Monday, August 8, 2011

The First Week of August

Well this week was good and a lot better than last week dispite nobody wanting to talk to us.  So lets begin with the weekly rack up.

After writing you guys we met with our branch president a little and then went shopping for some new pants for me.  I found a pair for 20 lev (about 15.5 dollars) that fit a little tight, but seeing as I am still losing wieght I decided to risk it.  Speaking of weight my current weight is 193.6 pounds.  That means I have lost around 44.5 pounds on my mission and with in a year. That is alot and I hope to still keep losing but maybe just another 20 if I lost 40 more I would just be a twig and that wouldn't be good.  Anyway after shopping we watched movies and then went to work.  We surveyed for an hour then had another MIA (mutual Improvement Activity)  playing basketball with some members and their non-member friends.  I managed to play two 21 point games competively with out becoming exhausted and still able to play.  I love getting skinny and fit I can finally do stuff.  That was our night though.  Oh stefi also came but she just watched (she is an investagator.)  She says we are like family to her and that she really wants to be baptized the problem is she doesn't come to meetings.  Anyway that was monday lets go on to tuesday.  Oh our phone got fixed too so we are no longer phone less.  YEAAA!!!

We had a meeting in the morning at 9:00 am that fell through so after finishing our studies we went to teh investagators place of work (an Ice-cream stand!) and reschedualed for 8 that night we then surveyed until two o'clock.  We met a really cool guy that agreed to meet with us on thursday.  At 2 we met the other elders and planned for a branch activity on saturday.  At 4 we met with our branch president and at 5 we had a meeting fall through.  So we had dinner with the other elders and practiced the jeopardy game we made for the branch activity.  Then at eight we had our meeting with Naliya (Ice-cream lady) the meeting went great and we rescheaduled for next wednesdasy.  Then we went home to bed.

The day started off normal enough.  We had district meetign, lunch, and then language study.  We then met with Mitko at the church and when we got there the other elders were there and they had let in a bunch of boys we call the Malkey-tay (means children, litteraly means littles.)  That is not a term of inderment though.  They are all between 12-15 and lets just say I ended up by the door to the downstairs (they were all upstairs) making sure none would come in because they would steal stuff.  The other elders had let then in because they always spred lies and bad rumors about us and tease Mitko mercicessly about the church,  in hopes that if we were nice to them they would stop doing that.  Yea, from now on they aren't allowed back in the church and I will leave it at that.  We then surveyed for an hour and then had english which was wonderful as always,  After english we had dinner then went to bed.

In the morning we typed up our tests for enlish, had lunch, and then had a meeting fall through.  So we surveyed a little and then had a meeting with Stefi.  She rally wants to get baptized but she won't read, pray, or come to church.  So we told her strait up unless she did these things we couldn't baptize her.  We did nicely but still strict, because she needst to be doing these things to have a testimony.  After the meeting we did a mock set up of the branch activity to see if it would work.  We are doing an iron rod activity were we have a rope going through the church and they have to walk the courch blind folded holding onto the rope.  Well it works just fine so we came back home and during language study and dinner I made chocolate chip cookies for the party,  now lets see if they make it till saturday.

After the morning studies we panned for the week, had language study, and lunch.  We then checked bus times to figure out how we are getting to Plovdiv next week for the 20 year celebration.  Then we were at the church so President Yosivof could confirm Mitko's Mini mission (he just serves for 1 transfere here in Bulgaria.)  President Roth said yes which is great because this is going to help Mitko a ton.  We then surveyed, fixed the english poster, and had dinner.  After dinner we had a MIA but only Sevda and Mitko (both members) came.  After that we headed home for the night.  When we got in we found out though that the phone had fallen out of my pocket at the church and we had to run there in full Profs (short for proseliting clothes.)  We got there and ran back home and we were still late for call ins oh well at least we found out immeditly and not any later.  That was Friday.
Was good.  After morning studies we had english which was kind of boring because we just had tests and so we just had to sit around and wait.  After english we cleaned the church and then went surveying for the rest of the day.  At 5:00 we came back to the church to set up for the branch activity.  We did the Iron rod activity and the reward was one of my cookies (yes they did make it, it just took half a roll of plastic wrap and being stashed out of sight so I didn't eat them.  After the Iron rod activity we played Jepordy with the Book of Mormon.  The members loved it even though it was very low key for us missionaries.  We then cleaned everything up and headed home for the night.

Well first there was church and I bore my testimony and taught the priesthood lesson.  Then after church we figured out who was going to Plovdiv for the 20 year celebration so we could be able to prepare for that many.  Then Elder Olmstead and I  went surveying for a couple of hours, helped prepare Mitko for his mini-mission by going over the preach my gospel with him and showing him how to use it.  We then surveyed some more until we had a Home teaching appointmen with a member.  After that we went in fro dinner to the other elders apartment because Elder karajov had a story for us about how he met his "biggest cruch ever" randomly on the street, where as she doesn't live in Ruse but just in Sofia, and that was sunday:

Love you all,
Elder Austin James Ewell

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