive this transfere will be a good one.

After we had morning studies we had our district meeting.  It was really good and I am looking forward to working with this district as well.  My district composes of me, Elder Dropla, Elder Neuenschwander, and a greening Elder Simor.  After district meeting we had lunch and then language study.  We then went and surveyed for about 3 hours and then advertised for english. 

After our morning studies we advertised for english again by putting up posters and then then we had lunch.  While advertising though somebody didn't like what we were doing even though we were following the law and they tried to take our Bucket of glue.  They couldn't so they kicked it destroying our bucket and spilling glue everywhere.  Anyway we just bought a new bucket and it is just a fun story to tell now.  After advertising we had lunch and then language study.  We then went surveying and then had a meeting with Stefi.  The lesson went well but she doesn't have the spark to continue on her own so please pray for that.  We then went street boarding with the other elders and that was the night.

All morning was taken up with weekly planning and then we had language study.  We then went street boarding with the other elders and then had dinner.  After dinner we met with Miroslav and had a really good lesson with him.  We watched the joseph smith prophet of the restoration film with him and the spirit was really strong.  I am hopeing to commit him to baptizim in our next meeting so please pray for luck and success.  We then went home for bed.

After our morning studies we had a lesson with Stefi that went terrible.  We got the information across but it just didn't feel good.  I am really loseing hope for her so please pray for her.    We then had a planning meeting with the other elders to prepare for english and we organized the missionarie and english supplies in the church.  We then street boarded for a awhile together and then went advertising for english again.  We then had dinner and bed.

Church was super busy.  We had a member that was less active for years come to church and we got a meeting with him for friday.  Also there was a lot of buissness that we had to do as well.  And then I met with a member and Elder Simor so Elder Simor could practice giving the first lesson.  He did great and he was really good with the language.  We then cleaned up our area book and went surveying for the rest of the night.

Again sorry for the short letter but I don't have time for a bigger one and I will right more next week.

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