Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1

Well I am officialy a year old in the mission and now anything I see in bulgaria will be the last time I will see it in bulgaria so now every day is my last day in bulgaria.  Makes one think doesn't it.  Well with this thinking I better start working hard.  So lets get started with the week.

After writing you guys we hung out with the other elders and had pizza.  We then went to work and had a meeting fall through so we surveyed and then had a mutual improvment activity playing basketball with some of our investagators and members.  Then it was time for bed.  We stayed at the other elders apartment because we didn't have enough time to get home in time and we had splits on tuesday.

After getting ready for the day Elder Karajov and I surveyed a little and then had a meeting with a potential investagator of the other elders.  The first half of the lesson went well but when we asked him to read the book of mormon he started arguing with us.  That took a while and afterwards we had lunch and language study.  We then surveyed a little until we had dinner then a meeting with Miroslav.  The meeting was great because I got to hear a little of his testimony.  After the meeting we met up with the other elders to end splits and the day.

After our morning studies we had district meeting.  After that lunch language study, surveying, and english and that was the day.

Well it was my year mark on my mission and the slippery slop begins.  The day was normal we surveyed until lunch and language study.  Then we met with Mitko.  After meeting with him we planned with the other elders for a branch activity this saturday (the 6th.)  After planning we had seminary and then the other elders came over so Elder Hubert and I could celebrate our year mark.  After dinner/celebrating it was time for bed.

After our morning studies we surveyed and met with a investagator named Nickolie.  We taught a little and then made sure he knew where the church was so he could come to church on sunday.  After meeting with him we surveyed back home and then we had lunch and weekly planning.  We then surveyed a little then we had another MIA (Mutual improvent activity.)  We had another one this week because some older missionaries were in town for the twenty year clebration in two weeks.  So with them here we were able to get half of the young active members to come and also Miroslav came which was great because we need to find him some friends in the branch.  After basketball we went home to bed.  Oh yea my camra broke again today.  Don't worry it is getting fixed I am just with out it for awhile.

We had a meeting at nine am because that was the only time that the lady could meet with us.  Her name is Naliya and she works at one of the ice cream stands from 10 to 8 every day.  We met her at the Panthieon that was outside of our apartment.  I felt really good about her and the lesson went well.  We also gave her a book of mormon and latter in the day I think I saw her reading it at her stand.  After the meeting we prepared for english and then had english.  English was alright as normal.  Something funny though one of my english students asked me to name all the animals in Utah.  Yea about an hour latter I was burned out with thinking and they had about a hundred new vocab words.  After english we cleaned the building and then surveyed all day and mangaged to get all the way to the highest point in Ruse and were rewarded wtih amazing view to bad my camra had broke again.  We got back in around 6 to finish the rest of our studies and have dinner then go to bed.

Well Church was great as always and after church a member fed us lunch.  Some more bad news though is Elder Olmstead forgot the pin to our phone and put it in wrong three times and locked off our phone until we can get the new code.  The problem is the only person that can get it works in Sofia and is on vacation.  So Elder Olmstead and I are with out a phone for a while which will make things interesting.  Because of that we had to stay at the other elders apartment so we could report our weekly numbers. 

That was my week and I don't have much more time to write so see you all next week
Elder Austin James Ewell

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